what are we gonna do there’s no snow it can be a lazy day they said it would have a snow storm last night yeah we thought we’re gonna play in the snow yeah it was supposed to be snowing right now but I don’t see me I don’t see you though so what are we gonna do today into whatever can be a lazy day I don’t feel like doing anything specific yeah do I so you wanna go shower I’ll make breakfast I shower first yeah I’ll make bread make breakfast that says that yeah yeah don’t think a long time cuz you take forever in the breakfast well we don’t have anything to do today and I’ll be right here okay all right okay we are proud to say that the Dollar Shave Club is sponsoring another video of ours no matter your routine Dollar Shave Club yes that Dollar Shave Club has everything you need they have toothpaste Body Wash razors and many others to help you look feel and smell your best in your first box you’ll receive their shave butter body wash and one wipe Charlies butt wipes you will also receive their executive razor which includes their premium weighty handle and full cassette of cartridges now after the first box replacement cartridges are only sent for a few bucks a month we are both morning people you know we all have our everyday groom routines like most people and we do try to keep it simple in the mornings Bernardo and I both love their daily face cleanser now it’s by far our favorite everything is super high-quality and it always leaves us looking and smelling amazing the Dollar Shave Club is basically giving away their daily is since your starter set to new members for only $5 this starter set features three trial sized versions of their most popular products that help you stay fresh and clean along with their executive razor this $5 offer is available at dollarshaveclub.com slash steps thats dollarshaveclub.com slash step now everything here is for only $5 well besides the man in the towel he’s not for sale you always do that just do this mattress with your clothes yep matches my brown and brown it’s a lie you can do that yes you can they’re different tones of brown don’t look like poop I was expected to say that so it’s a village market detection on the farmers market and it takes four to four minutes to get there it’s gonna snow though more think so I think so you don’t like further than news at San Mateo I don’t believe gonna have it snows let’s see we want it what do we want it yes I do owe you one that’s most yeah it’s another one just of us yeah the bus there’s our way yeah her they know the continent perfect we have to be our gondola we reserved you have to chop [Music] you chosen good to the kids okay how many minutes walking so you told you don’t know don’t you start a little bit don’t you start job bit more here it is the village here oh it’s open oh it’s a closed place no it’s not apparently not what’s the difference between village and farmer I think it’s a convenience store one place is big do we need some chip the farmers market now [Music] hey this in the farmers market but we found some stuff moral of the story more off the story I should did the research it’s really that’s coming up by itself do you want to enjoy some snow I am enjoying it right here what we gonna do now let’s go to the Humane Society yeah you want to take there just take a little look just get some information yeah I don’t think we’re getting a dog no no we’re not getting a dog yeah we’re wanting to see the process everything finally first snow in Portland I did it first no it’s not a first one yeah we had another one I know today there’s more filming yeah first of all we’re recording so we want to remember it well I remember this first it’s not the first well almost the first so technically correct before it barf right to be precise with the information so I love you cuz I’m not okay buddy I don’t really get to service you it shows I have service but I actually don’t you don’t even yeah this is how far we came for your farmers market just a little update me we’re waiting on our uber is a snowstorm right starting now we had a really nice fall honestly the rain usually starts in the roof it’s closed today’s Monday on our table we’re still a fee we’re back to downtown yeah didn’t go as we expected everything I had planned was bad it was either closed or it didn’t even exist so okay let’s try it again baby I don’t you a snowman I made it just for you you know it sounds good right now that’s a good idea like that which ended up to the to that coffee shop we like oh the art everyone yeah the favorite what do you think it’s open we can try this is your idea we’re gonna go there if it’s closed that means it’s your father okay watch it’s gonna be open you’re like uh he always makes the better decision let’s hope it it is come here a lot we plan our trips here ooh they have mac and cheese but you can get as much coffee as you want [Music] I’m talking the lesser for your day stay warm thank you go back oh there’s a flop and it’s closed no grass fuzzies gain anything you cook Wow I don’t even know what we’re making great king soup what time mushrooms Oh delicious okay so let’s go okay I’m tired too okay so then what’s the first step let’s see oh you got directions you don’t know it I think the first time you cooked is to cut the onion yeah just cut yeah I’m getting anxious like this so you know exactly where your fingers are we have to get start getting into some oil why am i doing it wrong no thing just recording yeah yeah yeah it’s weird being here on a Saturday okay you can do real good something out traveling or yeah it’s good to be here it’s good it’s relaxing love please like this oh yeah I knew that you know stuff yeah you need minister yeah why did you want to cook mushroom soup cuz I like mushrooms and it’s cold and I soup you know spider and you put some salt more more a little bit more final senses yeah oh it’s just a black pepper there’s done not seriously I do I do I promise good already twice a movie means it’s a blanket time baby what baby why do I always have to give the pillows to this baby I’m gonna be sweet I’m gonna put them behind your head watch a movie now yeah okay did you just put the camera down now I’m gonna look what I was sleeping you’re not cold no no I was asleep in the middle of the movie you choose it’s a good one not really a movie it’s a documentary yeah bubble fire festival so random so remember to go out make memories and and I guess I won’t make any more decisions they weren’t so good this time don’t say that we had a good date yeah was good it was so unexpected and cooked some mushroom soup yeah it’s good it is good okay I’m gonna go back just keep watching that thing that’s good


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