MONO INC. TV Special: “Before the Book of Fire Tour” Episode 341

I only need to know: What do I do with Manu? I won’t do blowjobs!
– He’s here now. What do I…
– Cummerbund away… – and the hood. And that’s the outfit you’ll be wearing then?
– Exactly – This has to go and then I’ll need my red hat. Okay, I’ll have that prepared. Only pyros, only fire now. It’s only gonna be small, one, two, hopefully in the front! Alright, that worked.
– Again, again. Ah no, I don’t want to waste it. I’ll do one more. One in the back. Were that all? One more. Top, thanks! So boys, what’s going on today? Rehearsal day? Drinking, it’s gonna be drinking time. Finally! Finally, one beer and then the work continues. You’ll have to start here, probably.
– Seems like it. Here we go!

“Carl aka The Grill Master” This is like the last fanclub meeting. I was standing at the grill there as well. But somehow… somehow I like that. It’s a good feeling to prepare food for the others. Do we have a resting zone here? Can you tell me, Moritz? Moritz, do we have a resting zone?
– A resting zone? We’ll then probably have to turn one off. Personally, I’m always grilling with coal, so… Smokers and stuff like that, I don’t know that much about this gas stuff. But I’ll give it my best. He was always trying, just like when playing guitar. It’s nice, those technical companies, who just happen to have a barbecue grill for rental – Not one, but two! And of course they have a gas grill. And of course they have movement sensors, we’re outside now you don’t have to think about lights, you only have to… go for it. Not now! Pleeease, not now! – So, calling it a day?
It is, although, now I’m putting my son to bed I do this every evening Finished!

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