Overwatch SUMMER 2019 Updates [Hero 31, Event News, Changes!]

Overwatch Summer 2019 will change everything! If you feel the game has problems, stay tuned:
all the upcoming Overwatch Updates should enlighten its Future really soon. Overwatch New Hero 31, the Summer Games 2019
event and a New Map are all due this summer but most importantly the Role Lock/Role Queue
and some other features should finally be added to the game. Especially since a Korean Overwatch League
caster just leaked information about some imminent changes to Overwatch Competitive
Mode! So in this video, I will tell you how much
credit should we give to that leak, what are the chances to get an Overwatch Role Queue
system and when we might get it before giving you the most probable Overwatch Summer 2019
Roadmap looking at patches past schedule and developers interviews. Coming Up! Alex here on Overwatch Limbo, bringing you
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and hitting that bell icon to make sure to be notified of all my future content. Now, about that Korean leak… Basically, it’s announcing that there’s
a very a high chance that a 2-2-2 Role Lock will be used for Overwatch League Stage 4. The origin of this leak is a Youtube video
made by a Korean OWL caster going by the name Jung In-ho, who just started his channel. It has been noticed and summarized by Reddit
user Cepirablo but this is the exact translation of what he says in his video: “If the info I got is accurate, maybe, fixed
2-2-2 will be applied from Stage 4!” Right, it doesn’t sound very sure hearing
it like that, but in context, with the tone and excitement the caster announced this,
people could take it as a statement. The unsureness created by the words “if”
and “maybe” are actually there as a protection, explains another Overwatch League caster,
Akaros, on her Twitch channel. Both Jung In-ho and herself don’t want to
ruin their reputation and career on this and that’s why they’re adding some conditionals
and safeguards in their declarations about the upcoming feature. She also adds that Jung In-ho is not the kind
of person who would just spread rumours for its own benefit. He has a lot of sources and hears a lot of
rumours all the time, enough to publish multiple videos a day but he doesn’t because he doesn’t
want to mislead and disappoint his audience. So if he decided to reveal this huge info,
it’s because it’s been confirmed by many trustworthy sources. But because Blizzard has apparently postponed
the Role Lock rule before, they could do it again, that’s why it’s not 100% sure that
it will be applied for Stage 4 and that’s why they tried to stay as neutral as possible
while still revealing this exciting news. Alright, let’s assume the Role Lock system
will be applied from Stage 4. It’s still not clear if it will be added
to ranked as well. When Slasher mentioned big changes were coming
and the community assumed he was talking about the Locked Role system, he also said they
might be added to the Overwatch League before ranked in order to showcase the features before
releasing it. Maybe he was talking about the Replay System
and the changes to the Assault Mode in the patch 1.37, because they were supposed to
be used in Stage 3 but then the devs decided to stay on the previous patch. Or maybe he was talking about Role Lock and
they were planning to use it in Stage 3, but they postponed it and they are now planning
to use it in Stage 4. Overwatch League Stage 3 ends July 15th and
Stage 4 starts July 26th. If Blizzard wanted to have the Role Lock/Role
Queue feature up and running in ranked for Stage 4, they would have to add it in the
next PTR patch. And I will tell you when exactly it could
land in a roadmap prediction later in this video. But the point is, they don’t have to do
it. Yes, they did test the Hero Limit on the PTR
back in 2016 before adding that rule to Competitive and they will definitely want to check out
how the new Role Lock/Role Queue system works on a bigger scale than their internal test
servers before releasing that massive update on the live servers, but they don’t have
to do all that to use it in the Overwatch League. There’s no matchmaking and queue in the
Overwatch League, so locking roles is very easy to do. So it’s totally possible that they will
use it in OWL Stage 4 end of July and add to the game the more technically challenging
feature that is Role Queue in a later patch. If Blizzard were to add Role Lock-Role Queue
in the next PTR Patch, it would clearly diminish the impact of the upcoming new hero announcement. Blizzard always tried to spread out events,
heroes and new features releases in the past, so I doubt they would want to overshadow Hero
31 big day with such a huge feature addition. Even a few days before would be counter-productive. Reason for what only one of the two could
potentially be released with PTR patch 1.38 that should be online by the time this video
is published the 25th of June. Though, I kinda doubt now that neither Hero
31 or Role Queue is live… And that’s because Blizzard shuffled its
deck this year and Overwatch Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, did actually announced it in
an interview with Unit Lost: “There’s gonna be some mixed up this summer
when things land.” And here we go, right from the bat, the Baptiste
Reunion Challenge and the Competitive Deathmatch Season 2 hit us out of nowhere when the patch
1.37 went live. And with Baptiste short story introducing
the event, we also got a huge amount of informations about a new character, Mauga, that instantly
took the seat of most anticipated Hero 31 candidate. And people thought he would be announced right
away but nothing happened and I think it’s fair to think he won’t be Hero 31 now and
the new hero release has been postponed. Check out this video up here for a full explanation
about that. But basically what my conclusion was, is that
Blizzard is using the Baptiste Reunion Challenge to fill the gap left by the delay of Hero
31 release. If a PTR patch is uploaded this week without
Hero 31 in it, it would confirm my theory that Hero 31 will be announced after the next
patch goes live between the 16th and 23rd of July. And the teasers should land the second week
of July. If the patch 1.38 isn’t on the PTR when
you watch this video, then it must mean Blizzard is waiting for the end of Baptiste Reunion
Challenge the 1st of July to upload it and Hero 31 who must be in it, should then be
teased very soon. But either way, it means Hero 31 will be announced
at least one week later than what we could have expected, hence what Jeff said in the
interview. But I also do think that’s not the only
schedule change that we will get this summer. In fact, the second one should concern the
2019 Summer Games. But in this case, I believe the event will
start at least one week earlier than last year. And the reason for that is the upcoming 2020
Summer Olympics that will be held from the 24th of July to August 09th 2020. Blizzard will want to start their 2020 Summer
Games event at the beginning of the Olympics not around the 8th-9th of August like the
previous two years, which would clearly be too late. So in order to be ready for next year, I think
they already started to change their schedule this year and will anticipate the Summer Games
2019 event of roughly a week compared to last year. Probably around the 30th of July. The devs always kept 10-15 days between the
July live Patch release date and the start of the Summer Games, so a starting date late
July would fit nicely. Then, for the next update 1.39, if Hero 31
hasn’t been added to the game yet, then he most likely will be in this patch. On the other hand, if the new Hero had already
been released on the live servers, then it might be a good time to add another new requested
feature after the Replay System and the changes to the Assault Mode. One of the famous features Jeff Kaplan said
to be coming this Summer. And if I had to guess, I would say it could
be some sort of Scoreboard and Stats system, which would also prepare the terrain for the
future Competitive mode changes and the distinction between each Role or Hero Skill Rating. But this is just a wild guess. What is a lot more probable is the announcement
of a New Map towards the end of August, around the 22nd. And traditionally the August map release comes
along an Animated Short that goes back on the past of one or more heroes. It was D.Va last year with the Busan map and
Shooting Star. And Junkrat and Roadhog in The Plan two years
ago. So in 2019, it might follow the same pattern. And the only heroes that don’t really have
a map strongly connected to their past yet are Mercy, Symmetra, Lucio and Torbjorn. So next map could be somewhere in Switzerland
or in the Middle East where Mercy was helping people at the time of Winston’s Recall,
or it could be Utopaea, the perfect city built by Symmetra and the Vishgar Corporation in
India. It could also be Rio de Janeiro, Lucio’s
hometown and another city connected to Symmetra’s past. Or the next map could simply be linked to
Torb’s past missions, like Istanbul where Brigitte’s father lost his arm during Operation
White Dome or Boklovo, where Torb stopped his old friend Sven from destroying the capital
of Kurjikstan. What do you think will be Overwatch next map
location? Vote for your favourite option in the poll
up here and if you feel it’s gonna be a place not listed there let me know where you
believe it will be and why in the comment section below. But no matter the map that will be added,
things should start to be exciting around that time because if like I reckon, Role Queue
won’t be implemented in June, then it will be announced and released on the PTR in September
alongside the Patch 1.41. After the end of the Overwatch League Second
Season to be clear. But way before the 2019 Blizzcon early November. Indeed, Blizzard will want to attract as many
people as possible back to the game before announcing a future expansion. And in order to do that, what better way to
re-create the hype around Overwatch if not by fixing the biggest issues that have been
discussed for so long and by adding most of the features that have been requested by the
community: the Replay System, the Scoreboards, the Stats, the Map Editor, new modes? Yes, this Summer will definitely be exciting! And talking about modes, have you tried the
most popular Workshop modes created by the community in May yet? No? Then, follow the link right here! In that video I’m presenting the top 10
Workshop creations and giving you their latest working codes and some useful tips to crush
those awesome gamemodes. Thank you so much for watching and as always
remember losties: Lose SR not your mind!


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