Getting everything ready.. In the boxes.. Thank you! I was there.. but I was asked to leave again. We have a problem. Hey Ramon! So, I just saw a tweet on my feed.. by Ramon Sinkeldam, who rode on the UAE Tour last week. FDJ, UAE and Gazprom.. ..are stuck in quarantaine for the next 10 days or so. And he’s asking if anyone can get a Playstation and FIFA20.. into their hotel. They did some crazy things, jumping ropes with an iron.. Ironing their jerseys.. These guys have nothing to do, so let’s see how far we can get! To deliver a Playstation in the Crowne Hotel (wrong hotel) in Abu Dhabi. So these guys have some fun whilst they’re waiting. So they want a Playstation, an extra controller, and FIFA20. In Abu Dhabi.. And we’re in.. Zwolle! Let’s see what we can do! We’re gonna Skype with Ramon. Ramon has been locked up in a five star hotel for a few days now. I look terrible. He’ll probably think I’m in quarantaine as well. Yo! Yo Ramon! Looking good with the haircut! He’s trying. There’s little to f*** up haha. I’m trying, I know some one who works in Abu Dhabi.. ..and he will check if he can get a Playstation. Yeah, that would be genius! I’m not sure how it works. Maybe you can just drop it at the gate. So there’s 10 days left for you guys? Yeah.. I’m on it! We just spoke to Ramon. The problem is, how do we get a Playstation inside. So, we’re calling the hotel. The Crowne Plaza in Abu Dhabi. I have a question.. You want to deliver a Playstation for a guest in our hotel, right? Yes, that’s right. What is the room number? We don’t have a room number like that, sir. His name is Ramon Sinkeldam. We don’t have a guest by the name of mister Ramon. Which hotel are you calling? I think it’s the wrong one.. Dude, you told me the Crowne hotel. Should I hang up? Just hang up? I’m just quitting the call.. That was a waste of the last 4 minutes. 2 Euros a minute. But apparently we’re looking for the W Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Welcome to W Hotel Yas Island. For a room reservation… For ‘whatever, whenever’, press 3. Whatever, whenever!? Is this Shakira!? Answer now.. Well, there goes another 10 Euros. Press 3. Hi, Bas speaking. I was wondering how we can deliver it with all the quarantaine stuff happening right now. And his name is Ramon Sinkeldam. I will find out from the manager. 2 Euro, 3 Euro, 4 Euro.. I didn’t understand anything.. You can drop it, drop it at the main gate. Okay, bye bye! I didn’t understand all, but I think we need to.. arrange a Playstation, bring it to the main gate.. That’s were the police is to check everything. Then it should go from the main gate to the hotel. To Ramon’s room. Those are the steps. So we ‘just’ have to find a Playstation in the UAE.. for Ramon.. Help Ramon through his quarantaine! What are you up to? We have some one who got the Playstation, in the UAE. He bought it in a shopping mall and I paid him for it. for 1499 oil Dollars.. No idea how much that is. So we have a Playstation.. Okay, we have a problem.. The guy who has the Playstation cannot enter the area. It’s in the quarantaine area, it’s closed for everyone. What are you doing? Yeah, we have to hide it I guess.. I saw on Twitter that a couple of bikes were brought to the hotel the last few days. So my idea is to put it in a box or something, and smuggle the Playstation inside as well. I got the phone number of the bike shop in Abu Dhabi.. and I’m hoping he’ll be able to help. And he’s Belgian.
– He’s Belgian. But I hope he can help, otherwise I bought a Playstation for 350€, with two controllers, and FIFA20, in Abu Dhabi.. Nice if you’ll be there some day. That no one is using. So… I’m gonna make some calls. Hi, Bart! Hey, hello! I was on the line with Zwift, they have a campaign set up as well! They have some trainers, but no iPads so no way to get on Zwift. There’s a problem for the Playstation.. I managed to deliver a bike and a Tacx Neo yesterday.. After that, Cofidis asked for another bike.. so I went back with one, but everything was refused at the gate. Apparently, the government told them.. the guys who maintain the lockdown.. they were told to stop anything from going in. So.. Bart will try do one delivery.. He’ll make a package for all teams, that’s where our Playstation will go.. together with some other things, nutrition, Tacx.. and iPads. And then it’s fingers crossed. Hi guys, Bart here from Yas Cycles in Abu Dhabi. Today we have a nice delivery, arranged by Bas. It’s not easy, because the gates are blocked. Obviously, the Department of Health is trying to get everyone away.. We’ll do our best to keep you posted, ciao! There’s an update!
– We’ve got an update guys, from Bart! Bart is arranging everything.. Getting everything ready, in the boxes. There goes our Playstation with FIFA20. Nice, we’re almost there! Hey guys, it’s me! Got the iPads, arranged by Zwift. Everything’s there, including Bas his Playstation 4. So of to the hotel now.. hoping we can get everything in.. so the guys can start their trainings! So there you can see the entrance of the W Hotel. I was asked to leave again.. Hopefully I can deliver soon. Entering the entrance of W now. Here are the gates.. Thank you! The stuff is in! Hey Ramon! What is this!? Package for you boys! Open it! Allez, muscle man! Open it! This is incredible guys! Tour de Tietema, the Playstation is amazing, thank you so much!


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