Man Claims Vacation Aligns With Conception Date And Can’t Be Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Crowley v. Houston.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Crowley, you have petitioned the court for
a DNA test to prove
that the defendant is the father of your
two-year-old son, Dior. Yes, Your Honor. You claim to remember the
exact night you conceived and therefore, he is
your child’s father. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Houston, you say, you are certain that you
are not her child’s father
and claim to have proof to support your case. Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Houston, she says
you do nothing for Dior.
Is that true? Yes, that’s correct.
Your Honor. And only reason why
I don’t because I feel like I wasn’t going to do nothing
for the baby until I found
out he was mine. Um… Me and Dawn,
we’ve been knowing each
other since we were kids. We grew up.
I went to Detroit,
came back. I met her. She was going
through her little situation
with her boyfriend. So, we connected. I even got evidence of
the proof of when me and her
got together and all of that. It was just…
When she told me that
Dior was born, there was no way it could have
been my baby ’cause
I was out of town, and I haven’t been back in
Rochester for numerous years. So when she was
contacting me, I told her, I wasn’t going to do nothing
until we found out
Dior was mine. I asked, I told her I’ll
pay for a DNA test.
She denied it. Ms. Crowley, Mr. Houston
is saying, he is doing nothing
for this child because it’s not his. Um… I gave him opportunity
when I went to child support
and I did it when my baby was around
six months. Um, I got the DNA test.
He never showed up for it, so he’s not trying to see
if this is his son. HOUSTON: ‘Cause
I was not in town. JUDGE LAKE: So you went… JUDGE LAKE: And you
tried to get the DNA. But you say he
didn’t show up for that
and he has done nothing for the child. Nothing, I’ve been taking care
of him by myself. Trying to go to school. Work. This girl has been infatuated
with me since we were
in eighth grade. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) No. I haven’t.
I had a crush on him
when I was in eighth grade. When we was in
middle school. That was it. She wanted to talk to me.
I ain’t give her no time
of day ’cause she, she…
She was always I never tried to talk to him. I don’t even know
if he even knew me. So I don’t know what
he’s talking about. I did know her, but I didn’t give her no play
’cause she looked like a nerd. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Me and her have
no type of… No, nothing. We were just… A nerd that he eventually
talked to, so… So you finally did,
ultimately… Right, yeah. …see how beautiful
she was. He had to like me some
kind of what he’s telling me,
he loved me. I’m sending him money
and all type of stuff
like that… Honestly, me and Dawn,
we reconnected
when I came back. That’s why I have
the evidence. When I came back to Rochester,
she was going through
a little issue. Like I almost told you,
I’ve been knowing her
since we was kids. Okay. Since seventh grade. So, when I saw Dawn, she told
me what she was going through with her previous
relationship with
her boyfriend. So her sister
put her out. My mother, right here,
she has a… My sister never put me out. At the time, she told me
her sister put her out. But I don’t know, if
she got put out or not. She came to stay
with me and my mother. Never stayed with him
and his mom.
I lived around the corner. How, why, when did I stay
with him and his mom? So you’re saying, she came to stay at the house
with his mother and you say
you never did? Ask his mom did I stay there.
I’ve spent the night
a couple times. JUDGE LAKE: Have you ever
spent the night in his
mother’s house? Spent the night,
that’s about it. Staying with me, your clothes
are there. You there. You eating there,
spending the night. My clothes was never there. Shoes at my house. The bottom line is, that’s how this
relationship started. HOUSTON: It was
never no relationship. It was just a sexual… It wasn’t even
no sexual, she… Basically… Well, clearly you
wouldn’t be here if… CROWLEY: Oh, you wasn’t
having sex with me? Basically, “I ain’t seen you
in a couple of years,
I like you now. “What’s up, we’ve grown.” Basically, we did
what we did. JUDGE LAKE: A sexual relation. CROWLEY: Sexual relationship
that was telling me
that he loved me and stuff like that, and he… (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Oh, I’m his baby mom
and sending me all these
kind of text messages. He loved me all of this
and all of that. Your Honor, that’s a lie. He’s lying. Your Honor, that’s a lie. If he didn’t steal my phone, I’d have the text
messages right now. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Now, I stole… In your mind, this was a
relationship, Ms. Crowley? Yes. You were in a relationship? Yeah. HOUSTON:How was she
in a relationship,
when I came around,
she had a whole boyfriend that
was staying with her.
That wasn’t my boyfriend. Sleeping on
her sister’s couch. He knew that I was messing
with other people. That
wasn’t my boyfriend either. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So, numerous? She was sleeping
around with a lot of men. Uh, wait a minute. Wait. CROWLEY: Not like
a relationship, just me and him relationship. So you were sleeping
with other people during the time you
were also sleeping
with Mr. Houston? Yes, and he was too. You’re saying,
that even though you
were with other men, while you were with
Mr. Houston, you know the night,
the exact night you conceived? Yes. What night is this? March 11th. But how do you know
that’s the night
you conceived? That’s the day that
the doctors gave me. Your Honor, I got information
stating right here. What she’s telling
you is a lie. Jerome, let me see
this evidence
Mr. Houston has. Sir, what is this exactly? Um, that’s a calendar. All right, and this calendar? The blue marker,
that she’s stating March 11th,
that’s when she saidwe had sex, correct?The other marker
is right there. I couldn’t leave the state,
due to I had something
going on. So, on the 20th… So you were out of state… HOUSTON: I was
out of town, yes. I was in Detroit. JUDGE LAKE:
…on March 21st? HOUSTON: Yes, ma’am. I mean I got
to Rochester, the 23rd ’cause
I caught the Greyhound. I left on the 22nd
I got there on the 23rd.
I didn’t meet Dawn until this day. Let me see that
calendar as well. On this particular calendar, it shows you met Ms. Crowley, you say
on April 13th? HOUSTON:That’s
when we had sex.
when you had sex?
HOUSTON:Yes ma’am.So you’re saying that
the day she says she
conceived on March 11th,
may be her
conception date but
it wasn’t with you?
I wasn’t even in
Rochester on that day.
And Dior was born on
December 11th? Correct. So, Ms. Crowley, you say
this is not correct. You say that the
conception date was
March 11th. CROWLEY: I spent the night
at his house by myself. He says he wasn’t even allowed
to be in that state then. I don’t know.
Well, he’s lying about that
too then. I don’t know. I don’t know what
situation he was in. Your Honor, I couldn’t leave the state ’cause
I was on probation. Being honest with you.
So I know for a fact,
I wasn’t there in New York March 11th because
my probation officer
didn’t let me leave until the 21st. Until I
got a signature saying
that I can leave. When I got… And you’re saying, not
only did you not leave, you weren’t even intimate
with her until April 13th? Yes, ma’am. Her boyfriend left her
for another girl. She
came around sad, I was the one to comfort her. That wasn’t my boyfriend, and he didn’t leave me, ’cause I still was talking
to him too. He was staying with you. How about that? You’re having unprotected sex.
That’s your boyfriend. Correct? I was having sex with you too,
is you my boyfriend then? That’s when you wasn’t
messing with him no more. He left you. You ain’t
have nobody but me. So… What? That’s what you think. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Ms. Crowley, you were having
unprotected sex with
Mr. Houston? Yes. One time, Your Honor. The first time we had sex,
we had sex with a condom. Dawn told me, latex
irritated her. So I
asked her, I said… I never told him that either.
See, he lie about everything. Your Honor… So he’s lying about half
of the things that he’s saying
to you right now. Your Honor, the last dude she was with,
I asked her, I said “Was the dude that
was staying with you…” Latex don’t irritate me. “Was y’all having
unprotected sex?” She said, “Yes.” Why were you then having
unprotected sex with Ms. Crowley when you
thought she had a boyfriend? No, I only had unprotected sex
with Dawn on the night…April 13th, we had
a block party.
Dawn, she stayed right
around the corner from
my mother’s house.
So when we had
the block party, we
were all drinking. Me and Dawn, we
did our one-two
without a condom I don’t know anything about
this block party
’cause I didn’t go. I don’t know what
he’s talking about. Why would you have
unprotected sex with
her or anyone if you didn’t want
to have a child? HOUSTON: See, I was drunk. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) It only happened one time. That’s when she
popped up. She ain’t even tell me,
she was pregnant or not. She popped up, and in October,
told me she was pregnant. Months later. I told him… And that’s 2011. …I was pregnant a little
while after I found out. And I brung him and his mom
the ultrasound pictures. So when you first found out
you were pregnant Ms. Crowley,
why didn’t you call him? I did let him know
a little while after. Listen… JUDGE LAKE: How long after? I was still going to his house
when I was pregnant. So when she told you,
she was pregnant, Mr. Houston, what was your reaction? That the baby’s not mine
’cause I couldn’t have
no kids. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) What do you mean? Listen, I got this paper
right here from my doctor,
correct? Jerome, may I see that please.
What is this paper stating? In 2009, I had surgery on my
left testicle. It’s called
testicle contortion. What it is, boys, how they
lay their body at night-time,
when you shift, we have, we have tubes inside
our testicles that circulate
blood flow. When I was asleep, I shifted
my body one way,
my testicle went another way. So my left testicle swelled
up as a size of a softball. I got rushed to the hospital.
When I made it to the hospital
the doctor just told me,if I didn’t come in just
in the nick of time, I would
have lost that testicle.
HOUSTON: So my sperm count
was going to be down. I probably couldn’t
have kids for a while. That was 2009. JUDGE LAKE: So
testicular torsion? Yes, ma’am. And it requires emergency surgery? Yes ma’am. CROWLEY: I had my baby… JUDGE LAKE: You are correct.
Blood flow cut off for too long. And it can
cause the inability
to father children. Correct. JUDGE LAKE: So you’re saying
that the dates being off, coupled with the fact that
you had this injury, makes you doubt even further
that you are Ms. Crawley’s
child’s father? HOUSTON: Correct. CROWLEY: But he shouldn’t
have any… When I asked you to
get the DNA test,
what’d you tell me? No. I told you I’ll pay for it
out of my pocket in Michigan
and send it to New York. He never tried to pay
for any DNA test. You said no. My mother’s right here. When I went to child support,
why didn’t he go to that one? Because child support,
they wanted me to come… They wanted me to do it in
Grand Rapids so they’d
have my mother’s swab. But Dawn wanted me to come to
Rochester, I wasn’t going to
put my life on hold. Dawn didn’t want you
to do anything. There was an opportunity to
take a DNA test and you
didn’t go through with it. I went through, I did my part,
being my baby.
He never showed up. No, Your Honor.
CPS contact me. They said,
“Dawn lists you as a father.” As you can see, right here
on this birth certificate. Let me see that, Jerome. What is that, Mr. Houston? That’s Dior birth certificate.
I didn’t even sign
a birth certificate. And he got my last name. So why did you decide to give
the baby Mr. Houston’s name? CROWLEY: Because
it’s his baby. And he know
that’s his baby. That’s why he came to the
hospital and his mom was
there when I had the baby. Right… But that’s not his baby. No, Your Honor. My mother called me was like,
“Dawn’s mother came,
Dawn is having a baby.” HOUSTON: I was at the club
that night. My mother called
me and was like, “Come over to the hospital.”
When I got there
my mother was gone. Why would you do any of that,
if that’s not your baby? Her mother… When Dawn talked to me
after she had the baby, her exact words was,
“I just had the baby.
Come see the baby.” I said, “Is you gonna bring
the other guy up there?”
She said, “No.” Mr. Houston, is this a
picture of you holding Dior? Yeah. Her mother took it.
Yes. That’s correct. You are. And his mom didn’t take it.
My best friend did. Your mother took it. My best friend took that. My mother was not even
at the hospital. I was on the phone
with my mom. But you don’t have a look of doubt.
You look like a proud
dad in that moment. (AUDIENCE SAYING YES
AND APPLAUDING) He’s faking. Your Honor, Your Honor,
listen. Think about it though.
I’m coming from
the club. I’ve been drinking.
I’m intoxicated.
I get to the hospital, as soon as I walk in,
I don’t get no visitor passes. Her mother hand me the baby
and is like, “Stand by
Dawn, and take a picture.” I did what her
mother requested. Your mother is here.
I’d like to hear from her. Ma’am, please stand. Ms. Houston it is.
Am I correct? Yes. What do you know about
this situation, Ms. Houston? Do you believe this is
your grandchild? Okay, now, the situation
with my son. He didn’t make it to
Rochester until the 23rd. I offered to pay for a DNA. She never offered
to pay for… You are lying… She never offered
to pay for… And don’t make me come over and smack fire out of you. …any DNA test. JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. I offered to pay for a DNA test. She never offered
to pay for anything… She told me… …or I would have let
her pay for it. …that, no. Because you need
DeAngelo to swab. Why not? So you are saying,
that it is true that your son
was not even in town. CHENITA: He didn’t get there
until March the 23rd. Until the 23rd. Despite that, you still tried to be
in the child’s life. Because this is the thing,
at the end of the day,
it’s not about Dawn, it’s not about DeAngelo,
it’s about Dior. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) It’s about that baby,
at the end of the day. You know, and I’m the
type of person that… I’m a loving,
kind-hearted person. HOUSTON:And I would
help anybody.
JUDGE LAKE: It’s clear that
you stepped in to try to be a grandmother.
But if I look at the calendar
that is presented, you obviously have concerns
and doubts because
you’re saying your son didn’t get to you, until the night of what,
March 23rd? CHENITA: The 23rd
of March. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And Ms. Crowley
says she conceived
on March 11th. Well. you know, Your Honor… Are you saying, that your
son was not in town on March 11th? CHENITA: No, he was not
in town on March 11th. Were you with any other man
around March 11th? Probably. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So you are admitting that
there’s another person
you slept with during this same window
of conception? But, you say because the
child doesn’t look like
the other guy, you’ve decided that it’s
Mr. Houston’s. Yeah. And if they put up
the baby pictures… That baby don’t look like me. …my baby looks exactly
like his baby pictures. HOUSTON:Dior don’t
look nothing like me.
CROWLEY:My baby look exactly
like his baby pictures.
HOUSTON:Nothing like my
two boys. None of that.
JUDGE LAKE: What I want to
know Ms. Crowley, is when you
know you’ve had sex with other people as well… Why would you give the baby
the last name Houston, if you knew you had slept with
someone else during the
window of conception? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Because I have… That’s because I’m that
sure that it’s his baby. You’re saying, the baby
looks like him, you gave the baby
the name Houston when
he was born. So, how could you
tell at birth that he looked
like Mr. Houston? I don’t have an
answer for that. Like I’ve been telling her,
I wasn’t going to do
nothing for the baby, till I found out 100%
he was mine. So, it’s not like, I don’t
want to be a part of his life. I just wasn’t going to do
nothing ’cause I don’t think
that child is mine. And I don’t think I should
be paying for something
that is not mine.She’s sleeping with
another guy that’s why
I didn’t do nothing
for her child.
But if he’s mine, I’m
going to take care of him. Like a man’s supposed to do
and she won’t have nothing
to worry about. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) All right, I think it’s
time for the results.
Jerome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of,
Crowley v. Houston,
when it comes to
Dior Houston. It has been determined
by this court. …and smack fire out of you. …for any DNA test. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Houston, you are Dior’s father. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) CROWLEY: He was out of town.
Right, he was out of town. How was he out of town? Hey, can I see the baby? CROWLEY: How was
he out of town? (CHUCKLING) The first thing out of
your mouth when I said
you are the father, is exactly what
I want to hear. Okay. What did you say? Can I see the baby? (AUDIENCE CHEERING) JUDGE LAKE: That’s
why we’re here. The rest of it,
at this point,
doesn’t matter. Well, you won’t hug me? I’m good. I’m really good. Cool. Cool. You got to let go
of this bitterness now. ‘Cause you got this baby.
He’s two years old. The truth is you were correct and now your child, your son,
has the opportunity to have
his father in his life. The man stood up there
and said, “You don’t have a
thing to worry about anymore. “I’m going to take care
of my child.” And he has opportunity
to have a grandmother, that wants to be a part
of his life. I know you may be angry
because you feel like
they said things about you that aren’t true, but
that’s the point
of a courtroom. Just so we’re clear. You tell your side,
and what your
recollection is. And they tell their side
and what their
recollection is. But the DNA is going to
solve the case. CHENITA: Amen. I’m going to let him
see his child, because that’s what
we’re here for. CROWLEY: Yes. And I’m going to see you all
in my chambers. It’s time for this young man
to hold his child. Court is adjourned. Are you ready to see your son? Yes, ma’am. Jerome’s gonna
bring him in. I told you, you was
coming to see Daddy. I wish you all the
very best of luck. HOUSTON: Thank you. You have a
beautiful grandson.


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