Rose Mid-Summer Care

it’s mid-july my roses are dropping
their leaves I’ve got Japanese beetles they look
awful I should be freaking out but I’m not mid summer grooming time I’m
just gonna wander through I’m just gonna start bringing them down so you probably
heard have been taught that your roses should look good all during the year
well that’s not the case no matter where you garden you’re gonna have some point
in the summer where it’s gonna be really hot and in our case humid for four to
five weeks roses almost go semi dormant and this year we’ve had a lot of rain
and an awful lot of cloud cover I’ve dropped more foliage I’ve even got a
little bit more black spot that I normally see and I’ve got Japanese
beetles so what am I gonna do about this I’m gonna take advantage of this
trimming away all that damaged and drop the growth and I’m gonna groom my roses
and what I’m actually doing now is not so much trying to get bloom now I’m
setting them up for fall that’s what this is all about is getting ready for
that great fall bloom let’s talk about Japanese beetles for a second first of
all don’t spray them with chemicals they’re very poisonous they kill
pollinators they kill butterflies they kill bees all the things that we really
need in the garden instead what I try to do is work with them when they show up I
go ahead and groom my roses with them they’re grooming I’m grooming we’re a
partnership and by the time they’re gone the roses wake up again and we’re ready
to go so that’s how I deal with Japanese beetles first thing I want you to do is
start grooming your roses down a little bit you can see the foliage up here
they’re taller than I want to be I’m just gonna wander through and just kind
of start bringing them down some just to kind of get some shape to them again
this is removing all this growth that really isn’t gonna do me any good any
more so if I just continue to work with this and bring all of these roses down
and I’m not necessarily looking for outward facing but eyes I am trying to
cut above a leaflet set and try to get within quarter of inch of that bud eye
which we’ve talked about in other videos you can certainly find them there but
you can see now I’m just kids of some shape when I’ve got here is growth I
don’t want anyway so now basically remove some of that top damaged growth
brought the Roses down opened them up a little bit it’s gonna set them up for
fall kind of reinvigorate their growth and stuff like that second thing I want
you to look for real important right now dead growth weak growth because what
happens in the spring the roses grow really
rapidly that’s when they really have that great big push and you sometimes
can’t see what’s going on in the middle of the rose now that I’ve opened it up
I’ve got a chance to really identify it and if I go down here for example I’ve
got right here a piece of dead growth really weak growth right here and this
is the kind of thing that I basically want to make sure that I’m taking out
cause this can invite all kinds of disease and all kinds of problems
so start bringing them down take out your dead growth and now we’re gonna
move on to the next step the next step in mid-summer grooming is to start
looking for new growth coming from the base
they’re called basal brakes and these are great to have and they usually come
in midsummer let me show you exactly what I’m talking about
this is a basil break right here fresh young growth it’s like a like a high
school sprinter just waiting the take-off I’m gonna get great flowers on
this it’s gonna look like this in a few years lots of energy in this cane this
is part of the cycle of the rose this is what you want to be looking for I’ve got
fresh growth new cane coming that means this old cane which is now
spent has no energy can literally come out of the Rose entirely and that’s the
cycle of the rose you take out an old cane when you’ve got
a new cane you keep rejuvenating the Rose not so much pruning we’ve talked
about this before rejuvenating that’s how you keep your roses fresh and
looking good just like roses have a natural rhythm so
do Gardens here on the farm in early spring the daffodils come up we put in
close to a thousand bulbs over the years it’s a sea of yellow just out of the
Lake District in England it’s spectacular then I know in the heights
of spring my roses are gonna explode into the bloom it just looks spectacular all
spring long then in summer what I’ve done when the Rose take their natural a
little bit of rest this one I’ve done this I focus on
summer blooming perennials I’ve got agastache in here rudbeckia I’ve
also got my vegetables in here I’ve got tomato plants I’ve got asparagus
anything and I can basically get in this combination to keep this garden going
year round then I know come fall the perennials will fade a little bit the
Roses burst into bloom again I’ve got color all year long and this is another
great reason to make sure you’ve got all kinds of plants in your garden keep in
mind that things that we talk about in this video and all the videos we do with
Jackson and Perkins apply to any size garden I realize my garden is a little
large I live in the upstate on a farm I’ve got 27 acres I’m gonna use it all
you better believe it but even if you’re gardening in
a container or small patio you’ve got a deck you live in an apartment you’ve got
a balcony any sized gardening all these rules apply roses and perennials all mix
well together so there’s a few more things gonna do to wrap up this video of
some great midsummer chores that you can do first thing I want you to do is
fertilize again remember in the fertilizing video we fertilize in the
spring well now is the time to go ahead and put some fertilizer back down again
again the Jackson Perkins product is a great product this is what I’d recommend
this also begins to set them up for fall so they’ve got all that great energy to
really really go and take off we talked in the video on basically dealing with
roses that sometimes they do get a little bit of disease just like humans
do just like any plant does generally you want to leave it alone but sometimes
you have to intervene summer is a good time to be checking because the humid
condition can sometimes bring it on product like this it’s neem oil
basically it’s a nice little thing to intervene with kind of like you would a
course of antibiotics but again you don’t want to over do it you want to kind
of take it easy on that let’s take a little time to talk about watering your
instinct probably in the summer time is to get out there with a hose like six
times a day and be watering the roses all over the place cause you’re thinking
oh my gosh it’s hot they’re losing water I’m losing water I’m sweating already no
remember I talked about roses going semi dormant the summertime they actually
probably need a little bit less water so just keep that in mind don’t sit there
and flood them with the hoses all the time here’s a great little tip if you
live in an area where you need to conserve water you want to keep the water around
the root zone in that area and not let it run off it’s a great little product
for that this is called a green well water saver basically what you do is you
wrap it around the rose it’s also a great fashion accessory by the way and
then that keeps the water when you water it down in the roses root zone that’s
important this is a great water conservation tip midsummer is also a
time to start thinking about fall planting it’s a great time to plant you
can begin dreaming about the garden during the hot days when you’re in in
the afternoon go to the Jackson Perkins website start picking out your roses for
fall they’ve got a phenomenal two quart fall rose program fresh grown for the
fall perennials the time to get in and don’t forget in the fall bulbs bulbs
bulbs bulbs that’s the thing you want to be planting so start thinking about fall
planting right about now the same time you’re planting however you
don’t want to neglect continuing to rebuild your soil as you go along go
back to the video building a living soil profile and see what we’re talking about
so as you’re planting in the fall add products like this this is a bag that
actually expands to 30 quarts of great soil amendment they’ve also got one for
potting soils as well for anybody who likes to container garden what I love
about this product look living soil where have you heard that before I bet
on a video that I may have just done probiotics feeds the soil this is a
wonderful wonderful product to be adding in to continually build that living soil
profile so midsummer is actually an opportunity in the garden it’s a great
time to groom the roses getting ready for fall think about those perennials
that are now blooming in the summer time that whole cycle of the garden that’s
what I love so take advantage of midsummer don’t be afraid of it for
Jackson and Perkins this is Paul Zimmerman thanks for joining us in the
garden today

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