Lumberjack Weekend!! – Pool Update!!

Good Morning guys, it’s Lumberjack weekend. We are very excited for this weekend, for
a few reasons. We are putting in a washer and dryer. That’s the little building you just saw me
walk out of. It’s very nice. Things are continuously improving here. But what’s really nice is that the pool is
about to be finished. They are working on plaster today. By the end of this video you should see a
nice plastered pool. We are very excited. Well guys, here we are… the end of Lumberjack
weekend. It was a fantastic weekend, thanks for everyone’s
participation. We are very excited for the new pool guys. As you can see it’s filled, plaster is done. Just finishing touches on our side. Turn the pumps on, getting the gazebos all
done. It’s going to be great, see you soon.

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