My closet tour with stylist, Shun Watanabe

Hey everyone! Welcome to Kiko’s Youtube Channel! Voila This is my closet I have a ton of loud, bright clothes All of these boots are from OK (Office Kiko) I know, I know… these are all out there, right? Cuteee! It looks so good Kiko: Look at this!
Shun: Present! What’s going on with the top part of this? Text: Kiko playing dress up in her own closet We have a very special guest today Here’s my friend and stylist, Shun Watanabe! Welcome! Text: Stylist, Shun Watanabe Is this a mic? Well, you made it into one Hello Kiko: We’re going to show you a fun time!
Shun: Yep, a fun time! Shun is a trustworthy, charismatic stylist and he’s going to be using my own clothes to style me, as well as teach me how to wear these clothes casually Casual!? The Fashion Master here is going to teach us a lot of things
Shun: Let’s do it! Kiko: There’s a lot
Shun: Yeah, there is… so many shiny things! Kiko: So many shiny things!
Shun: Speaking of which… Kiko: These are all…
Shun: This is the Christmas corner Look at this! Look at this! Shun: Present… it’s like you could be called ‘Miss Present!’
Kiko: Miss Present! Shun: Wow
Kiko: I don’t know why I bought this But this is from Margiela Shun: This is great
Kiko: Yeah It is! Kiko: This is something you can put in a museum
Shun: Yeah I have a lot of stuff that could be in museums Shun: You do!
Kiko: Like this one! Kiko: This is going into a museum
Shun: It’s a Hedi piece I mean, this… is like ‘Onna no 60pun’ (a Japanese TV show) It’s like their logo Totally! That’s amazing… open up the heart! You wore this when I had a drag queen party Shun: for my birthday
Kiko: Yep This is from Saint Laurent when Hedi Slimane was there Shun: His last-
Kiko: It was his last collection So it’s super rare and they didn’t have a lot of these sold for retail Kiko: I just knew I had to get it
Shun: Mhmm Shun: Isn’t this great?
Kiko: Yeah, it is Doesn’t it weigh around 100 kilos? 100 kilos… this is from Atelier Versace Supermodels from the 90s used to wear this Shun: So glittery
Kiko: Very Wow There’s this thing called the Sohu Fashion Awards and I wore this when I won it in China Shun: This is wild too
Kiko: It is! This is from Atelier Versace too This too… and this It’s like, where can I even where this to? Kiko: There’s a department store in Osaka called Lucua
Shun: And that’s where you wore this Shun: That is…
Kiko: It’s so heavy, I can’t hold it It has nothing to do with Lucua! I know! I just wanted to wear this That’s rare too Shun: You wore this at the Met Gala?
Kiko: Yeah, I wore it for the Met Gala Text: A fashion fair held by Anna Wintour, chief editor of Vogue
Kiko: There’s a fashion fair at this museum called the Met every year I was invited to it This is a top Shun: Wow
Kiko: This is- Shun: It’s like ‘Kintaro’ (Japanese folklore)
Kiko: Yeah! To describe this easily, it’s reminiscent of Kintaro That’s what it’s like Shun: The back…
Kiko: Drapes
Shun: Right Shun: It’s very humble
Kiko: Humble, yeah Shun: But this wasn’t cheap at all!
Kiko: It was very expensive but Kiko: it’s humble… a simple style
Shun: That’s the style I don’t even know which way is up You’re so right! I don’t know if this is right but I think this is how you wear it Oh but if you wear it like this Shun: with something underneath, you can wear it out
Kiko: Really? Kiko: Casually?
Shun: Yeah
Kiko: Is it okay if I go to work like this?
Shun: Sure! How about this? Shun: Very Kintaro-esque
Kiko: True This top… I wonder if there are any bottoms to go with it Shun-san’s starting to put an outfit together Shun: Let’s try to make this work; you’ve only worn it once right?
Kiko: Yeah, let’s do it Shun: Let’s go for a little party look
Kiko: Yeah, just a little something Shun: A little party look… even though it’s not just a little look at all
Kiko: Not at all Shun: Let’s try it out
Kiko: Got it!
Shun: It might be good Here it is! Kiko: Shun-san, I don’t know how to wear this
Shun: Same! This is what makes stylists cry True This sort of thing happens in high fashion Shun: Exactly!
Kiko: Right?
Shun: Sometimes you just don’t know how to put it on ‘Are you actually going to wear this?’ is what Marigela was thinking
Kiko: Yeah Like, ‘you’re going to wear this, for real?’ ‘Are you planning on actually wearing this?’ ‘If you think you can wear it, go ahead’ Shun: How cute!
Kiko: Is it cute?
Shun: Are there any shoes… Kiko: How does it look?
Shun: And (looking for shoes) How about these? Nice one, Shun! Shun: Tom Ford
Kiko: Tom Ford Kiko: Are these okay?
Shun: Yeah, because the top has silver and gold in it so This keeps on falling Shun: Fashion is hard!
Kiko: Fashion is patience! You can wear something on top Shall we wear something over this? Like a queen! Kiko: This is quite ‘Ko-gyaru’ (a type of Japanese “gyaru”)
Shun: Very
Kiko: It’s from Betsy Johnson How is it? You like it? Don’t you want to cover this up a little bit? Only at the start Kiko: Yeah
Shun: And when you take it off…
Kiko: Oh, I see I see! Kiko: I’ve arrived at the end of the year party
Shun: ‘Kiko, you look toned down today’ Kiko: All-black and simple
Shun: All-black and simple, no? Shun: Well, it’s actually not that toned down
Kiko: I know right Kiko: ‘Hey!’
Shun: ‘Hey!’ Kiko: How are you?
Shun: Good!
Kiko: Really? ‘Wow!!!’… is how it’ll play out I’m Kiko Mizuhara! Shun: You’re red here
Kiko: I know, it’s heavy and cuts into my skin Shun: But it’s cute, I think it’s great
Kiko: Yeah Shun: It’s like ‘wear it if you dare’
Kiko: A challenge from Margiela I stand here, and I accept the challenge Shun: It’s really cute
Kiko: and I won! I was worried when this came out at first but I think we did alright Kiko: Yeah!
Shun: I can’t believe you even have something like this This sort of thing is all I have Text: The second half of Kiko’s Closet Tour
Shun: Cute! The garlic fairy! Here’s a girly piece! Is there anything realistic here? ‘Try it out!’

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