Makeup Routine Weekend Vs. Week Day!

[ALARM CLOCK RINGING] [SQUEALING] No. Yeah. Oh my god, I’m a mess. My bags are huge. Dang, I literally
have no dark circles. That’s what happens when
you sleep ’til 12:00. Let’s see what guys we’re
going to impress today. I lauged at that joke
the minute I said it. Let’s see how much I
can impress myself today with my makeup skills. Hey guys. It’s Rachel. And I’m having weekend
giveaways throughout July, and the winner’s announced in
every single Sunday’s upload. The only rule for this giveaway
is that you must be subscribed. This week, I gave away
two GoPro cameras. And the winners for
those are– I’m not even going to try to pronounce
any names anymore, because I always mess up. Congratulations! Next week, I’m giving
away an iPad mini. And if you’re
already subscribed, then you’re already
automatically entered to win all of these prizes. This is my weekend
giveaway schedule. So I hope you guys enjoyed my
little take on makeup routines, weekend versus weekday. Let me know in the
comments if you want more of these
kinds of beauty videos. Let’s go. Does dark circle cream
even really do anything? I love stress acne so much. Oh, yeah. Sunscreen, on
sunscreen, on sunscreen. Ew, they’re hairy. If someone’s close enough to
me to see my eyebrow hairs, then they’re in
my personal space, and I will kindly
ask them to leave it. Brush, brush. Do I really use so
much eyebrow pencil that this isn’t sharpened? Pencil that in. OK, cool. Tweeze that, tweeze that. Well, I might as well trim
them, since I’m already red over here. Oh, now, we’re
pulling out the wax. Well, my mustache
needed to be waxed too. I’m Mr. Monopoly. Ow! Underline, overline. The lady at the
nail salon decided I don’t deserve
eyebrows over there, so let’s just extend
that just a little. Oh, no, pimples. I’m a normal teenager. That’s goes the hand. OK. There’s still a line there. Why is this line not going away? Am I the only
person with a line? You’ve got to put
it like a triangle. Kim Kardashian right here. Do I cover my pimple? Nah, it’s the weekend. It’s not worth
breaking out more. So now, I’m about to apply
my absolute favorite bronzer. Pretends people are watching me
put makeup on in the morning. Three–e. Fingers are faster than brushes. Oh, you don’t like your jawline? We’ll fix that. Let’s pretend my
forehead’s bigger. Eh, I don’t need this. Ooh, let’s do something special,
since you’re not leaving the house today anyways. I’m not going to put it
here, because it makes my eyes shaped like a peanut. Swipe dark color, and blend it. Oh my god, that looks so good. Did I just invent
a new makeup trick? Oh, it’s already a thing. Nevermind. Eyeliner– [SIGHS] That was so stressful. Let’s do a double wing. [GASP] Let’s do a triple wing! I’m not even mad about this. Dang it! Uh, this was the
good dark circle. Wait. I know that if I put
this on my lower lashes, it’ll end up on my
cheek by 3:00 PM. Three mascaras. Let’s go. One for thickening. One for lengthening. And one more for lengthening. I don’t think this worked. OK. I look good enough. Oh my god, it’s 9 o’clock? I have stuff to do! All done. [MUSIC PLAYING SAM SMITH, “I’M
NOT THE ONLY ONE”] Attempts to take off makeup. So I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you missed my previous two
videos, click those down below, and subscribe right
over there if you haven’t subscribed already. I love you so much! Bye!


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