Pay Attention! Weekend Winter Storm Coming J7409 Weather

hello everyone time to check out the
weather with j7409 weather my name is jewel and folks please listen up and
listen good on today Wednesday the 15th of January 2020 we have a significant
weekend winter storm threat yes it’s going to get nasty folks I’m going to
just let this loop through as I tell you about it it’s going to be from the Upper
Midwest to the Northeast it’s going to be a real mess of my
friends the guidance signal remains strong for significant weekend snowfall
from the Upper Midwest Great Lakes to the Northeast with a combination of snow
sleet freezing rain also possible to the south of all of the snow area it’s a
progressive swath of this frontal warm sector rain confection are likely into
Saturday from the Lower Mississippi Valley northeast were to the east for a
damn to cold air retreats northward ahead of a low and a potentially messy
transition Lake vaca snow that’s right lake-effect snows going to linger behind
the lug and reinforcing cold air flood and it is going to get cold now here is
the name map from tropical tidbits it’s the GFS map this is going to go through
just about all of Saturday not quite all of it but before I even get started this
low it looks like nothing at the moment look out people I’m gonna read you a
couple of places and give a couple of shout outs before I even get into
everything this is going to amazing hey Roberts girl patty and Concord North
Carolina rain this is what it’s looking like rain and snow showers before 10
a.m. Saturday then it’s just going to turn the rain as your high should be
around 48 to 49 degrees but you might get a little bit
so know if you catch a job now Brainerd Minnesota shout out to Sharon my
goodness you got a 90% chance of snow today your high should be about 13
degrees Fahrenheit and it’s going to get windy by tomorrow now your high is going
to be one tonight your low is going to be minus six Fahrenheit Friday through
Saturday snow and windy from today through Saturday it’s a possibility a
good possibility you could get 7 to 9 inches of snow Jersey Dolphin Cherry
Hill New Jersey best chance of snow for you buddy Saturday the wind should pick
up tomorrow your Gus can be as high as 43 miles per hour
maybe you’ll get one or two inches of snow but then it’s going to turn to
freezing rain and ice and then all rain by Saturday night and for all of my
friends like be friendly and everybody up in the Boston Massachusetts area
Saturday is looking like snow after 4 p.m. Saturday night rain and snow after
11:00 it’s going to be very windy tomorrow your gusts can get up to 46
miles per hour by tomorrow afternoon not a lot of snow accumulation though for
South China Maine hey Ralph you got a hundred percent chance of snow tomorrow
three to five inches of accumulation Friday night your temperatures should be
minus two Fahrenheit Saturday night 90 percent chance of snow Sunday 70% chance
of rain and snow it’s going to be windy tomorrow afternoon but throughout this
entire thing you should get maybe three to five inches of snow that’s a quick
run down what’s going on with everything let’s just turn this on and let it run
through right quick this up a strong winter storm it should develop over
parts of the Northern Rockies and Plains tomorrow and
got to come right on through Saturday okay now the active weather pattern out
over the Pacific Northwest that’s going to continue through the next couple of
days is yet another potent low-pressure system approaches favorable upper-level
dynamics over the region are showing that they will continue to produce heavy
snow for the Cascades one to two feet are probable with isolated amounts even
higher than two feet possible through Friday for that area the low pressure
system will arrive coming up Wednesday evening tonight as a plume of moisture
moves southward over Northern California to Southern California by overnight
Thursday now this combination will produce up to
another foot over parts of the Pacific Northwest mountains while about two feet
of snow will fall across parts of the Sierra Nevada mountains by tomorrow and
go through Friday we got a weak upper-level energy and moisture moving
northward over the plains that’s going to aid in producing rain snow rain
freezing rain over the parts of the southern Rockies southern plains by
tomorrow expanding into parts of the middle Mississippi Valley by tomorrow
night into Friday this is going to be a wintry mix that’s going to produce
hazardous travels and you can see is this map rolls through you can see where
the ice and the freezing ring the sleet and all the lines are look at that going
up meanwhile we got an upper-level energy over the Northern Rockies and
Plains it’s going to spawn a brand new low pressure system over the middle
Mississippi Valley now this load will go on to produce snow rain and freezing
rain for much of the Upper Mississippi Valley Great Lakes and it should move
into the Northeast and by tomorrow with 2 to 6 inches of snow likely for the
Upper Mississippi Valley Great Lakes with an isolated area of 8 inches
possible for a portion of Upper Peninsula Michigan if you’re in the
Upper Peninsula of Michigan you could get
eight inches of snow out of this snow is gonna ramp up a northern New England as
a low strengthens while moving out to see tomorrow night and some places could
get six to eight inches of snow now we got a marginal risk of some excessive
rainfall that’s going to lead to flash flooding
that’s reports of the Lower Mississippi Valley and the southern Appalachians and
I’ll show you that in just a moment folks please be aware of what’s going on
it’s going to get cold cold for many snows going to be around the freezing
rain and ice my goodness gracious you can see it’s going to be coming up and
it is going to move on out and this snows going to be kind of heavy at times
you can see where it gets darker so please be aware and please stay safe so
far as severe thunderstorms today we do have that marginally severe chance right
in these areas as you can see from Arkansas Mississippi northern Alabama
northern Georgia Western North Carolina large portion of Tennessee chance of
some rain from Texas all the way up as we go up into West Virginia and around
but this is where we could have some severe hail and strong gusty winds that
could occur later this afternoon and tonight across parts of the lower
Mississippi Valley the Tennessee Valley and the southern Appalachians so it’s
going to get windy it could be very very windy half some strong winds and we
could have some Hales in some of these storms as they develop don’t see any
sign of tornadoes though just looking like windy conditions and the
possibility of some hail that could happen if you’re into the weather like
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day a safe day a blessed day and much peace loving kindness to each and every
one of you I love you all thank you so very much for watching


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