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Today we are going to share a detailed tour plan of one of the most popular and most visited
tourist spots in Orissa, Puri. Here, we are going to cover almost all the famous tourist
places in and around Puri in 3 days. Let’s start.
Day-1 On day1 of your tour first reach Puri. Puri
is well connected to all other Indian cities by train. The nearest airport of Puri is Bhuwaneshwar.
From Bhuwaneshwar, you can get local taxi to reach Puri.
From Puri railway station, you can hire a local rickshaw or auto rickshaw to reach your
hotel. The city Puri is famous for its gorgeous sea beach. Upon reaching Puri, 1st visit the
sea beach. We reached there early in the morning and went straight to the sea beach after check
in to the hotel. We enjoyed a walk around the sea beach. Many people were enjoying camel
ride there. After spending an hour on the sea beach go
to visit the famous Jagannath Temple of Puri. Before entering the Temple you have to submit
your shoes and mobile phones to the counter at the Temple entrance.
This temple is a famous Hindu Shrine. The main deity here is Lord Jagannath, a form
of Lord Vishnu. From Jgannath temple go to visit Chilika Lake.
It will take almost 2 hrs and 15 minutes to reach Chilika from Puri. Cab fare will be
around Rs1500. Chilika Lake is a brackish water lagoon spread over Puri. It is the largest
coastal Lagoon in India. At Chilika you can enjoy a boat ride. A boat
ride here will cost around Rs1800 for 8-10 people. If you are visiting here in winter
you can see lots of migratory birds here. In the afternoon return back to Puri and go
to the lighthouse. You can enjoy a spectacular sunset from the top of this light house.
Day-2 On day-2, early in the morning, go for a day-long
sightseeing tour around Puri. A reserved cab will charge around Rs2500 for this trip. Other
than the reserved cab you can also avail a bus service organised by Orissa tourism for
this tour. First go to Chandrabhaga Beach. It is beautiful
golden sand beach near Puri. It will take around 1 hour to reach Chandrabhaga beach
from Puri. After spending some time here go to nearby Konarak Sun Temple.
At the entrance of this temple you will find some local souvenir stalls from where you
may collect some local handcrafted products. Konarak Sun Temple is a 13th century temple
dedicated to Sun God Surya. The temple is in the form of a huge chariot. The major portion
of this temple is currently in ruins but still you can see a lot of marvellous stone carvings
on its walls, especially, the stone carved wheels of the chariot. Enjoy some quality
time here. From there go to visit Dhaulgiri Shanti Stupa.
Dhaulgiri or Dhauli is a hill located on the banks of River Daya. It will take around 45minutes
to reach Dhaulgiri from Konarak. This is presumed to be the area where the famous war of Kalinga
was fought. On the top of this hill you can see a beautiful peace pagoda. Here you will
also see some sculptures of Lord Buddha and some important events of his life.
From Dhaulgiri go to visit Lingaraj Temple of Orissa. It will take around 30 minutes
to reach Lingaraj temple from Dhaulgiri. Lingaraj temple is one of the most famous temple of
Orissa and it is the largest temple of Bhuwaneshwar. The main deity here is Lord Shiva.
Next visit Bindu Sagar Lake near Lingaraj Temple. It is a sacred place and also one
of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites. From here, go to see the Ananta Vasudeva Temple.
It is Hindu Shrine and the main deity here is Lord Krishna.
Next go to visit Udayagiri caves. These are partly artificial and partly natural cave
meshes of great archaeological and historical importance. It will take around 30 minutes
to reach Udayagiri from Ananta Vasudeva Temple. From Udayagiri, go to the adjacent Khandagiri
Hill top. Here also, you can see some cave meshes of historical importance.
On your way back to Puri first visit the Pipli village. This village is famous for colourful
handicraft products. You will find mostly handcrafted cloth bags, lampshades, and other
materials. Next visit Raghurajpur village. Here you can
see many local artists painting beautiful pictures especially of Gods and Goddesses.
Other than paintings, they also do wooden and stone handicrafts. There are also some
shops from where you can purchase some of these products.
In the evening you can enjoy strolling around the
Swargadwar Beach market. Day-3
On day-3 morning, 1st go to visit Nandankanan Zoo at Bhuwaneshwar.
It will take nearly 1 and half hours to reach Nandan Kanan from Puri and the cab fare for
this tour is around Rs2000. The zoo has a huge collection of animals.
Here, first go to see the zoo aquarium. It has a large collection of fishes like, goldfish,
Angel fish, tiger fish and many more. The bird collection of this zoo is also remarkable.
You will find lots of known and unknown birds here. Starting from most common, peacock,
ostrich, emu, it also has some uncommon birds like golden pheasant, white pheasant and lot
more. Here you can see some beautiful water birds like pelican, white and black swans
etc. The zoo also houses numerous deer and monkeys.
It also has a guided tour inside the zoo where you can see tigers, lions and elephants.
Overall, it is a place where you can enjoy a lot.
From here go to visit Sakhshi Gopal Temple. It is a popular Hindu Shrine and the main
deity here is Lord Krishna. On your way back to Puri visit Gundicha Temple.
It is another Hindu Temple of Puri and is a sacred place. It is most famous as the destination
of annual RathaYatra of Puri. Next Visit Narendra Tank. It is a holy tank
located in Puri. At the centre of this tank you will see a temple. The main deity here
is Lord Jagannath. In the evening, start your journey towards
railway station for departure. Where to stay
There are numerous hotels and holiday homes available in Puri of different budget range.
A typical mid-range hotel will charge around Rs1000 to 1100 for a double bed room here.
Food will cost around Rs 500 per person per day.
I’ll share the online hotel booking links in the description box below.
The best time to visit here is during winter and spring. That is between October and March.


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