Rick and Morty – We Need a Vacation [VERY UNCENSORED]

*Cheering* *Walking* *Doors Open* *Seat belt Clicks* *Sighs* Rick: Fuck *Morty Starts Crying* Rick: daarGHHHH FUCK Rick: FUCK Morty: I can’t fucking do this anymore Rick: That was seriously FUCKED UP, we almost died Morty: So you agree?! Rick: FUCK YES! That, that, this was insane!!! That was pure luck!! I was NOT in control of that situation AT ALL… Morty: AaAaHuHaRgHhHh Rick: Look at this, Morty!! Look at my fucking hands!!! Look at this SHIT!!!! Morty: Why do you… keep doing this to us?? Rick: I dunno Morty! Maybe I hate myself? Maybe I think I deserve to die?! I, I, I, I don’t know!!! *Morty keeps screaming his lungs out ‘cuz that’s what Morty’s do* Rick: We need a vacation…


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