Mass exodus starts a day before Chuseok holiday

so tomorrow is the first day of Korea’s
Chuseok holiday and many Koreans living here in Seoul are going to or already
traveling to see their families and relatives in other parts of the country
and our Ameen son is at the Seoul toll gate to tell us more about the holiday
traffic mean son how are they looking there my tune I’m at assault or gate a
gateway to major highways that many people will be using to travel to other
parts of the country like you said the Chuseok holiday starts tomorrow from
Thursday through the weekend for most people because it’s relatively short
many people plan to travel start their journey a day early but as of noon there
has been much congestion on the major highways and traffic is expected to kick
at 6 p.m. a total of 33 and a half million people are expected to travel
during the holidays and over 86 percent of them will go by car the highways will
be most crowded on Friday the actual day of Chuseok with some eight point nine
million people mostly coming back to Seoul
but today still some 4.6 million people are expected to hit the road on average
there will be some five million cars on highways each day which is 7.5 percent
more than last year and for that it’s expected to take a lot longer for people
to reach their destinations according to the Transportation Ministry drive times
to major cities could be up to an hour and 50 minutes longer than last year
from Seoul to prison by car it’s estimated to take 8 and a half hours the
same distance usually takes less than 5 hours outside of the holiday period to
tear down and Kangnam it will take 4 hours and 40 minutes which is almost
twice the usual travel time the traffic authorities will also provide real-time
traffic information based on IT technologies that information will be
available on the traffic authorities website and on mobile applications
drivers can also check broadcast or science on highways for alternative
route with less traffic that’s all I have at
this hour have a safe trip everyone

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