Martha Stewart and Ellen Get the Holidays Started with Crafts and Cocktails – Extended Version

Fabulous. Yeah, I did it. I made it. Of course, you made it. I made it. It’s bedazzling. Are you into bedazzling now? I am. These are all glued on. I like it. It’s my little denim dress. Did you make the dress too? Yes, Martha dress. Wow. QVC. Look at you. I love that. That’s fantastic. And the hem. All right. I took one of your
jackets to bedazzle you. You want it? I’m going to give it to you. Really? Yeah. I’ll take it. I’m sending it to
you for New Year’s. Thank you. I’ll wear it on New Year’s. Lapels. Really? Thank you. You know, I used
to be into that. Like, when I was 16, it was all
into bedazzling and all that. So it’s coming back now. It’s easier now. Because you can get
really beautiful diamonds. These are real diamonds. No, they’re not. Oh, yes, they are. You don’t want real diamonds. OK. There’s a special
glue that holds them on so they don’t fall off. You don’t have to
worry about that. Yeah, it’s good to glue
real diamonds on things. All right, I see alcohol here. And I want some. What is it? What are you making? This is a craft cocktail. Cocktails are the big thing now. Yes. And really, my cocktails,
I only use fresh juices. So this is freshly squeezed
pink grapefruit juice, or red grapefruit juice. And we have grapefruit juice. We have a wonderful simple syrup
made with cardamom and honey. Just a little bit
of that in there. And angostura bitters. And this is called a bitter bee. A bitter bee. Yeah, a bitter bee. It’s kind of a cute name. All these cocktails
have great names. And then you add
as much tequila– and always get the best tequila. Do you know this tequila? Dragones? Yeah, of course. Oh, it’s open already. So you just add
a lot of tequila. Somebody has already had some. Over lots of ice, of course. Did you make this up? Yeah, we make up all these
wonderful fresh cocktails. And then you shake. This is a large pitcher. Yeah, it’s a great pitcher. You want the biggest, biggest
pitchers you can find. I need to get that pitcher. This is so beautiful. You can have this one. OK, I’ll take it. We’ll leave it for you. Because you know, this is what– I drink this Dragones with this
fresh squeezed juice at home. But I’ve never had it
with what you’re adding. Well, try this. OK, I sure will. I want you to see. This is very important. It’s frosted from the
top to the bottom. See how frosty it is? Yes, I do. That means it’s really cold. Yes. It’s a little crooked here. That’s what you should ask the
waiters to do for the martinis as well. Uh-oh. It’s spilling. Why is it spilling? It’s a faulty thing. No, it’s not. It’s perfect. I don’t want it anymore. Oh, yes, you do. Try that. Wait, wait, wait. Oh. Garnish of grapefruit. There. All righty. Try that. I sure will. Cheers. Wow. Good, right? Yes. The honey makes
all the difference. Honey is so good,
and the cardamom. What is cardamom? Cardamom. It’s a spice, Indian spice. Cardamom-ma. Yes. Good, right? All right. Yeah, let’s make some stuff. I’m going to drink
my cardamom-ma. When we were discussing
this with your staff, there’s somebody here,
is it Andy or somebody? Andy? Yes. Andy– he loves menorahs. Yes, he’s very Jewish. I think he chose
this craft project. It’s in our magazine,
Martha Stewart Living. I know. Everything you’re making
today is in your magazine, in this issue. And so you find a piece
of either this beautiful, beautiful wood. This is manzanita wood. Manzanita. Right from out
here in California. Yes. And find something that
will sort of sit nicely on your table. You could use that to
stir the drink as well. You could do that. The cardamom-ma. It’s also nice as a bird roost. Do you have canaries
in your house? Not right now. Or parakeets or anything? No. These are nice– nice
wood for all of that. So you just paint that. And it’s nice painted white. Right. And so paint the
whole thing white. And you have ferns. And these could be
artificial, of course. I wouldn’t paint a– A real fern? No. Why? They won’t last. I mean, they’ll shrivel up. OK, you don’t have
to yell at me. This artificial will
be very nice painted. And then moving on, once
you get that all painted– See? She doesn’t have to craft. She can just watch. I don’t know how
to craft at all. Yes, you do. But I am enjoying this cocktail. And she is enjoying it. So you just take off
the little clips. These are clips that you
put real candles on trees. Do you ever have Christmas
trees at your house? Uh-huh. Yes. And these candles
are now banned. Because otherwise, they’ll
start your house on fire. Did you ask me if I have
real trees in my house? Yes, Christmas trees. Of course I do. Christmas trees. Yes. So then just screw these on. How many do you
have in your house? Oh, last year I had too many. I had about 40. Because I’d put at least
five trees in every room. We started yesterday putting
more trees for this year. I want to see your trees. Because I bet you do. Oh, someday, when
you come to New York, you have to come over and see. I would love to. I want to. And we just finished
un-decorating Thanksgiving. That was a big deal. I bet that was. Yeah, that was a big deal. So you know what this is. It’s a candle. Yes, but that’s the
first of eight candles. Right. You celebrate the
holiday of lights. And this is the shamash. So this is the candle that
lights all other candles. So every day of Hanukkah–
it’s eight days– you put another candle in. Because the oil
lasted eight days. That’s right. It was supposed
to only last one. So you’re up on this. I just learned. Oh, OK. She’s up on that. But isn’t that a
beautiful menorah? Yeah, it’s beautiful. That is a really pretty menorah. Most menorahs are–
this is natural. And it’s beautiful. Natural and beautiful. And you can decorate this even
more than with your ferns. You can hot glue. Do you have a hot glue gun? No, I don’t. You don’t? No. I don’t do crafts. I need to learn
how to do crafts. Yeah, well, you should. Because it’s really fun. And your houses
are very beautiful. I was reading all
the books backstage. Oh, my gosh. You have so many houses. You have more
houses than I have. No, I’ve sold them. Let’s move to the– So that’s pretty, right? Yes. That’s very pretty. And then decorating wreaths. You put wreaths on your doors? I do. I love fresh wreaths. Yes. So these are fresh wreaths. You can buy the
wreaths, of course. You can make them,
if you’re handy and want to ruin
your fingertips. But we have picks like this. These are Martha picks. That’s beautiful. Isn’t that pretty? Yeah, and you can put different
things in them, right? Yes, yes. And you can make these
or you can buy them. These you can buy. Yeah. Yeah. And so you put these
on your wreath. Hide the– what are
you looking for? I brought things to put on them. I like to put money in the– Well, that’s nice. Yeah. I like that. Yeah. Are you going to
give me that wreath? Yeah. Good. It just looks more expensive. Ooh, look how much– $300. I like that. And what else do you put on? This is Ryan Gosling. And I put him– Oh, how did you know
I like Ryan Gosling? This Michael B. Jordan,
I put him on there. And then, Martha, you
know what I like to do, is add a little Romaine lettuce. Because you can’t eat it. California, California Romaine. You might as well use it,
since you can’t eat it. So then you just keep
decorating these. Aren’t they pretty? That’s beautiful. So you put little clusters
of Christmas ornaments on. One giant ornament. Oh, you want to put
that around my neck? You know, I can be found. Yeah. Yeah. My cats usually have those on. OK. I think she’s walking away. She wants that drink. The December issue of Martha
Stewart Living magazine is in stores now. We’ll be right back. Martha Stewart, everybody.


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