One last Autumn dance with the Summer King and Winter King

Hi! I’m Sofía and I’m the Summer King for Samhuinn 2019 And my name is Ali and I’m going to be the Winter King The story of the kings this year is not so much about conflict
in the very beginning but more about transition Transition through the seasons and transitions through life So the Summer King in this pre-transition is celebrating Summer Very happy with the community Very proud of the harvest Very proud of everything that
we’ve achieved together I’m just running about nature At the end of Summer he bumps into
another really strong energy And the Winter King will be coming from
somewhere else He has been hidden away
in a sort of trance When it’s time he wakes up and he is excited to feel his body again Curious to see the world But so so lost and alone All his Winter forces are no longer with him So he goes out into the world as well attracted by a similar energy
but an opposite one and bumps into the Summer King Once they bump into each other they’re both confused Climate is changing so much We no longer know if it’s
Summer or Winter or Autumn When it is warm, when it is cold They decide to go together for a while since they fit together And from this interaction the friendly cooperation Autumn arises It’s a moment where the Winter King
and the Summer King are almost one They’re cooperating to create this wonderful season A moment of peace really A moment of peace before the storm So when the Storm comes they meet the Cailleach And the Cailleach guides them through a lesson an essential lesson that will be that they can
no longer work in parallel because they are two forces that are different parts of the cycle So Autumn cannot continue and they have to go We’re going on a separate journey Literally we’ll be back to back and walking in different directions It’s a parting of two energies that have shared something very deep and beautiful really and they have to say goodbye

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