‘Pretty Crafty’: Crafts You Can Do with Kids

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a mom of two and I love to
find crafts to do with my kids. I’m going to show
you a couple today. Please welcome my
daughter Annika. For our first craft we’re
going to make puffy paint. And to keep your
surface clean, we’re going to lay out some paper. To make our puffy paint we’re
going to need a couple items. We’re going to need some paint,
some salt, and some flour. And we like to wrap our
bowls with plastic wrap so that we can reuse them. Our first step is to
add two spoons of flour, and I’m going to add
two spoons of salt. And now we’re going
to add some paint. We’re gonna stir it up. Are you ready to start drawing? Yes! I’m going to start drawing
Be Kind on my card, because Ellen inspires
us to be kind every day. And that’s how you
make puffy paint! Our next craft is
perfect for parties or when you want cheering up. We’re going to make
a watermelon pinata. Our first step is to
trace our watermelon shape on to our cardboard. And now we’re going
to cut it out. Now that we’ve cut
out our cardboard, we’re going to tape it
together to make our pinata. What do you want the pinata
to be filled up with? Candy. Candy. Ta-da! Now we’re going to add this one. Now this is our finish
watermelon shape. And make sure that
you cut a little tab, because you’re going to want
to fill this with candy. Now we’re going to
take our crepe paper and we’re going to cut fringe. Here’s a little
cheat for you guys. If you fold it and fold it,
you’re gonna cut it in half. Can you cut little
slices for me? OK, ready? Look. Whoa. Wow. Now that we’ve got
our fringe, we’re going to spray our
spray mount and then we’re going to attach
our fringe to it. And you just layer,
layer, layer. Our final step is to take
some construction paper and cut out seeds
for our watermelon. And that’s how you make
a watermelon pinata. Our final craft is inspired
by Ellen’s love for gorillas. We’re going to make
gorilla bookmarks. Our first step is
to fold the paper. We’re going to do corner
to corner, just like that. And then we’re going
to do these corners. And then we’re going
to fold this in. Fold this one in. That’s going to give us a
really nice bookmark, right? Right. We cut some gorilla
faces out, and we’re just going to attach them to
our gorilla bookmarks. OK. Can you push on your gorilla? Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Then we cut out blue
circles, and we’re going to write Be Kind. This is such a great
reminder, right? Now I’m going to draw a
face onto the gorilla. Almost like a little upside down
heart, and a big smiley face. And now we’re going to
attach our googly eyes. And that’s how you make
a gorilla bookmark. We hope you’ve learned
some kid friendly crafts. Bye!


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