*obligatory holiday merchandising*

I don’t wanna lot for Christmas. There’s not much I really need, but I just wanna take a minute to indulge my Christmas greed. I just want a new design something to leave me feeling fine. Help me with my search ’cause all I want for Christmas is merch. What’s up everybody? It’s that time of year again, and you know what that means More merchandice! We’ve got three and a half shiny new designs for you. A cozy winter vacation. Courtesy of the Underworlds number one power couple. A thrilling chase between Egypt’s many sun affiliated gods. As they contend for the role of number one solar deity. And two variance of a design featuring everyone’s favorite one eyed trickster god. Celebrating yule and the fashion of the times. And of course we’ve still got our old classics knocking around. So if you like wearing clothes or drinking beverages out of containers, swing by our Threadless store and our Cafepress a once over. Links in the description and have a Happy Holiday.


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