ROXOR Off Road | Leprechaun Hunters 2020

See most people are worried about little green men… But we’re here to tell you that you should be worried about little green bearded men. There’s no beard? They’re tricksters… and they take your shoes. Dang! That’s why we built this. This is our ROXOR that we customized to specifically hunt leprechauns. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! This is our patent-pending clover camouflage. The leprechauns will never see us coming! And over here… This here holds our patented leprechaun catcher. It can be used for 2-ft. to 6 ft. in all ranges of combat. It ain’t no regular butterfly net. Show them the secret weapon! This right here is a hand-crafted flute that plays a sweet tune that only the leprechauns can hear. It puts a spell on them before they can put one on you! Patent-pending! You haven’t seen nothin’ yet… Show them the decoy! So we can hear ’em! Take a picture! Yeah.. put it on the Internet… maybe book-Face it? Tweeter? Honestly, any social media platform!


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