new house tour | 2 month update

hi welcome to our new house door so this
is the foyer and three of our new home we literally move in two months ago to
the day so I will be inserting the before and the actors so you can see
what all we’ve accomplished in every room over these last two one and so excited this is the most recent
project you completed it’s my boss lady Home Office on the other side of our employer we
have our dining room which may be so excited to get a nice big table to the
collagen and dreams of me and Adam to have our entire family over for holidays
and a big table this room here we kind of calls it his
dozen orchids party room is where we’ll have parties gathering for our kiddos we
would never use the formal living room so the current corner here this is a
little bench I definitely need it being pregnant
put on my shoes which is kind of where we can keep all of our coats and our
coat closet and write down the point in here and a half bath on this Lashley VM
next project and this room and laundry room what we’ve decided after ordering
them who did get the stands for a washer and dryer
these are our jiving so I can throw my clothes but as you say this is their old
one it was a constantly fall apart and drive me crazy so I’m so happy we have
these now notice magnetic so it sticks to the wall very nicely and if you can’t do this for away this
is our kitchen and click my dream kitchen the one they know I was talking
to Adam about it and I know he likes this color and nothing don’t but I think
we might be painting them we’re still deciding but I think you might get
painted and this is my favorite light fixture is in the dining room in the
entire house is my favorite then over here in our family room okay now this pan another thing I love is that it opens up
to our family girls going upstairs I can speak language that to be with
what the kids are doing and there’s another staircase to come up really
easily to their rooms so no matter where I am in the house I can get upstairs
through the kids really back whichever mom looks important and the is willing
this room you’ve got a big boy leave you so this is the background that bulb
Flandre and proudly will be sharing as they get older and allows we made this
book Landon’s little handprint and wanted his old toothbrushes so it’s kind
of a little art project oriented and I head together for in here I already love
that each of them has their own special best towels of their name on it so and
then your husband Herzing down the hall here we just have a written closet and
some of our tummies storage and all of our like family
wedding photos displayed right here is my husband room it’s not finished but
you get a little sneak peek on where we’re at so far and this is our guest room so we have
four bedrooms this is my like shaggy sheep all white
really cozy socks bedroom floor and down this hallway is the entry to
our master suite which if you know anything about me and Evans old house if
you followed us we didn’t have an ensuite bathroom we literally had one
full bath in our entire house and our bedrooms who are all the same size so
when we saw this we were like this cannot be real cause it’s really so right here is our walk-in closet
which is another thing you cannot have in our old 100 year old house and as victoy is a master we have the big shower stall and LSCC
there’s like a ton of different shower ads and different prayers and he manages
love that and then we actually have hidden Herzing which we did not have a
normal healthy aerosol we love it my son Adam sign in and we did not have any
sort of the jacuzzi publication early past theater Marvel TV in the interim
rolling hesitancy Installer to be tense about necromancy making watch the news
and feeling initiative indispensable craziness going on in the world while
you’re right in fourth in line and just reading is this little toilet room and
now go down and in section of the basement is our
play area and slash hangout room so just brilliantly kids and a girl into and
have a lot of space to play especially in Cleveland winters because is so cold
you can’t go outside very often so this helps a little boy I get a lot of his
energy out and so then here is just some of my storage for this is all gift
wrapping supplies arts and crafts shop and scrapbooking stuff but I have all
stored right here and around the corner that’s my husband’s territory this is
the beginning of the man cave through a basement bars and I’m nosy Rome is definitely my
husband’s favorite room the house and we were usually end up spending most of our
evenings this is truly his mancave and you can see it’s like every man’s
dream this TV that’s bigger than him and and for now we’re using our old love
seats with our only houses in our old house so even put to good use down here
he did an entire Lake speaker surround sound system and it’s also kind of our
little workout area often tends to be riding the exercise cycle we watch the
movie or TV show and I and the through this door is perfect
it’s our bathroom Oh Tunisia’s Felix it suppose thank you so
much for watching this tougher video I know it’s kind of you requested so I
hope you enjoyed it if you’re new to the channel make sure you hit right button
and the bell so you know every time a new video every time you post a new
video cuz I’m not see definitely has more health update videos coming soon
thanks so much have a great rescue today oh good job


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