OFF TOUR Vánoční off road Milovice 4×4 Patrol Jeep Jimny Pajero Niva 4WD Action GoPro FHD

In today’s episode you will see: As we learn to count 22, 23, 24, yes, that’s right. The latest tuning trends. And one desperate bet. Looser will eats a piece of his car. Deal! Hi, welcome to the next OFF TOUR episode. This episode is the last in 2019. Today is December 24th and we are at Christmas cruise in Milovice. But before we start tearing of Christmas paper, we’d like to thank someone. And that someone is you, our viewers. Preparation of our OFF TOUR program began in April 2019 and the first parts came in August. OFF TOUR is therefore relatively short time alive. Our goal was to shoot everything that we both fool like. So not only off-road meetings and some of the garage tips and tricks, but also interviews, camping, nature… In fact, we were far from opening of all topics. Despite the fact that OFFTOUR is just starting up, we have many positive comments from you. Thank you very much. 22, 23, 24… yeah, that’s right. In total, we have released 24 episodes and trailers on our YouTube channel. this episode is 25th. You’ve played our episodes over 10,000 times before Christmas Eve. In total, you spent more than 600 hours of pure OFF TOUR watching time. Plus, nearly 200 of you are already subscribing our YouTube channel. In addition to YouTube, we write articles on our website and on Facebook we bring you some news and interesting things on a daily basis. By the way, almost 2000 users are already watching our Facebook page. Thank you all for being with us! Thanks a lot! Thank you! End of boring numbers, let’s ride. The meeting point was under the “Mazlák” (muddy hill), but we had fun already on the way. When we finally reached the hill, we enjoyed the ride of others. And then it was our turn. Míra‘s turn first! Look, Muddy hill, it’s a big brutality here in Milovice. Now there is a lot of mud at Christmas. We’re all slipping around, but I have to say that a lot of cars went upstairs smoothly. Ok let’s go! On Christmas Eve we tried to decorate our cars in the best possible way. Zdenda even baptized Pajero on Mushroombushi but compared to others we are just amateurs. The best made it DJ Muff good job my friend. I agree with you Míra. Right after the Muddy hill ride, we met at the old detonation pits where the fun continued. A great show was shown by Boleslavák and his Patrol, who left the pit after several attempts. Everyone remembers the Isuzu D-Max with a mud-filled deck that did not leave the pit. Well, the rampaging Suzuki Samurai was a chapter for itself. Unfortunately, he also goes out only thanks a rope. Actually, on the second attempt. After we finished fun in the pits, I got one crazy idea. The Milovice track offers, in addition to trial sections, also relatively large open terrain. And there you can go fast. So… Look Mira, will we can finally race? You believe in yourself! Look, today is nice, today we can. But we have to bet. You want to bet? If your two-ton SUV overtakes me, I’ll eat a piece of my car. OK, agreed. Who loses must eat a piece of his car! Agreed! I hope you’re hungry. Start. I always! I believe in my Pajero. 2.8 litre engine 125 hp turbo diesel, 292 Nm of torque, automatic transmission. My turbodiesel 1.5 litre may have only 86 hp and 200 Nm, but Míra forgets that this jumping zebra is only 1230 kg, so Pajero pulls a ton of extra weight. 3, 2, 1, GO! Oh, it was scarry! Yes friends, that’s right. I lost! Just with little difference but lost. In the next episode I will have to eat a piece of my car. To avoid missing it, subscribe our YouTube channel. Do not forget to follow our Facebook, where by the way we bring you the latest news from the Dakar Rally. Also click on the OFF TOUR Instagram profile for videos and photos from behind the scenes. And much more information can be found also on our website. We look forward to seeing you again, from another trip. So, bye.

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