NEW TAB 320-S by nuCamp RV – 2021 Model – Walkthrough Tour

hi everybody I’m PJ with princess crafts
in Round Rock Texas so excited today I’m gonna show you around the 2021 Tab s
this is the boondock version and they have made some really cool changes from
the ones who’ve seen in the past and I’m going to show you all the details it’s
15 foot 4 inches long weighs about 2,000 pounds sleeps 2 it has a bathroom inside
you’re gonna want to see everything that new camp has done with this now if you
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videos on your favorite trailers alright so let’s go inside and take a look
around come on this feels so open and so modern on the
inside let’s start up here at the front and I’ll show you some details the first
thing I noticed coming in here is they have made these cabinets flush they’re a
nice modern feel that the hardware is new I love the little square push button
latches you push it in and it pops out becomes the handle opens up
I love the hinges open up all the way underneath this cabinet you’ve got a 110
plug and you’ve got two USBs and a 12-volt plug in if you wanted to have
something on your counter because of course your stove top acts as a counter
top as well you can run appliances or phone chargers straight down through
this hole that’s made in the counter for that
I think that’s ingenious right underneath that cabinet is additional
storage space so you’ve got two nice sized cabinets right here in the kitchen
this is an isotherm refrigerator it is actually developed for the yacht the
boat marine industry this is a 12-volt refrigerator but it is very different
than probably the 12-volt you have used in other RVs it is actually compressor
driven just like the refrigerator at your house so this is going to get cold
within a couple of hours and it is so efficient with your battery power
now it’s gonna work off 12-volt or when you plug it in of course that power is
going to charge your battery and keep this refrigerator cold it’s very
efficient very sturdy when you open it up it’s a 1.7 cubic foot you’ve got two
door shelves and you’ve got a flip-up freezer
it also comes with a little tiny ice cube tray there is a control right in
here to set the temperature and if you don’t want to use your refrigerator you
can turn it off just turn that temperature setting to zero all right I
love the black front and the way this just kind of all runs together and gives
you a very modern look right underneath the isotherm refrigerator is a drawer
again the same push-button latch that has on the cabinets but how nice to have
a drawer that pulls out instead of a little cubby in there great feature here
just adds to the great storage in the kitchen the glass top stove of course
doubles as counter space but very simple to lift it up and it locks into place
while it’s open it’s got one smaller burner one larger burner and the
controls right here underneath the counter the glass top now it does have
the sparker built-in so you don’t have to go running for a match or a log
lighter it is all right here when you want to close it
be sure to lift up this top and it goes right down flat and out of your way the
big window right here I’m going to show you on the side how to open these where
it’s better filming but of course it opens in front and has the blackout
shade and the screen this cabinet up here you know it used to be a lot bigger
but for someone who’s taller it was a little cumbersome looking down onto the
countertop so they’ve made these a little smaller put these sleek cabinet
doors on the front and when they flip up they are almost as tall as the ceiling
the light runs from one side all the way to the other it is an LED strip instead
of a single light feature right in the center so lots of space right in here
okay maybe not lots but every little bit counts doesn’t it alright there you go
now another thing you’ll notice about this is that the walls
in this trailer are white they have made a change from the standard cream that
had a little bit of a pattern on it and moved to the solid white eye it does
have a bit of a texture kind of like stucco but I love the way it makes it
feel so open and the white ceiling is well which is a change the other thing
you might notice here bathroom door is solid just like the
wall panels I love the modern handle here the brushed silver it’s also a
little unique in that when I open this you don’t have any of the latch sticking
out here as you close this it doesn’t have to drag along the edge when it gets
into position it pops out it’s a magnet so it latches the door automatically
very easy to open and shut just push it back it’s out of the way so you’re not
going to catch that on anything I tell you what let’s take a look at the
bathroom before we move around and take a look at what they’ve done with the
back of this trailer okay so standing here in the center of the trailer it is
five foot nine now I’m five feet tall but I’ve got on a little bit of a heel
so right here in the center you’ve got about five foot nine when you step into
the bathroom it gets a little shorter you lose about three inches because you
do step up just a little bit okay so most people are gonna want to sit down
when they shower that’s just unfortunately what you do in this space
but it is much larger than the previous tab bathroom now you’ve got a port
window right here on the outside of course just with a twist you can close
that glass and a twist you just open it right back up again a mirror on this
side wall the light that goes on and off right at the top what you will notice
that is so different than the tabs you’ve seen in the past is the cassette
toilet the cassette toilet looks more like a bench style seating but it
actually has a cassette in the out side that you can pull out and dump in
any toilet or any disposal station and it makes it so convenient if you are not
camping at a traditional campground so we’ll talk about more on how the
cassette works later but know that it gives you so much more space in this
bathroom and it allows you to have a sink right behind the toilet here
there’s a handle that just a single handle for turning it on and off great
for washing your hands before you actually leave here now the shower in
this bathroom is very unique the faucet that actually serves the sink in the
very back lifts out and actually hangs right up here
there it goes hangs right in that slot or of course you can use it as a
handheld so that really doubles as a showerhead and when you’re not using it
you actually have a sink in the back and it becomes the faucet ingenious out of
the way gives you a lot more moving around room in this space alright I hope
you like the bathroom I’m going to teach you more about the cassette toilet when
we get to the outside all right the entrance door is something I like to
talk about new camp because they really have a signature molded door at the
bottom there is a bin most people use it for trash but certainly up to you with
the fire extinguisher set into the door panel this is especially nice to me
because very often it gets mounted it as you enter into the camper so it’s easy
to kick it get bump it and it falls off the bracket breaks so it’s always right
here mounted in your door bungees for holding maps or books or papers and the
window of course has this wonderful blackout shade built into it I just love
this feel it’s useful and easy to clean the other great thing about the
store area is that when you open the door there’s a screen that pulls across
so not only can you have screens on all three windows a wonderful fantastic fan
in the ceiling to actually move air around but you can also screen the door
really opens up this space all right so let’s take a look at the storage and the
shelving they’ve added nice clean features up here shelving on both sides
of this panel and this is going to be your monitor panel up here that is going
to actually show you the gray tank the fresh tank the battery all of those
lights light up according to what you’re using and of course blue lights here
when you’ve got the porch light the accent lights and the light above the
sink water pump switches in here as well so nice to have this one clean panel to
do everything you need it to do all right
windows on both sides I think let me show you how they work these are the
acrylic dual pane windows they are what you have seen in previous tabs I love
the way they open up and of course this has red handles so it is designated as
your emergency exit you have to have one in every trailer but that’s why this one
has red handles and the one on the other side as well
when you open it up you tighten this latch to hold it wherever you’d like for
it to go if you want it just open two inches you can set it there as well
again you’ve got the privacy panel and the screen I have a preference of
getting a little bit of air and a little privacy all at the same time they latch
together really simple to operate you’ve got indirect lighting right up
here behind this panel that’s really great at night if you don’t need a
specific overhead light but you need to find your way around in the case
so indirect lighting is just a nice feature that you have on both sides
underneath this panel and across the front great for really dark nights when
you just don’t need that much light now this trailer makes it so easy to make a
bed the way it works is you come right underneath here and pull the base of the
seat straight out you see how its slanted it creates the base for these
cushions move the cushions down to cover it and you’ve got a full bed you don’t
have any extra pieces to put together it’s all part of your seating that I
think is just a wonderful improvement on these trailers there’s also some storage
underneath this seating if you just lift it up then the whole piece has a hinge
lifts up to give you a little more storage underneath the seat on this side
now if you go across and you go on to the driver’s side it actually has some
gear and some equipment in there so you can access it but it really isn’t
storage that’s only under the passenger side seat here now another thing I want
to show you is the lagoon table it is able to swivel in any direction so it
can get out of your way or you can tighten it up so it doesn’t move these
handles right here actually tighten it in any position you’d like and they also
raise and lower it so you could have a little bit of height adjustment as well
the table isn’t part of making your bed so you can simply lift it up set it down
on the ground below you make your bed and it’s out of the way the top of this
has that marbled look it’s really nice modern high end look but it isn’t all
that heavy it’s actually made out of a wood which is a lightweight wood and
it’s actually sandwiched with some black foam in between so it makes it light and
very very durable again the lagoon table what a
great feature in here you can turn this space into anything that works for you
now another change that you might notice if you’re familiar with the previous
tabs is that the back of this bed is split why is that important well because
you can actually raise and lower one side and not the other pull it forward
till it clicks hold on to the strap and it lays down so you could lay one side
down leave one side up if you’re a single traveler that might work for you
some people like the back at a different height because there is an option with
these to put them half way so if someone’s sitting up watching TV someone
else wants to lay down a little bit you’ve got some different features there
I love that change you know anything that makes something have more options
of sitting or sleeping it’s always helpful
so let’s fold both of these down and take a look at what’s behind it because
that looks a little different as well now with both seat backs laid down you
get a good view of the modern look that they have right behind here this is a
one-piece panel I love the CNC cut here a nice clean shelf look and when you
lift this there is storage in there let’s see it goes down about five inches
so that’s a pretty good space and when you’re not using that storage this can
be a great place to put a coffee cup a book your glasses anything like that
now the cabinets back here have that same flat front modern look that you see
in the kitchen the latches are interesting as well you’ve got a latch
right here that you just squeeze it and open it up right here that’s where your
fingers go just give it a push it opens up the cabinet and it stays out of your
way I love that all right this is about eight inches deep some good
storage here and identical on the other side the latch closes by itself which
that’s great so the speakers on the side are rectangles and I’ll show you the
stereo in just a minute right over here in the back of the trailer reading
lights just above it with a push button right on the top the white ceiling the
white walls the modern cabinetry it just gives this trailer a whole new look so
on this side you’ve got the storage in the back a little cubby underneath but
the top of this section has your am/fm stereo with the HDMI the USB port of
course Bluetooth doesn’t take up very much space and does everything you need
new in the tab in the 2021 s is going to be the microwave now this microwave I
love the way it’s small they say it’s easy to clean gotta love
that but it is an option so you can actually have a cabinet here the door
will look just like the other is a flat panel nice sleek door if you didn’t want
the microwave that would automatically be here the duct that I was telling you
about for the AC is right up here on the side and this will be the standard
connection for the Aldi where you can set it to actually work the water heater
or the furnace or both the AC controls are directly underneath these are both
touchscreen they’re really very simple to use look for some videos in the
future that will show you the details on that below the Jensen 12-volt television
again I love to point out that this is 12 volt you do not need to be plugged in
to shore power to turn on this TV so it there is not a TV antenna on this but
great for streaming also works great with portable satellites alright so that
brings us back around to the front up on the top the LED lighting and I
think I had mentioned before there is the fantastic fan and this one you can
set to actually draw the air out or bring the air in it’s just a great
feature if you want a boondock and you’re not running the air conditioner
because remember when you’re boondocking the only things that won’t work are the
AC the microwave and the 110 household plugs now while I’m here let me show you
right underneath there is the converter and of course that’s going to have your
breakers and fuses in it next to that a 110 plug which is always convenient in
the seating area right and the LP detector next to that I just can’t
explain to you on video what a nice open feel this has I think it’s the perfect
blend of retro and modern they’ve done some great things on the outside as well
let’s go take a look at them now the modern look of the outside of this Tab s
is really striking very similar to the 400 the change from what they’ve done in
the past is to put this trim only on the front in the back and on the sides you
get a flush rail normally trailers have a key to rail kind of sticks out you run
the bead through it this is flush extrusion here much cleaner no screw
cover to pull out and deal with love that feature alright same choices in
this trailer as you’re used to you can do a white or a silver exterior and then
the trim can be black white gray blue or red now the blue and red and the gray
have changed a little bit they’re a little darker so be sure to check those
colors before you order if you’re looking at a 2021 model
alright the step is something that’s very different I love this step is very
sturdy and it’s easy for me to put swivel in out of the way and you’ll
notice the light goes out when I pull this step out and drop it down the
comes on what more could you ask for if you’ve got the step out you’re gonna
want to have a light on it right you can also see on this one the boondock handle
now this only comes with the boondock model and the same can be said for the
off-road tires these are 15 inch off-road tires if you don’t get the
boondock model that’s going to be a 14 inch standard street tire basically now
at the end I’m going to go through and show you all of the boondock features so
you’ll know exactly the difference between the standard and the boondock
all right now back here this is a wonderful addition that they added last
year it is not new to the 2020 ones but this allows you to actually take your
lagoon table inside lift it off the rail and slide it out have it out here that
gives you an outside table to work with not only that you’ve got a 110 plug
under there in case you needed the table plug in some extra lights anything like
that but underneath right here there is a gas port for plugging in using your
propane on the trailer for an outside grill that is a new addition it’s right
underneath the back so it could be right next to your table perfect
you’ll also notice there isn’t a molded piece right here around the window it is
only a decal there are some choices here we’ll go over the options and the
boondock package at the end of the video let’s look at the back because this is
very different than what you’re used to seeing this entire molded piece has
changed I love the modern look the modern feel and the trim only goes on
the top remember we talked about it doesn’t wrap around and you get a very
flush extrusion here but the visors and the tent rooms that you’re normally
slipping into a key to rail work great on this you just don’t have that screw
cover to deal with all right you’ll notice this one has a
rack on the top and that is part of the boondock option there The Boondock
trailer is also going to have an aluminum brush guard on the rear as well
in the past you would have seen corner guards a seven-piece corner guard there
is going to be an aluminum guard across the back we’ll show you a picture of
that we don’t have it on this unit but it looks like this now one of the things
I want to show you on the back of the trailer is these handles you know new
camp is known for their handles because they’re so lightweight you can push them
around but these are actually bigger sturdier handles and really comfortable
to grab but they don’t stick out on the camper they’re blended into actually
this nice design on the back of the trailer so I think that is a great
change they made in 2021 so coming around to the passenger side
the exterior shower is right here of course it’s got a hand held and the hot
and cold water this is the vent for the Aldi system and this is brand new this
is called a Nautilus water system now the light here comes on whenever you
start reaching in to turn things on and off because it is a motion sensor you
don’t have to have a switch to turn it on and off so it was a little concerning
when we shut it and the light stays on but it does that until it detects that
there is no motion so if you look inside there is the water pump switch in here
which will win it help winterize this system but you have two valves here and
I love that they put a picture there you don’t have to remember how it works it
tells you everything if you want to put water in the tanks which is on the left
or if you want to use your city water connection and have water goes straight
from the hydrant into the faucet that would be the connection on the right
underneath it also tells you how to do it with the city water or if your
winterizing because it makes it very simple to winterize this system you
just kind of followed their directions here and you’re ready to go there is on
the left a hot water heater bypass I love that that is very convenient
because if you’re winterizing or you’re trying to drain the tanks that’s really
important right there on the left hand so everything is enclosed in this
compartment you do have a light so you can see really well there is actually a
hatch underneath where the water hoses when you connect to one of these can
come right out the bottom of the trailer that way this door can close keep all of
this water and weather tight in here this is very simple close it and then
the latch just moves to the left underneath you have the sewer hose
connection and the pull for it right next to it you do have a gray tank in
here that you can drain right through here
the black tank will be done on the cassette toilet we’ll show you that in
just a second your Shore power 30 amp connector is right here and in front
you’ve got the connection for the cassette toilet now cassette toilets are
really concerning to a lot of people because they feel like it’s kind of a
hands-on system and it’s quite the opposite instead of having hands on back
there with a sewer hose and a dump station I find this to be very efficient
and very clean you lift up the tab pull this out and you notice this has wheels
on it so you set it down extend the handle and you can pull it directly to a
dump station wherever you want to go when you’re ready to dump it of course
this would have a cap on it you swivel that out you have places to hold it on
both sides and you dump it the button right here will release the vacuum and a
little a little air into the tank so it dumps easily set it back down swivel
this back the latch catches right behind the the
little hooks right here and then you slide it right back in now when you pull
it out it closes the top when you push it back in it opens up so it’s ready for
use very simple to use now one misconception on cassette
toilets is that there’s no water to flush it with but that’s not true there
is water some cassette toilets you actually have to add water on the
outside so it has its own freshwater tank this cassette toilet is plumbed to
your 20 gallon water tank so the water that feeds the the cassette toilet is an
20 gallon tank that actually feeds the rest of the camper as well very simple
you’ve also got a 17 gallon grey tank the black tank here 5 gallons now you
don’t necessarily have to wait for it to get to 5 gallons to dump it again you
saw how easy it was most people you know after a few days they’ll go and dump it
before it gets all the way full very easy to do that as well so I hope that
slows down some of the fears on cassette toilets if you can dump a bucket of mop
water into a toilet it’s really the same thing only it’s even easier alright I
love the fact that the the door here actually closes with a snap you don’t
have to lock it to get it to stay shut and again it has a seal in it so it’s
water and weatherproof stabilizer jacks on all four corners now on the front the
boondock package has an aluminum tray it stretches all the way across the front
so you’ve got storage on both sides and a little bit more storage here in the
front the spare tire that used to be on the front of this tray is now mounted
right underneath here so this tub is brand new for new camp new on the 2021
models you’ll see it in the tabs and all across the board at new camp
it’s got a little larger shape which accommodates the battery and the five
gallon propane but it also leaves you space for storage now they’re in the
back cut into the back of this there’s openings for your regulator and also the
battery disconnect switch another thing you might notice is different here is
that they put a gas prop on it not because it’s hard to open but so it
holds the top open so you can have both hands to get to the storage inside or do
whatever it is you need to do works great I love this new feature on here we
did ask if it was something that could be added to an older tab we always get
requests for that and you can change out the tray you cannot change out this tub
because of the regulator and the battery disconnect so I hope that answers a
question that some of you might have so window in the front just like usual and
the nice molded handles on both sides you are going to love these take a look
on top there is a hundred watt solar panel because this is the boondock
package so the hundred watt solar it wraps right around the front so you’ve
got a little bit of a different angle on two sides of that and makes you a lot
more sustainable if you want to camp off the grid so now that we’ve made it all
the way around let’s review the things that you’ve seen that are part of the
boondock package alright the boondock package is of
course the larger off-road tires it is the roof rack on the top the handle that
says boondock on it right next to it an upgraded step here and the aluminum grid
that we showed you that isn’t on this one but will be coming on all the
boondock packages and the aluminum tray and that hundred watt solar panel that’s
the upgrade to the boondock package it is the most popular
package that we sell here at princess craft but everybody wants something
different so new camp tries to accommodate let’s talk about a few more
options that you have if you’re looking at a tab s you’re going to have choice
of colors now the base of this can be white or it can be silver
well the trim has some choices in a black a gray blue red and white now this
trim color has changed from previous models so be sure you take a look the
blue in the red are a little bit darker and the gray also is a little bit
different it’s not metallic it’s kind of a flat silver gray so take a look at
that I think they’ve really stepped up the colors on this one more choice
you’ll have to make is going to be the cabinet color there is the dark ash wood
that you’ve seen in there and then you can also go to the traditional tab
original cabinetry which is the birch so take a look
decide if you like the birch or if you like the gray ash cabinet we’ll have
both available I hope we’ve showed you a lot of new things on this 2021 Tab s
we’re so excited to have this on our lot if you’d like to see more walkthroughs
then go to our youtube channel and be sure to subscribe we do lots of
walkthroughs on all the new things that are coming in until then I’m PJ with
princess craft RV and I look forward to seeing you next time you

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