pretending to be a ryerson university student for a weekend… before classes got cancelled

Look at the owner Hi everyone. Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today. I’m doing a vlog here in Toronto I’m in Toronto for the weekend with my best friend Jordan and our other friend Amanda. They are both students at Ryerson University So kind of this vlog is like what? Ryerson that students do on the weekend on a weekend where we have no work and we’re like going off It’s like 12 right now. It’s also leap day It’s February 29 and we are leaving right now to go to brunch and then we’re gonna go shopping And then we’re gonna do some other fun stuff go out tonight and then tomorrow some more fun stuff, too So, yeah, if you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe down below if you’re not already and let’s get this weekend started And I’m gonna ask it that like smoothies or juices, what are you gonna get We don’t know where we’re going to go shopping like we’ve all we want to go to and what else you want to do And that’s how you do it I took some of me before We got our food this is my french toast with dairies on top and then Jordan got some potatoes and a smoothie bowl Brought bath and body where I said my friend got this damn thing before and I was like used it and it smells really good And my answers super dry. So I’m gonna get it for myself. What are we deciding between gardenia So we’re still at the mall, but Amanda just joined us Today we’re playing to the kick hot. Yes. She just told me there’s like a KitKat factory date I really want ago we were in garage prove it I didn’t fall because I didn’t try anything on but the fire alarm went off And he was so annoying. It was like going on for like half an hour It was like there might be a fire in the mall. Stay tuned if you need to exit the building I’m like, okay I was like in the changing – Mountain Pose and I was like should I run away like today after what George and I were Saying though it was like if there’s a fire alarm like everyone just grab everything and go yeah, I got he also went to like this little kiosk for jewelry because Jordan I want to get matching jewellery, but It didn’t look that nice. Yeah been a good day so far in Toronto after claimer wheat though? He’s here used to be darker than I and now look Thanks Hannah is tarnish ever home Alright, okay. They just got like it’s my wellness already. No Sister, it’s called goodness. Jordan. Go super see there’s strawberry orange lemon lime There’s challenges Lavender and it’s good right stop. Okay, try it might have to carry me Is it good it’s good. I just don’t have all day Don’t water comment down below right which one I should post Are you seriously gonna weep? No, I got my water I’m happy. Hey guys, we are back at their Reading ready to go out for dinner right now and then go out later today I already kind of started my makeup, but I’m gonna be filming from now on I’m just wearing this like black bodysuit and then black jeans very simple And yeah, we got back from the mall like eight. I only ended up getting my hand cream But Jordan Amanda both got a lot of new clothes and we did like a little fashion show weird. I forgot to vlog But anyways now we’re just getting ready for tonight and I chose my Instagram picture and I posted it. So you like it How long do I hold it for I’m Stan pally, uh C2c It’s uh Don’t you wish you could I literally don’t know how come my head. It’s like the second time in my life. I’m curling my own hair So I’m just gonna do this off camera and show you the final product. Here’s my hair. We are very late Twenty two dollars, but Now I got a dynamite roll in the corner all this wasn’t awesome sighs, you know, I Don’t use chopsticks Good morning guys, it’s March 1st. Happy March. It’s like 11 o’clock in the morning right now I’ve been up since 9:00 for some reason my body woke up at 9:00 I’ve been like watching YouTube and like going on my phone to pass the time, but it’s been 2 hours now And I’m not enjoy we’re still sleeping. So I don’t really know what to do I’ve been watching YouTube and stuff because I haven’t wanted YouTube in a week because like my last week was like midterm week and was So busy, I like a research project do a research paper due Monday I take home midterm exam to Wednesday and then a midterm essay to Friday So I’ve been catching up on YouTube and I think I’m actually gonna start editing my YouTube video that I filmed During winter break while I wait for them to get out, but I’m kinda hungry for breakfast kind of have a headache I’m not a headache. I just feel like dizzy, but I don’t want to like go get breakfast myself So yeah, I’m just gonna start editing that video and hopefully they wake up soon We’ll see. I actually want to show you the difference between an edited video and a not edited video So this is like what my timeline looks like just all the clips there with nothing special and then this is the video I uploaded Last it was like my 5 amp or new routine and you see like the clips are so much smaller because I like cut that A lot and then like this green is the music and stuff And then this purple on top is like my little like text boxes. I don’t know if you’re curious what everything looks like So yeah I’m just gonna be chilling here on my blow-up mattress until they wake up and then I think we’re going to a cafe today I leave back to university at 5 actually wait before I turn the I will show you their view All the wrestlers are like partnered style kind of or like almost all of them So they’re in like a two-person Apartment and they have a really cool view and I city view and then like the lake in the background They got really lucky to sound a really high floor. Alright. See you later We are getting ready know it’s probably 12:30 I don’t have my phone with me But my guess would be that it’s Paul 30 now and I’m just gonna do my makeup first I’m taking my under eye concealer and a little brush. I’m really happy cuz my curl state I pre try they stopped filming back on that and it helped me finish my curls shout out to him out of that We’re also gonna like go around Ryerson campus Which will be really cool because Ryerson is one of the school’s I was considering it was like Ryerson UBC or Queens I never visited the campus that are gonna show me what it looks like. Oh my eyelashes I forgot that I always use this clear brow gel to shape my brows. I don’t do anything else to my brows Are you just get them wax? And then that gave me reaction so then I used to dip and pluck I got them wax in grade 10, then I got them fucking green lovin, and then I just stopped I don’t really care about my eyebrows. Let me know if they’re bad and I should do anything to them an amazing little mini Mascara, this is my sweater. By the way, I’m wearing this like mock neck from garage Looks like that and they’re wearing black jeans. I can’t shoot up and then my sweater actually cut them out chips my nails doing one And then I’m gonna use my new hand cream. It’s like called Ginga to me It smells like watermelon smells really good And they like lasts for so long Like I tried it on like I don’t know what time I got Three maybe and it like lasts until we left them all at like eight It makes like your whole aroma smell good like I walked past man No, that’s not why I put it on. She’s like, oh so good. Yeah in my final look We’re about to go to Cafe good work, but we’re being very difficult Right. Now I’m getting tan Martin’s clearly both law. It means like birthday cake flavor. Timothy didn’t touch her. Yeah He like I ordered nice to me and then she ordered one to bed. And so that I wanted to get one that’s fine like two and then she opened my bag and he gave her cute even though she paid for what we Canvassed I’m Janice and we stand this is like my free breakfast snack Mmm be fun all the way over here. We were singing while we were getting ready We were saying at the top of our lungs we were singing like greatest passion wall and Adele and then on her walk to here We were singing our oldies songs. We’re at the cafe. Now. It’s called page 1 eights 1 a Jordan’s favorite champagne It’s really cute. And I got a chocolate chip banana bread services. It was already And yeah, we’re all just going to be doing some work here for the next like flowers Microwave we actually left the coffee shop early and now they’re giving me a tour of Ryerson campus We’re at this quad people didn’t know dogs. Yeah, this looks like Central Park to make kind of I’m vlogging on in Jordan stone because my camera died and I thought my back apart I thought my backup battery was charged that it was it This is knowledge, it was such an old building wait that I built no wait. Oh my go to Subway Oh, it’s just like the front of that Wow, I need this phone look at the light I know the camera quality is so but I’m using Jordans and she has without 11 Everybody follow me. So he’s gonna insert it right here That’s really a nice ring just in your campus this is the legs Are you I absolutely love this it looks so nice Hey guys, I’m back at my apartment now, obviously I got in at like 8:30. It’s 10:30 now I’ve just been like having dinner. But yeah, this is like the end of my video obviously, I’m back from Toronto I had such a fun time. I’ve only ever been to Toronto for like school trips So it was really fun that Jordan man that are like locals now and they can show me around Thank you so much to Jordan and matta for having me I had the best time and I already want to go back I hope You guys enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up and subscribe Down below and I will see you in my next video. Bye

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