LPS Picnic Date Disaster Skit

Alice LPS so what should we take for our picnic a good question maybe sandwiches yeah oh wait didn't you won't buy those pastries for us oh yeah we can just take those I think should have come on the side up here for us yeah who don't have any effort into our picnic food um I'll get a bike or something and you can tie up and there we go cool let's go get some rest and then we can head to the park first thing tomorrow hmm Oh like a plan to me come on let me help you that Thanks huh why is the basket empty there should be food in there huh where's the food we packed it last night you're telling me I was so excited for my croissant I was excited to have a nice meal out in the sunshine with no annoying bugs around that's so rude come on butterfly excuse your language hey um what are we gonna do about having no lunch oh there's a shop over there they have christens I'll sell a lot more things than just croissants so watch your kids want what you have we have sandwiches croissants bread I seen a candy apples apples to apple pie Oh meringues and cake and more bread salad I'm sold out sorry oh okay sold out of that one too we're just busy here today there's just so many customers oh yeah it's um very busy well you what about there's no one else here excuse me sir but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave just I would like to buy everything well sure thing little butterfly hmm here you go keep the change what a lovely bug that butterfly what about her no Christmas well that sucks oh I wonder who I told picnic anyway but it was my stupid sister oz one thing midnight snack hmm I'm sure they were notice one sandwich missing or something yeah sounds that cute to me I guess we'll just sit here and starve then are you okay yeah hey everyone oh my ears hi I'm Brittany but if you want them I'm just here to say hello and I am your new friend once your know the answer the question my question is my best friend's birthday and um yeah yours no yes yes Oh Lu Britt um where's your parents what funny story um kind of sheet I was running really really fast across the park and I stumbled really too fast for myself through the park and now I can't find them so I decided that you guys are gonna need my new parents perfect ones I've just decided so on that's like just the purse don't they give me your bow bow not perfect I'm not your mum but I know your dad hmm if you're not gonna be my mum and dad then we'll we'll help you find your actual mom and dad hey you're gonna walk out our pace guys we can't just leave the stuff here we can wait up oops okay so we look for your month what does she look like well she is a cat sounds easy enough guys guys guys look Oh why is everyone at the park today a cat don't it's a cat meetup clearly why are they cat meetup specifically I'll be okay we'll find her hmm excuse me excuse me any one of these cats Yui this kid's mom looking for a mom uh anyone oh my dog is that a dog look at the LPS cat to meet up 2019 uh sorry we're just trying to help this kid out she's lost her mom hahaha that's unfortunate sorry should I really be dating a cat was wrong with all these cats I guess we gotta talk to them one by one I don't know sorry having kids good meme can you help me on minecraft are you a dog or a cat no sorry I haven't seen anyone like that maybe I betrayed sir I had the pair of God and enemy on my side she's just over think really any thoughts been managing that's wonderful honey anyway that's that's amazing to hear good news I'm born again let's never come to this park ever again agreed Richard one poor cool well let's go get some rest and then we can head to the park first thing tomorrow oh let me help you that you're telling me what about her [Applause]


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