SELF-CARE WEEKEND IN MY LIFE! | Scottsdale, AZ Wellness Trip | 2020

We are Kind of we are a little bit north of Scottsdale currently I thought I would do a vlog of this weekend’s because Adrienne and I are a little wellness resort called savanna and there’s just some awesome like Health and wellness programming stuff going on here and lots of fun classes and relaxing things and I’m excited cuz I’ve had a stressful past week after getting my wisdom teeth out and You know just being a little behind so we’re excited to get well we keep making jokes about that first up Here’s our hotel room We got a big ol bed that faces the beautiful outdoors the drive here was stunning so many cacti And it just feels nice and remote then we go back here. This bathroom is big We got a big bathtub you’re now heading out to dinner at a place called the mission key Erland, huh? Here’s the outfit of the night just jeans heels little lumps like bodysuit and we got it rolled. My hair hasn’t been washed in days There’s our little dinner spot. We have a Sleepy morgen We help back And we’re gonna call it a night It’s a little like nine But we were so sleepy and I’m so excited to just get in this bed and maybe watch a little something on the TV I don’t know and then tomorrow we’re going into full ball in the smell and we Had a chat and we’re gonna get in a big wellness mindset. It was like really trying to relax and not think of like just all the other things we have going on or whatever and I’m gonna like not really be on my phone other than taking content that I need to make a real effort to like not be texting people tomorrow and not like these girls are Instagram and spending Time with social media and just being present and peaceful and calm and whatever so that’s all so off the bed we go Morning today’s Monday, which is our wellness day feels like the best Monday of all time. I’m just in a great mood For like 11 hours. I think that’s fine. And it’s now almost 9 a.m. And I’m just thrilled for the day So again, we were staying at Savannah in carefree Arizona and it’s an affordable wellness retreat where they have all these like workout classes and meditation classes and things like that that are included In what you pay to be here. So you just like we went in last night into the gym There’s all these clipboards and you like sign up for whatever so starting today off on like the not Ideal note due to my own doing basically Adrian and I before we got here and signed up for some classes including Today at 9:00 a.m. There’s this core workout class and then I got here and I realized I didn’t pack tennis shoes, huh? So since it it’s like an ab workout class, I’m not sure it would have been necessary but there are only so many people that can sign up for each class and that class was full so I didn’t want to like Take someone else’s spot if I’m gonna get there and like not be able to fully do it. You know what I mean? so Adrian ended up going and I’m gonna take a shower because Then we just have a full day of relaxing eating going to the pool We’re going to the spa and getting a massage And what I’m most excited about and why I’m in such a great mood so far won’t even have a cup I didn’t go on Instagram. I haven’t been texting people I think I’m gonna like try to spend today without my phone to like the highest degree possible I’m gonna have it with me because since we are here because we’re partnering with the city of Scott So you’ll aside from what I’m posting. I’m like gonna have my notifications off I’m not texting anyone like I’m gonna keep my phone on airplane mode except for when I’m posting and I think it’ll be a good little like just moment away from Technology and social media to really be present. If any of you guys ever come here, I think it’d be cool to like You know just leave your front of the room or whatever. Yeah, we have this beautiful little patio I might also 5 time for a drink its back or just later go out there and like a journal or something I have a good book. I want to read And it decided what we want guys, you know, I love my avocado toast every single day They have an avocado to us as goat cheese We ordered some photos we’re sharing a juice and we got wala taste The flavor combo is gonna be really neat of coffee to citrus I cannot pour this is just a fun fact something I suck at is pouring drinks from cup to cup. I will spill it everywhere precise Excellent work And Juices really you might get smoothie later. It’s like a little snack post spa So basically we have no agenda hardly except for like about two, you know eating this off Going up to the pool Chillin greeted lounges being at peace being and getting well and then we’re going to give these like nine We’re going to get these massages and I added on this like sound bath thing, okay They like rub them around and it makes those like peaceful tones and it just like seems a little ASMR like and I think it like it. So we’re gonna be there for a while universe thing. I’ll be inside Their content yum, it smells so good Alright folks we’ve got our content done. So now I can like leave my phone alone We’re now heading to the spa which I’m gonna bring my phone That was the most contradictory Makeup first law purposes, um meaning, um, I bring my blog camera but property here has all these like I guess I don’t know really anything about like what it’s for but like all these cold and hot water Yeah, we’re gonna feels I don’t know we’re gonna just go jar around tells me some different water temperature don’t give us a tool yeah, we’re gonna get We were talking to Girl I mean I was like well do you like thing into my soul? Yeah Anyways, we’re in some swimsuits and rubs If everyone on this property walks around in robes And it’s so cute and just so comfy and just being intro It just is a thrill taking all my earrings for spa purposes also I realized just now like I never ever Dom beards any more I sleep in these hoes coups 24/7 it was laughing because I took these two hoops out. Please hold for a visual then this one is just looks like I’ve sharpened my ear bulb like when you have one gold earring in one like Cheap forever 21, you’re gonna be like man. You’re diseased ready? Yes We just did there like plunge thing in 104 degree longer you stay there until it your body leeches It’s like max rate you can’t do it Your heart rates are like flying then you get how it feels i’m peacing you do it three times until there are new just like these in Well, I just got to our massage, holy cow, I feel like the everything looks different now I’m seeing for the first my soul has left my body and it’s up in the sky somewhere. Whoa Look at that plane not like a tiny little thing and I’m all fused. What is that? I receive things I’ve had my face smushed. It were pillow for far too long. And now I see a plane I Nee that has the longest Weights I’ve ever seen. Please hold you see that What in the world is that? It’s so skinny. No one’s in that nutrient. How is sere massage? Potato death ever. Yeah, I guess the last time I got a massage. I was not working out like I do now and Whoa, I wish I had a video of me literally like there was somebody that she was like sitting here just like tracing trying To like look out, but not even that hard. She was not even doing that hard and I literally I was like My hand was twitching my fingers were twitching a little and then I just got to have a lot of knots that she goes The pressure is too much and I was and like she could tell that she was like pushing hard and I was like, huh? Even like in my cab. It’s so bad for like wonderful now I feel every muscles relaxed and I’m like, you know I didn’t even get my sausage ball at a different place like it’s not what I was looking at earlier my Snack time the rest of this video. I wanna be speaking in like a peaceful Xin point It’s like a weird hour right now. So we wanted a little snack. So I got this broccoli. It’s called so it’s guac But I was broccoli in it as well. I suppose um, and then this is veggie hummus. Got some carrots agent got a little Lady just walked around and staff lady. She walked by she’s like hello beautiful souls and I just feel like I’m here with no objective and it’s just It’s now it’s in their time. We just took a nap We’re in such a conveniently located room as well So we only have to walk approximately 5 feet to get to any of the restaurants or it’s far or anything. So Primus pot So they had scallops on the menu and I kind of want that but then I got that two days ago So I feel like maybe not You’re seated at a table that like faces out there’s no seat there. It’s beautiful views. It’s like a little patio guys Do I want salmon? Do I want? Scallops and do I want a burger? Course one got a Brussels sprout salad You drink up muscles so sketch me out, baby. Okay? salmon, some mashed sweet potatoes a little chipotle sauce since been a CH and then Adrienne scallops and I am Stealing a bite Yes do an update we can chuckle the Adrienne trying to share food and I was like when we were ordering is really gonna split Some things and like we did the other night. I was like no and then here we are I wanted to show her what we got it cuz there’s really good. So now we’re sharing dessert I got a dark chocolate gelato and I are now watching HGTV just relaxing. What time is it even it’s only 10:00? It feels so late when I was like, I’m just closing. I was like the story of your life The number of naps Adrienne’s taken whereas like. Oh no, I’m good. I’m good. I don’t like you’re gonna fall asleep the next hour I was out here for a while but No bored I was content I just want to fall asleep. This is the thing I don’t have and then when it gets to be like 10 I’m like I’m out and Adrienne is like I’m a family don’ts – no, I stopped doing that. No, you did it. Okay Well on this trip, I’ve done that Do that anymore. I look like It was yeah, oh my god it was okay, whatever no you’re Morgan in the next kind Razor II. Did you cut your own side bangs? That’s the biggest question like me Not only did you have side bangs that you cut your own everyone put them on our last trip We’re in the Dominican one night. We couldn’t sleep when we set up so late taking these BuzzFeed geography quizzes It’s like name 50 like name like name as many states States Her name is many fires name is North and South America as you can in five minutes and I killed the North and South America when I’m actually pretty good then it’ll be like Showing you a country and like anywhere in Europe and you have to name it based on like the outline It’s pretty hard. We spend some serious time doing that. We set it off for the night All right, we’re gonna I guess maybe do some geography quiz doesn’t go to sleep But tomorrow we have quite the day at kicking off with a fun little class here Good morning Me and my blueberry muffin really look at some time point currently about 90 and we had a very leisurely wake up and A train and I are eating a little bite in the room now I picked up from the cafe downstairs before we go to this 10 a.m class is called a myofascial release class and I think it’s like Stretching and foam rolling and I don’t know different just like mobility things No, I think be a good little wake up And then after that we’ll get a real breakfast So our last morning here at the walnuts woods were off to our class we go. I’m so sleepy Also, I’m an idiot. And as I said to impact my tennis shoes, so I hope we’re gonna be fine I think it’s just like stretching and stuff. Maybe I’m gonna be like a barefoot endeavor. I don’t know Jeez, I can you can’t open any doors me also like rained, I guess earlier this morning, so it’s all cloudy We also keep laughing cuz this cactus is in a seatbelt We never made it fully to the pool. That’s very sad The time post class but it no to myofascial release class was I did you like yeah I thought it’s gonna be much foam rolling and that is unless it was film rolling the whole time which I Literally not done since I was at UNC my sophomore year in my required fitness class Which I take yoga or you can call my friend something like intermediate running and I was in like yoga 101 But we would do foam rolling a few times throughout the semester then and I have not done it since then It was pretty good. I didn’t get one of like the hardest rollers There are all these different variations so my pretty light so some hurts I feel like it could have definitely had a strong wish to hurt a little more get on in there But my hips man they tight. Well, I got a no sund though now, we’re just gonna get a little coffee Probably go ahead and pack up just have it out of the way YUM Those ladies are so fit and fun and like kind of older and we were like that’s gonna be all I think What is happened to me where my energy levels and negatives Oh Should we make tic TOCs? I downloaded trick dog like two days ago for unknown reasons and I just like I don’t get it and all I’m saying is Our videos catered to like Phoenix, Arizona cuz my half bi agent knows I’m here you feel like you got well I feel like I got pretty well. Yeah, I mean my definition of getting well is eating everything and oh my god Goodbye, beautiful room a beautiful view


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