Making Leprechaun Traps for St. Patrick’s Day

– Every year, we have
a fun family tradition. We make leprechaun traps every year. We have a whole bunch of supplies out and we’re gonna make traps. This is our inspiration photo. Colin, do you think we can make that? – Nope. – You don’t think so? (all laughing) Colin doesn’t have much confidence. Addy, do you think we can do it? – Yes. (upbeat guitar music) – Hey everyone! St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching. It’s March 17th, do you know that? And, every year we have
a fun family tradition. What do we do, Maya? – Decorate boxes. – Decorate boxes? – Yeah. – Not just boxes. What are we making? – Leprechaun traps. – Why are we talking like that? – I don’t know. – We make leprechaun traps every year. We have a whole bunch of supplies out, and we’re gonna make traps
with Addy, Maya, Colin, and then we have our friend over too. Wanna say hi, Rilynn? – Hi. – Normally what we do is
just put a whole bunch of St. Patrick’s Day supplies out and the kids go crazy
designing these traps to try to catch a leprechaun. But this year I found one online that I thought was really cool that I thought we could
use as inspiration. Let’s go check out our
inspiration leprechaun trap. Come check it out. That is our inspiration photo. So, I found this one
on and I thought it was really cool. It’s like they used oatmeal boxes and they made like a
leprechaun’s house out of it. – How do you catch the
leprechaun out of that? – I think you have to make a
bigger ladder than they have and that leprechaun or
that shamrock right there. There’s a hole underneath it.
– Oh, I see. – That the leprechaun falls down. The leprechaun sees the free gold sign, they climb up to the top for the gold, and there’s a trap underneath there. Colin, do you think we can make that? – Nope. – You don’t think so? (Maya and Lucy laughing) Colin doesn’t have much confidence. Addy, do you think we can do it? – Yes. – Well, this is our inspiration. Let’s go try to make it. – I’ll do it. – Let’s go try, come on. So, the first thing we
need are our oatmeal boxes and then I pre-cut a bunch
of green construction papers that we’re gonna wrap around them to make the hats. (upbeat music) Colin, we’re gonna tape it, but we need your oatmeal box. Where is it? Is it over here? – [Addy] How did it get over here? – Are you gonna help me tape it? – I want this. – Those are ribbons, that’s not tape. We’ll use those later for decorations. (Colin exclaims angrily) (upbeat music) Now these are the black straps that goes around the bottom of the hat around the base of it. – [Maya] Oh my Goodness! – Colin, Colin, Colin, come here. (children shouting in background) That’s our tape, that’s our tape! Colin, this is our tape baby. (children shouting in the background) Anytime we do crafts with Colin, you never know what’s gonna happen. It’s probably gonna be
partially a disaster and we’re probably gonna
get a little bit frustrated, but we like to include
him because he has fun. So we’re gonna do our best with him. (playful music) For the inspiration picture
hat has a gold belt buckle on the hats and so I have gold paper
that we can stick on, to make the gold belt buckle out of. – No! – Oh my gosh, Colin! They’re all over me! – We have to try to take this off. – What are you doing? – Well, I’m seriously
second guessing my decision to include Colin now. I was all for it, and
now I’m kinda remembering why he didn’t make leprechaun trap hats with us last year.
– Oh no, he is using it all. (upbeat music) – Now we’re using green
circles to make the base of the leprechaun trap hats. (upbeat music) Now we have a hole here because
this is part of the trap. The leprechaun has to fall in.
– Oh my gosh. (upbeat music) – So Maya, we’ve been
making leprechaun traps for a few years and have we
ever caught a leprechaun? – No. – We haven’t, but what
have we seen before? We had leprechaun footprints one year. – Oh yeah, we did! – And do you remember one year girls, We even had a leprechaun
leave us like a game? We had to follow around
and solve something. Do you remember that Maya? – No. – You don’t remember that? Do you remember that Addy? No? (playful piano music) Now Maya, you don’t want the leprechaun to see the hole that he’s
going to fall into, right? Because that’s a trap. – Yeah because if he sees it, he will know it’s a trap. – He’ll know it’s a trap! – And then he won’t go down on it. – Exactly.
– I know! – And then you won’t catch it. – We wanna catch a leprechaun. – [Maya] He wouldn’t even see that hole. – And then, once he steps on it, I bet the weight will
push him right through. Now one thing I liked about this example, is that they put the hat, Maya look at this. On another piece of paper. So they made a path that
led up to the house. Do you want to put yours
on a paper, like a path? – Oh that’s actually really good! – Yeah! – And you can put little
decorations around it if you want. – Yeah! – [Lucy] Girls what colors do
you want for their grounds? – I already chose mine. – [Lucy] You got a black one? – Um, I think I’m gonna do green because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. – [Lucy] Green? Perfect! – [Colin] I’m doing black. – [Lucy] What about you, Addy? – Hm, probably like a yellow-y path because it looks more like gold. – [Colin] Gold! – Oh, good thinking! (upbeat guitar music) And then you can make a path now that we have our floors down too. You can get a different
color paper and make a path. (upbeat guitar music) – For my path, I am making
gold coins as my path because I know leprechauns love gold. (upbeat guitar music) – Now that we have the leprechaun
hats and the base is done, the girls are using all the
accessories that I found at Hobby Lobby and
they’re decorating yards. – I’m gluing tons of gold
coins all in the yard so he would follow the path and get in. – [Lucy] Get into your trap? – Yes. (playful music) – So if we look at this sample, they had a ladder that led up to the top, and there is where we
made out of little straws. I don’t have straws but I thought the pipe
cleaners could work for that. – Oh, yeah! (playful music) – If it seems a little calmer in here, it’s because Jason ended up taking Colin to go play with some slime right now. So, maybe we’ll try again
next year when he’s four. Maybe it will be a little bit easier then. (upbeat guitar music) And then after we get
our ladders all done, the most important thing for the top is our buckets of gold. – I already did that! – You already did yours Maya. You’re on top of things. Because the leprechauns
aren’t gonna go up the ladder if there’s not gold up there. That’s what attracts them
because we’ve learned that leprechauns love
things that are green, that are gold, and that
are shimmery and shiny. Addy is working really
hard and quietly over here. Addy, I think is very focused. How’s it coming girly? – Good. – You are very detailed on
yours this year, aren’t you? – Yeah. All I’m doing for the
ladder is I’m just twisting and twisting and twisting and then only a bit of
cutting is involved. – And I see you already
have your bucket of gold. – Yes.
– [Maya] Me too. – It looks good. So let me ask you girls, if you actually catch a leprechaun, what are you gonna do with it? – Get the pot of gold. – I know, I know! I would ask it where is
the huge pot of gold. – Like at the end of the rainbow, there’s always a pot of gold.
– No! – But you can’t find
the end of the rainbow. – That’s right! (playful music) And if you look at our example again, they have a rainbow at the top made of cotton balls and pipe cleaners. I think the rainbow looks
kind of tricky to pull off, but they wanna do it. So, we’re gonna give it a go and see if we can make it happen. (upbeat marimba music) Rilynn and Maya just said that the rainbow was just
a little bit too tricky, so they have moved on and Addy is still busy working over there, perfecting some rainbows and clouds for the top of her leprechaun trap. – The trickiest part about doing this, is one, putting the rainbow together, and two, getting it
down next to the clouds, because you have to get
it perfectly measured out on where you want it to be. (staccato music) – Addy, this is amazing! Right down to the rainbow
you made for a while. – Well, the leprechaun
traps are finally finished and they look amazing! Tell me about yours Addy. – We’ll look at the rainbow at first. I love it. It’s my favorite part
of the leprechaun trap because I spent the most time on it. I have a little garden. – [Lucy] I like your garden of shamrocks. – Yes of shamrocks. And I have a little path that leads up to the ladder, then they go up, and then they
try to steal the pot of gold. Oh no! – [Lucy] But they don’t! – They fall through. – Oh no! I think I like this
one better than the one you made last year. It turned out really good. Now the big question is, do you think we’ll catch a leprechaun? – I do think so because I’m gonna put
out the leprechaun trap that I was supposed to use last year and this year’s one. – Oh, so both leprechaun traps? – Yes because I forgot to use it. – You didn’t do it last year. Now Miss Rilynn, tell me
about your leprechaun trap. – So I have this little path that has a little stepping stone that the path says go for gold. And then I have these little shamrocks and a little hat. – [Lucy] I love it! – And it goes up the
ladder and you see these? It goes through and I messed
up but it’s actually good because that big hole actually
makes it fall through. – And have you ever made
a leprechaun trap before? – Yeah. – You have? Did you catch one before? – No. – Do you think you’ll catch
one this year with this one? – Yeah. – I think so too. And Maya tell me about yours girl. – Well, I made a little path
that says go for gold too. And, whoa! – [Lucy] Oh no!
(girls laughing) Your ladder! (Maya squeaks) – [Lucy] Stay ladder, stay. – And so, I have tons of gold coins. I put these on because I think that he would follow it because I have tons of gold coins. And right here, I put
like magic coming out. – [Lucy] Oh, it almost
looks like smoke coming out of the pot. – Yeah, yeah. And then I put hat, a shamrock. Right here in the pot is like
green and yellow gold coins. – That’s the gold he’s gonna go for? Do you think you’re going
to catch a leprechaun? – Definitely. – I think so too. We might catch like
three leprechauns girls because we have three amazing traps. And you know what time
I think it is now girls? – Cookies! – Cookies! – [Lucy] What time? – [Girls] Cookies! – [Lucy] Cookies? We have leprechauns,
shamrocks, and pots of gold. Go for it girls. (playful music) – I got a leprechaun. – [Lucy] A leprechaun? What did you go for Addy? A pot of gold. – I got a leprechaun. – A leprechaun? Clearly, I love all the holidays and I love going on Pinterest and finding all sorts
of fun ideas for crafts, activities and snacks for the holidays. I had a blast at Valentine’s Day. I probably went overboard
for Valentine’s Day with activities and games. And St. Patrick’s Day is so much fun too. Another tradition we have is
making pancakes the morning of St. Patrick’s Day. And what do we put in our
St. Patrick’s Day pancakes? – Marshmallows? – [Lucy] Not just any marshmallows. – Um, Lucky Charms marshmallows? – Lucky Charms marshmallows? – Yes, we put Lucky
Charms marshmallows inside and we put green food
coloring and its so much fun. Although, I don’t know what
I would do without Pinterest because I’m great at going on Pinterest and finding creative ideas
and using them in my own home, but if I had to come up with the ideas, I don’t know if I could do that. There’s too many creative
people out there. (upbeat music) Well girls, great job on your traps. I think they look fabulous. And what do we say girls? – [Girls] Happy St. Patrick’s Day. XOXO, bye!

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