Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump’s Weekend at Mar-a-Lago, Beer for Dogs

♪♪ -Hey, that’s Rob and Sharon.
I’m Seth. These are our favorite
jokes of the week. -President Trump
spent the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort
in Florida. By the way, that sentence
was written two years ago, and yet, it still works
every Monday. [ Laughter ] A park in Pennsylvania
is closing one of its roads on rainy nights
for the next month, so that amphibians
like frogs and salamanders can mate without threat
from passing cars. Said one frog, “Aw, but that’s
what made it exciting.” [ Laughter ] The Washington Post
has published an op-ed arguing that college students
should study in different parts
of the United States instead of
studying abroad, in order to gain
a greater understanding about different cultures
within America. “How much is that gonna cost
me?” asked Felicity Huffman. A Texas couple has started a
company which creates and sells beer for dogs,
featuring names like “IPA lot in the yard”
and “Crotch Sniffin’ Ale,” plus the less popular
“This Tastes Like Shih Tzu.” [ Laughter ] ♪♪


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