Sesame Street: Elmo and Abby’s Picnic Basket

– Uh, uh. – Doo, doo. Oh, oh, hi Abby. Elmo’s ready for our picnic. (giggles) – Hurry, Elmo. Help me hold this picnic basket. – Well hold the basket why? – Because I can’t keep
it (grunting) still! – Abby, the picnic basket is hopping! – I know, grab it! – Oh, okay. Why is the basket hopping? – I don’t know. – Oh, oh, oh, did Abby’s mommy pack something for lunch that hops? – Well I, I don’t know, let’s see. Well she packed peanut butter sandwiches. – Who, oh, oh!
(Abby yells) Peanut butter sandwiches? Oh, they don’t hop. I know, so it’s not the
peanut butter sandwiches. – Well what else did Abby’s mommy pack? Um, well, apple juice. – Apple juice? (laughs)
– Yeah. – Apple juice can’t hop. – Well, so it’s not the apple juice. – Well, what else? – Um, well, carrots. Oh quick! – No, no, no! Come back picnic basket! – (grunts) Oh. Elmo, do you hear that? – Oh. It sounds like crunching. – Crunching carrots. – And it’s coming from
inside the picnic basket. – Yeah, that means that there’s someone inside the basket eating our carrots! – Someone who hops. – And likes carrots. – Is Abby thinking what Elmo’s thinking? – [Together] A rabbit. – Whoa. (giggles) – Thanks for the carrots. Nutritious and tasty too. (giggles) – It was a rabbit making that basket hop. – Hasta la vista. – Amazing. – Oh, can Elmo and Abby have those peanut butter sandwiches now? – Yeah! I’m hungry. – Elmo too. (bright music)


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