One Last Holiday Bouquet Just Before the ILLUM Store Opening!

Hello everyone. A very exciting morning, we’re here at Illum’s department store in Copenhagen. (light piano music) And I’m just putting a bouquet together. One of the last pieces here before we are opening
the store in a few hours. (soft music) It’s been a very few hectic
days here in Copenhagen. There’s been a lot of things to do, to open this store here. So we’re opening the new Nicolai Bergmann store in Copenhagen in a department store called Illum. Illum is a department store in
the very center of the city. There’s only two department stores here in Copenhagen. If I would say in Japan,
it would definitely be equivalent to, I would
say, where our store is in ISETAN in Shinjuku. So it’s a high-end department store, there is basically
everything you can dream of in this place. So I’m making a bouquet here for, Christmas-inspired
bouquet, it’s definitely, as you can see from all the
twinkle lights here around us that’s it, it’s the holiday season. And I wanted to have just this one fresh bouquet standing
at our cashier counter. It’s, Nicolai Bergmann is definitely like, signature of like hand-tied bouquet, so that’s one thing that I wanted to have, one nicely standing at the counter. I’m using these very
beautiful black color lilies. There’s an incredible, like
autumn color hydrangeas, some kangaroo paws, some grasses, beautiful red roses as well as some euphorbia. Bright, orange color, beautiful shade, it sort of gives a bit of
nice movement in the bouquet. So early on this week we
went to the flower market here in Copenhagen, where we
got a lot of exciting things for the new store here. I love visiting different
markets, I always say, and Copenhagen is no exception. And there’s a lot of good stuff, particularly now it’s the holiday season, there was a lot of materials
that are normally not there, which is really, really exciting. If you guys want to see more details about my visits to the flower market, you can see it in the
separate video that we made just about the flower market. For this particular season here, Christmas season here in
Copenhagen, we use a lot of, I guess classic red. I like to do a little
bit of a twist on it, so I put in a bit of,
of course black I like, but this very strong orange color. It’s actually more to bring out the red than to show orange. So if you can see from the
quite dark red and black colors that they actually stand out more because I use I use orange. So I think that’s really interesting to use a different color
to bring another color out. You can really see that the red is sort of standing out between all this movement here. The concept that we
have here in Copenhagen is a little bit different
from some of the other stores that we have around the world. The store here in Illum’s
has many preserved flowers, so we do a lot of my signature boxes, which has the 20th anniversary next year, it’s very exciting. As well as a lot of
plants, interior goods, we have some books, scissors. So different preserved and dry goods, interior items that we have here. So I’m very excited to see
the store coming together here in Denmark. It’s where I’m coming from so I’m very proud of it and look forward to see how it develops. It was very nice for
you to watch this one, I hope you will enjoy this
Denmark opening store video. Thanks for watching. Happy holidays!

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