S2 E3: Rock, Paper, Zwiebelbrot | The Great Travel Hack | #MakeTheFuture

Oh, hello again. Here’s what’s around the corner
on our epic lower CO₂ emissions challenge. Team Alpha take the back roads
in laid-back Easy Rider style… whilst Team Omega
are determined to make waves… on their way to a meeting
at the top of the world. Best view so far. This is The Great Travel Hack. Good morning. And welcome
to the beautiful Schloss Biebrich. It’s time to select the vehicles, but, “There’s only one car,”
I hear you thinking. So get your phones out
and spin the roulette wheel. We got the car! We got question marks. Every single time! You have a vehicle, but it’s somewhere a few kilometres away from here and you have to find
another way to get there. You’ve got three days to get to Greg’s
favourite mountain retreat in Austria. And remember to keep
your CO₂ emissions low. -Enjoy walking!
-Off you go. How is this fair? -Same old, eh?
-Same old. Bye! We’ve got a pin. -I’ve got an idea.
-You’ve got an idea? -Let’s go back.
-Here they come to rub it in again. We’re not picking them up? Jump in! -Oh, Loiza!
-Thank you, guys. It was not my idea. -This is Loiza’s idea. I’m not on board.
-Trust me. -Leave the doors closed.
-No, trust me. Thank you! -Thanks, Loiza, for picking us up.
-You’re so welcome. Why did you do it, though? Seriously. She’s a lovely person, Jamie.
She’s caring and thoughtful. OK, I have to say,
when you guys are in our car, we can split our emissions to four. We never agreed to that. Yeah, well you did. You’re in the car. -Too late.
-At least, that’s good. -Really, guys, where are we?
-It’s just round here. -That is it.
-Nice! Look at that beauty!
Much better than sharing with you two. There’s the talk again. We saved ourselves
some CO₂ emissions. It’s a really good idea.
It might help us win. And that’s the only thing that counts. -No!
-Yeah. Their suffering helps as well, a bit. -No, Jamie.
-Yes, it does. Next time they can walk. It looks a little bit like a spaceship. Let’s do it. How much do you love this car? I ****ing love this car! It’s amazing. It’s silent, it’s fast, it’s high-tech,
and it’s got lower emissions. We should chat to Mission Control
and know something about the car. Let’s do it. Hey, guys, so the Mercedes GLC F-Cell uses a hydrogen fuel cell
and a battery to power it, so your only emissions right now
are heat and water. And check this out. Hydrogen is the most abundant element
in the universe. -Well that’s good, because…
-Plenty of it, then. There’s loads of hydrogen,
it only gives off water vapour… I mean, that’s pretty solid. That’s solid for the environment as well,
isn’t it? Oh! It’s Greg. Greg! We haven’t heard
from him in ages. He just pops up.
Shall we see what he said? Travel Hackers, it’s challenge time. I like to call this one
the “go local” challenge. Eat local, shop local, play local. Follow the messages to track down
every item on the list I’m sending you, and do it in the cleanest possible way. Bring your A-game. Park at the drop pin,
then use what’s in your black bags and head into town. And have fun! -We need to get things from a list?
-Yeah. -Shopping is always your strong suit.
-Shopping is my strong suit. And you speak German. I can help you purchase everything
in German. I’ve got a feeling, the fact that
we’re going into a more rural area, less people are going to speak English. -Less touristy.
-Exactly. -How beautiful is this.
-It’s really nice, huh? I do feel very cool. Team Omega’s
will not have as cool vehicles as us. I don’t care. They could be quicker,
they could be more efficient. But they definitely won’t look
cooler than this, that’s for sure. With just a little bit of body weight,
we’re floating through this country. So cool. I like it, but I still feel a bit wobbly on it. I’m like… -I wonder if the others are there.
-We’ll find them in town. Look at the little doggie! -This is beautiful.
-It’s lovely. There they are! -First!
-About time, eh? Time for another challenge. Speaking of challenges,
I just got a text. “Hello, Travel Hack teams. Greg here. Below is your list
of local culture-based tasks. Your 30 minutes starts now.” Come on. -It’s in German.
-We’ll figure it out. “Take a photo
posing like a statue in town.” -Next to this guy.
-Where is the camera on this thing? -Next on the list.
-Jordan will give you a performance. -He’s a professional dancer.
-Let’s go. “Selfie with the happiest person.”
Who is the happiest? He’s happy. Let’s go! Next one. “Fruit juice, sausage, andschnausen… ” “Rohwurst”? Yeah! That’s it.Was ist “schmaltz”? -Yes. One. Perfect.
-One of those. “Instagram our food.” Ladies and gentlemen, best sausage
in town. Everybody queue up! -“Schneeballen.”
-I don’t know what it is. It’s… snowballs.Schneeballentraumecafe ! Thank you.Schneeballenin the pocket. Lovely! -Is that a bakery?
-Yeah. Got bread. –Zwiebel… You do? Yes!
-Thank you.Guten tag. Ein rohwurst, bitte.“Find the golden griffin.” I can see it! Only fresh juice, then we’re there. Whoa, this looks local. Is it made here? It is? Perfect. Boom, boom, hugs. I think we didn’t see anything. -Where are some…
-Cafe! -Do you serve orange juice?
-Yes. -Time’s up.
-No way! -Well, first again!
-First again. Did you get everything? -Yeah. You as well?
-Yeah, everything. -What?
-Wow. “That’s some serious impressive
immersion into local culture. For the first time in Travel Hack history,
it’s a draw.” -A draw?
-No! There’s more, there’s more. “One round of rock, paper, scissors
decides all.” You ready? Jordan, you step up.
I believe in you. Go with your gut. Ready. Rock, paper, scissors… -Jordan…
-Boo-yah! Here we go. -“Mission Control: fact and chat time.”
-Yes! I love a fact. “There are lots of castles
in Germany, 20,000 of them.” No! I wonder how many castles
there are in the UK? I don’t know why I asked.
Who knows that? “By the way, there are 2,562…” “What, you don’t know
that there’s 14,704 castles?” “I was actually reading
about this last week.” No one woke up…
for the last 20 years, here. Time stood still. And you know what, we can drive through this quiet village
with a quiet car. -Hey, message, message.
-We got a message. “There are over 300 different types
of bread baked in Germany.” I mean, the French are, in my opinion,
better bakers than the Germans. Aren’t they? The croissant, the baguette… The croissant, the baguette,
themarmalade… I mean, seriously,
they make 300 different types and at least 200
are not tasting that well. Well, then they still have 100 left,
and that’s a lot. OK, so we need to refuel. Have you ever refuelled
one of these things before? I have never. Fantastic, great news. Well, that looked
a lot simpler than I imagined. It was pretty easy. And the nozzle, weirdly, afterwards, had
a small layer of ice around the outside. Oh, hydrogen. Yeah. And it took, what?
Literally a split-second. Text. Mission Control.Ah Misión Controlès! “Fun facts:
the first ever souvenir postcard was sent from Austria.” -Who knows that?
-Mission Control! -Oh. Another text.
-Must be missing us loads. “Welcome to Austria.” -Austria!
-Welcome in Austria! Country number six! Number six? We’ve got UK, France, Belgium,
Netherlands, Germany… and Austria! I’m loving it.
I mean, look at the landscape. Pretty cool, right? Greg: “Hi, guys, I still can’t believe
how close that challenge was. But the law of rock, paper, scissors
is all-powerful and Team Omega win the boost: a super-cool gadget to take you
across a gorgeous mountain lake.” “Team Alpha, you get to take
the more traditional vessel.” Gosh, losing just gets worse. Loiza, remember what Seb told us
about regenerative braking? These mountain roads
are perfect for that and could help to keep
our emissions score down. This is it, just up here. -Wow!
-That is actually beautiful, right? Literally speechless. Look at this, 100% electric as well. But look, could we be any more spoiled? And we’ve got an engine. There’s no rush. I say, take in the view,
chill out, go for a nice little cruise. Jordan, this is a great idea
to be going slow. We’re also getting
a very nice tour out of it. -I can’t lie.
-No stress. -Just chilled.
-Fresh air. Why are you wearing a wetsuit, Loiza? Remember the forest?
We’re on a lake now. I’m not taking my chances
with you anymore. I don’t trust you. Fair enough! -Wow.
-So cool. -That’s a boost again.
-That is a boost. -It’s gonna be really cool.
-But I’m happy that I chose my wetsuit. Mission Control, thank you.
Greg, thanks, mate. This is nice. Jamie! Faster! Faster! Now we’re nice! Fully electric future driving,
here we come. I love the future already. This is the boost of all boosts, people. Oh, my God! Jamie! Ahh! Jamie! That’s so cool. -That is so sick!
-So cool. -Very space age.
-Jealous, very jealous. -Shall we get up the mountain?
-Let’s get up the mountain. Let’s park this little thing. -Up the mountain!
-Up the mountain. This is amazing. Beautiful, eh? -I love this view. Best view so far.
-Yeah. -Hang on.
-What is it? It’s a message. -You ready?
-Yeah. Surprise! Katja was supposed
to be here, but she’s off getting married. That’s so cool. You both smashed our go-local challenge but those tricky mountain roads really
put your lower carbon skills to the test. But Omega’s smart use
of regenerative braking has pushed them out in front,
so nice work, guys. Two-one! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Wait, wait, there’s more. So, winners, you will be picnicking
by a stunning lakeside while Alphas, you’ll have to picnic too, but… just a bit more car-park-y. -Wow, this is good.
-What the hell? Team Omega have taken the tips from
their Formula-E racing buddy to heart. They’ve been driving super efficiently,
but their use of regenerative braking has won them the episode. Victory! -Cheers to victory.
-Cheers to Team Omega. As if we needed any more reminding
that we’re sat in a car park… Here we are, about to go into the last leg
of The Great Travel Hack. The moment of truth,
to discover which team will be the winner of Europe’s epic lower-carbon challenge. What just happened? It’s a roadblock. This is getting better and better. I can’t stop binge-watching… myself. Click here to watch the next episode and don’t forget to subscribe down there.


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