Nami Island SNOWING | Seoul Travel 2019 WINTER #6 | BulbMan Travels

Hello! I am BulbMan! Welcome back to the channel. Today will be another episode of the Seoul Travel series. I here by thank you guys and people who stumble upon my videos for their
watch time and comments. Be it good or bad, I take it with a pinch of salt. Good things will eventually come to an end! This very wonderful, beautiful
and powerful Seoul travel vlog is the last episode of this series. I humblely, soulfully and sincerly Thank you guys for watching this video. Feel free to subscribe! No! You must Subscribe! Share and like my video ya!
Thank you! Without furthur ado! Leggo! I told them to wait at the entrance. It is because we do not have wifi. We can build a snowman! First-time experience snow! Very little snow. How you build a snowman? It is snowing already. it is first time experience for all of us. The last time we came, there is no snow. You able to see the snow? The Snow went into my eye. It looks like a star. The snowflake looks like poop! What? poo???!!! Wah! There are alot! It is getting heavier! Enough is enough! very cold! Happy? Happy! Happy? Happy! @#$%$#@%#[email protected]#@#$ You need to pose! Pose! I look like an idiot! Let us look at the Rudolph. Reindeer It is you! I am not! Go away! Go away! Your legs! I saw an angle which is very nice! Go away! Help me and pull him away! Is there really a nice angle? You take a shot from the ground and upwards. This is an artistic shot ok! I think that is the “Winter Sonata” scene. Yes! Yes! GO! Go! Go! I felt very talented! Lets go! You guys really don’t want to leave? You all want to stay permanently in Nami Island? Both of them want to stay here permanently.

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