NORWAY – Unmasked Vlog #24 – Part 3/4 Aviation Tour Edition

Oh my god it’s Jonas Aden Alright, we are back. We got a new day, new city. Have you heard from Olav?
He said he would be with you guys He is outside, he is coming now It is so cool with the LED screen Yeah! It will go up and down See you later! So, we will just go back to back no stops We just need to show you where the flames are The pyro No worries, but you need to see it now live
before we go Now we are going to do some pyro test What is happening? CO2 test You didn’t see that one coming Hehe, yeah I was like Flames… come on See, good timing Wow! The waterfall comes in the final song, Faded Waterfall? Waterfall, it’s sparkles Oh Okay! Not actual water I was like WHAT 30 seconds sparkles, looks amazing He will not push the trigger if you guys
are not in your correct positions Yeah, but where does the mines come from? Mines? Wait, there’s a mine? It’s fine, don’t tell her this All I hear is mine, mine, mine in Norwegian.
I’m like what is happening Lets start the run through, please go in
to your starting position So this time we are in my home country I also have a bunch of vocalists
and artists with me Corsak Omar Noir Juliander Torine, Tomine Harket Iselin Solheim Julie Bergan and Sorana The concept of the show revolves around Aviate
drones and is wrapped with a gaming concept We meet the drone called Avem and we follow its
journey through the visual universes of level 1, level 2 and level 3 In the beginning we establish that all the other
drones are dead and its up to Avem to get enough energy to revive
them all We see this through pretty incredible content on
the LED screens the rest of the story continues on exploring
the universe inside the aviation game and the final level includes several cryptic hints
as what’s to come in the next music video storyline spesifically in episode 2 I am pretty happy with how everything has turned
out and I am proud to say that we have landed a
beautiful live experience spesific for Walkers Say hi to Alan! Okay guys, should we start? Nice to meet you! My hands are full, haha! Wow! So she has been working on a, kind of like a
Norwegian traditional dress, called “Bunad” She re-did and made her own kind of version of it Just with like the logos, and I think that’s
pretty cool those details there What do you think about the tattoo? That’s awesome, check that out! It’s a real one Logo, and also the Walker ID It’s one hundred percent real, it’s not like a bubbelgum tattoo Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s you Bye! Thank you guys! Hope you will have a
fantastic experience Cool, we just got done with the meet and greet We are a little bit behind scedule, and just
about to open the doors They are opening the doors. People are coming
in right there And yeah, we made it last minute So now it’s pretty much the final count down
until show time About four years ago I did my first ever show.
That was on X-Games in Oslo And that’s probably the scariest thing I have
ever done I have alwas been kind of like a dare devil I dare my self to do some stupid stuff now and then That was something where I was way out of
my comfort zone The thing with that show was that it was the
first time I ever stood on a stage It was basically going from performing for a school class to
performing for 5-10 thousand people And then, not only those 5-10 thousand people,
you have millions watching live on TV I was 17 at that moment, and it was a good
experience. At the same time it was the worst thing that could happen to me, because I missed
the playback, cause the show was 100% playback and… it was just a disaster Ofcourse like… first time on a big stage, first
time doing something like that I had no musical experience, never really been
behind a deck It felt horrible And the backlash, the comments, the critics from
other Dj’s and everything that was terrifying the instant thought that I had was “I’m never
ever going to do that again” I’m never going to step on a stage again
and do that but here we are, four years later 6-700 shows done and then we have Oslo Spektrum Its been so long! Iselin Solheim, she sang on “Sing me to sleep”
and “Faded” Back in the day The real Iselin? The real Iselin, the real deal I think it means a lot to the fans to see us
together again Do you feel anything now? Or is it just
adrenaline all the way? I’m kind of like overwhelmed that it is
finally done It was a sparkle that landed like here.
So I was like during the show It smells like burned hair Thank you guys so much for tuning in. It’s
been an incredible run so far Aviation Tour has been super cool Based on the Oslo show we’ll be making a movie and it will be out next year I think depends on the time schedule and everything Other than that, as always, check out merch,
it’s always there more is coming Hope you guys enjoy it Please let me know in the comments down below if
there is anywhere you want me to go in the next year and I’ll see where I can go next


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