Oztent Malamoo 4-Hub Beach Shelter – Features

– This neat little shelter is the Malamoo 4-Hub Beach
Shelter made by Oztent. It’s really transportable,
roomy and easy to set up shelter for a day at the beach. I’m gonna take you for
a bit of a walkthrough, so let’s get started. (vibrant music) Hey folks, it’s Ben from Snowys, and we’re in the Brownhill
Creek Tourist Park again on a lovely sunny day, and
I’m showing you beach shelters even though we are at the park. This is the Malamoo 4-Hub
Beach Shelter set up behind me, we’re going for a bit of a walkthrough. It’s really easy to set up, and probably a good amount of
space for a family in there, or a couple of people who just wanna laze at the beach all day. We’ll start with the
fabrics that it’s made of. This is a 190T polyester
with UPF50+ rating on it, so it’s gonna give you good
protection from the sun. The floor too, also a 190T polyester, this is a zone-in floor,
you can’t remove it. And while we’re here, we
just move over to the poles on the side here, these are eight and a half
millimetre fibre glass pole. And it’s really well constructed, in that these poles come
up to little pockets in the corners here, which are heavy duty, reinforced pockets, so you’re not gonna have any issues with poles pushing through the fabrics. And the components that join
all these poles together down here, these are all steel components, so it’s a really well-made,
well-constructed tent. And before we have to spend
too much time on the inside, I wanna talk about the outside. So, coming round to the side here, you can see we’ve got a guy rope that’s attached to the
other side of this hub here to keep this wall inverted back this way. Underneath that we’ve got a mesh panel, to allow cross-ventilation
through the tent there. Moving around to the
rear of the tent here, same thing, we’ve got
another guy rope coming out of this rear wall here,
attached to the hub, another mesh panel at the bottom here. They’re all solid over the top to give that sun protection that you need from that sun that’s overhead. And as we come around
to the last side here, same thing again, solid
panels over the top here, as is the roof, and underneath the guy
rope that’s attached to the hub here is another mesh panel. The whole thing is pretty sturdy, this is all pegged to
the ground at the moment, there’s six peg points on the
ground and three guy ropes, and it does create quite a sturdy tent. It’s gonna move around a
little bit in the wind, but this fabric’s nice and taut. I’ve used pegs to pitch this today, you do get four sandbags
that comes with it. And when I say sandbags,
they are just a drawtop bag, you can fill it with sand, you can loop your guy rope
through this if you like, or loop it through the anchor points on the corners of your pegs. Bury this in the sand, and you can get away
without having to use pegs. Alternatively, you might
wanna get some sand pegs, ’cause they are just metal
pegs that come with your tent. And just coming inside the
Hub-4 Beach Shelter here, I’ll mention the dimensions and waste. I weigh it in at about
three and a half kilo, which is a tad above
what Oztent have stated. In terms of dimensions, it also gets slightly varying dimensions. At the front, between the
two front corners there, bit over 200 centimetres, that tapers back to about 140 centimetres between the two back corners here. And in terms of distance this way, it’s about 140 centimetres
to where the poles finish at the front there, but that
floor extends out further to about 180 centimetres
to the end of that floor. While we’re at floor level, you might be wondering what
this little panel is here. It’s just there for the
longevity of a tent, there’s a reinforced
patch on the other side. It makes sure that the
poles, when they’re folded, aren’t wearing through the fabric. And in terms of head height, it’s about 150, maybe 155, centimetres as a stretch to the top. But it’s not enough room
to stand by any means, but plenty of room to sit up just about anywhere in the tent here, and it’s a great amount
of space for four people. And a quick look at the features in here, not much more than the vents
that we saw on the outside, and obviously you can
see the poles inside here but it does create quite a spacious area. There is a little storage
pocket down in the side here, which is actually removable. I’ve got this attached
by the little loops here, and there’s two little
mesh storage pockets. If we come across to the other side here, we can see that there is also
two other little loops here which allow us to attach
it on this side as well should we please. I reckon this is a great beach shelter, it’s really transportable,
packs up really easy. It’s nice and sturdy in the
wind, it moves a little bit, but it doesn’t feel like it’s
gonna collapse on me at all. Really easy to set up
just with one person, and you can get ’em
online at snowys.com.au at our lowest prices everyday. If you’ve got any
questions, hey, let us know down in the comments below. Subscribe to my channel,
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