Peshawar! Best Food in Pakistan?! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | 202

The Pakistan Travel Vlog Series
Series 2: Presented by Ryan Riel Media Watch all of Series 1 now on YouTube.
(I think you have to come to Pakistan for us…) (…to show you what we have done.) And Good Morning from Pakistan!
Day number 2, and we are hitting the road today and officially
kicking off the tour and got the whole gang over there and everyone’s joined us
now so we’ve got the whole team. Next stop is Peshawar and I’m sure we’re
gonna do a bunch of stops on the way can’t wait to get things started. We’ll see you
at the next stop. Peace. Okay, here we are on our first stop on
the way to the Peshawar this is the Grand Trunk Road which is the longest road in
the history of the world it starts all the way in the Caspian Sea and goes from
west to east all the way to Bangladesh pretty pretty amazing let’s get some
b-roll and give you a better look of the Grand Trunk Road. Okay. Tom, Aaron and I are going to do a
quick little detour. Run? Oh, I guess we have to run we’re running up to one of
the monuments that is commemorating one of the Punjab Paladins, Brigadier John
Nicholas and this monument was erected in his honour, let’s cut to the b-roll
let’s cut to the drone footage. Alright, mission up to the monument
done and dusted, now back on the road to Peshawar, let’s go! Alright, another stop. Almost got ran over, another quick
stop to check out these famous buses of Pakistan apparently this is one of the
only places that you can see these kind of buses and this kind of truck art
before they replace them with the new more modern looking buses so this is
pretty cool because this truck art is very very cool-looking, very badass.
Look at the detail and the colours really really cool and even cooler that
you know we’re getting to see some of the last ones before they’re
switched out with the more modern-looking buses. In my opinion these
buses are much better, let’s get a closer look and switch to some b-roll.
Let’s Go! Okay after another long drive we have
arrived in Peshawar at our next destination which is the
huge huge huge sport complex of Peshawar we see a lot of Pakistani athletes from
all over Pakistan over here so it’s really cool to see both male and female
so we’re just checking the place out seeing what’s up I think we might be
lucky enough to attend a boxing match so that’d be pretty cool. This city is
definitely something new Pakistan has to offer
totally different vibe from all the places I’ve been, so I’m looking forward
to the surprises that Peshawar has in store Check out the Sindh female athletes over there enjoying some video. We’ll see what’s up!
Let’s go. Okay, we are in the food district of- sorry.
We’re in the food district of Peshawar look how buzzing and lively this
city is, look at all the meats and food and just a bustle of it super super
cool third time here haven’t experienced anything like it so we’re going to grab
some food and I think I’m gonna call it a night
here and we’ll catch you on our next one.
Here’s some B-Roll of the food and we’ll see you tomorrow.
Peace. He’s the man, you know? One of the very important guy
making it’s possible for the recipe, you know? and you can choose the area, and which part of the lamb
that you can actually want to eat. So he’s basically
one of the important guys. This is a juiciest most tender lamb
shank I have ever eaten and I can’t even tell you how happy I am right now like
I’m not even sure if there’s enough food I’m already worried that I’m not going
to be able to have enough but in Pakistan you never stop eating
apparently is what everyone keeps saying and I am a-okay with that. This is so my thing, you know? Sitting on
the ground tasting local food samples were where in the world do you get to
taste all this amazing delicious food with the minister? I had- I love this
democra most, this is big chunk of food It’s so tender
the food is so good I love the bread here on this side.
Peshawar food. Everybody is sitting down for a
traditional meal, the Minister of Tourism and eating as what he said some of the
best to meat in this country is probably going to be one of the most unbeatable
moment and I’m still eating I have not stopped – I can’t! Alright dinner is done, wasn’t gonna
film for the rest of the night but I got to show you how cool this place is. I’ve just got
everyone kind of sitting around, family the atmosphere. just enjoying their meals
really really cool vibe really really good food
definitely definitely very cool and unique place.
Peshawar that is to come and visit if you’re ever in
Pakistan come and check it out come and check out the food district
and get yourself some really really good food. ok so we’re at a shoe shop now, I think I
overheard that it’s a shoemaker of the tourism minister and I think we’re gonna
check it out. Did I hear that right? Alex? (Yes) it’s the shoemaker of the..
(It’s the sandal shoe maker of the Prime Minister) Oh the Prime Minister? (The Prime Minister of Pakistan) Not just any minister,. the Prime Minister. This is called Chapli, you know? This is typical from
and this style particularly So this style is a famous Chapli maker here Famous Chapli maker of Peshawar
that’s why we are visiting his shop. So we’re here looking for a good pair of shoes
check it out. So we’re here at Peshawar at the local
bazaar and it is nicknamed the storytellers market.


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