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Kaziranga and Shillong Tour Package Kaziranga, Shillong, and Cherrapunji or Sohra
are the three most-visited tourist destination of Northeast India. Among these places, Kaziranga
lies in the state Assam and Shillong and Sohra are two locations of the state Meghalaya. Here is a tour guide of these three famous
locations in northeast India. Thank you traveller’s partners for arranging
this fabulous tour for us. Please do contact them for any such customized tour package. The best time to visit Shillong is just after
the monsoon. If you visit the place right after monsoon then you will be able to see
the beautiful waterfalls of Shillong at its best. To reach Shillong it is better to reach Guwahati
by train or air. Although there is an airport in Shillong; due to flight shortage, it is
easier to reach Guwahati international airport. If possible then you can go straight to Shillong
by air. From Guwahati, a reserved car will take almost
3 and a half hours to reach Shillong. The distance here is around 100 km. From Guwahati, you can avail a shared cab
or bus service to reach Shillong. A shared cab will charge around Rs500 per head. The road to Shillong from Guwahati moves through
the mountains covered with fresh green trees. We went there just after the monsoon and nature
was even clearer then. This is a 4 lane road and you will experience less traffic and a
speedy journey here. On this route, there is a very clean and well-decorated
vegetarian restaurant “Jeeva Veg”. You can enjoy your lunch at this place. The food
here is also excellent. There is a point to remember before you enter
into Shillong city. The city is famous for the traffic jam. So, keep ample time in your
hand to avoid any delay. Moving further first stop at Badapani or Umiam
Lake at the entrance of Shillong. The car parking area for the park adjacent
to Badapani is just outside the main park entrance. The ticket fare to enter into the
park is Rs20 per person. The park area is well-maintained and clean. There is a beautiful
garden with ample sitting arrangements. You can easily spend an hour here enjoying the
beauty of the Lake. Also, you can do boating in the lake. There are pedal boats, speed
boats, river bus riding facilities. All are separately chargeable. After visiting Umiam Lake go to visit the
Don Bosco Museum. Park your car at the gate of the museum and purchase tickets to enter
the museum. The ticket price is Rs 100 for Indian tourists and Rs 150 for foreigners. Don Bosco Museum is Asia’s largest museum
dedicated to displaying North-East Indian tribal life and culture. This is a seven-storied
museum each floor has a separate gallery showing agriculture, basketry, jewelry, lifestyle,
housing and many other things of the local tribes of northeast India. 
There is also a skywalk on the 7th floor of this museum. We visited the museum at sunset
and observed a beautiful view of the entire Shillong city from the skywalk. In the evening you can roam around the local
markets at police bazar. Day-2 On day-2, go for a local sightseeing tour
around Shillong city. You can book a cab for this trip. 
First go to visit Shillong peak, the highest point of the town The car parking area here is at the base of
the two-storied watchtowers. The ticket counter is in the car parking space. The ticket price
is Rs10 per head. You will find some local food stall and some souvenir stall at this
point. If you are a momo lover then please do taste the local dumplings from here. From
the watchtower, you will get a stunning view of the entire Shillong city. 
Here, you can also enjoy a photo-shoot wearing local clothes. Next, go to visit Lady Hydari Park. This park is in the Laban area within the
Shillong city. It is a Japanese style garden named after the first lady of the state and
the wife of Governor of Assam Lady Hydari. You can see many flowers in this garden. Also,
in the middle of this park, there is a little pool. You likely see some pelicans playing
here. At one corner of this park, there is a little zoo. Next, go to visit Ward’s Lake.
It is another man-made Lake in Shillong city. The ticket price here is Rs10 per head. The
Lake is open all days in a week except Tuesday. You can enjoy a boat ride in this lake which
is separately chargeable. Day-3 On day-3 of your tour go to visit Cherrapunji.
Currently, this famous hilly village of Meghalaya is termed as Sohra, which was its original
name. The place receives the highest amount of rainfall
in the world and so you can see some spectacular waterfalls in this region. On your way to Sohra from Shillong, first,
visit Elephant Falls. Elephant Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls
in Shillong. It is named so, because of the big elephant-shaped rock once that was there
beside the falls. But due to natural calamity, the rock is now destroyed. The entry fee to this falls is Rs10 per head. It is a three-layered waterfall. The first
layer is the widest. Climbing down a steep staircase from this
point you will come to the 2nd layer. It is comparatively narrower and surrounded by a
lush green forest. Moving further down, you will come to the third layer. Here, keep in
mind that the stairs are slippery due to constant water-flow and they are steep also. So watch
carefully while climbing up and down. This part of the falls is most beautiful. Here
you will see a milky white stream of water is rolling down the big rocks. After Elephant falls, move towards Sohra through
a road that passes through the green mountains. Here you can see flat-topped mountains covered
with grasses. The roads are extremely clean. On the side of this road, you can observe
local villages and enjoy their daily life. The first tourist spot on your way to Sohra
is the Mawkdok Dympep valley viewpoint. From here you can see the beautiful views of surrounding
mountain valleys. Meghalaya Government developed this viewpoint. Next, visit Wakaba Falls. These are the beautiful
waterfalls of Sohra. If you visit this place just after monsoon then you can see this waterfall
at its fullest. The entry fee to this viewpoint is Rs10. From here go to visit the most famous waterfalls
of this region, the seven sister waterfalls or the Mawsmai falls. Here you can see seven
streams of waterfalls drop from a height of 1033ft of the limestone cliffs of Khasi hills. Next visit Mawsmai cave. This is one of the
most famous cave mazes of Meghalaya which is filled with natural limestone structures.
The surrounding forest is also a great place to observe the local flora and fauna. The
entry fee here is Rs20 per head. Day-4 On day-4 early in the morning start your journey
towards the cleanest village of Asia Mawlynnong and a riverside town Dawki. 
On this road, first, stop at a viewpoint a few kilometers away from Shillong. Enjoy the
scenic beauty of the surrounding mountains from this place. Moving further ahead, you will come to a Panchayet
village of Meghalaya, Pynursla. See the local markets here. Crossing Pynursla, drive through the mountain
road for around 45 minutes and after that, you will be exposed to a road which is not
like the other hilly roads of Shillong. Here you will see a narrow path that passes through
the green forests. This road is so calm and quiet that you can hear the sound of crickets.
No doubt, this road is just awesome. Driving 18km through this road you will come
to the car parking place of Riwai village. Riwai is a tribal village in the Indian state
Meghalaya. Like other Meghalaya places, this place is also very clean. You will find many
fast-food stalls at the car parking place at the entrance of the village. From the car
parking space, you have to cover the village tour on foot. In this village, every single house has a
beautiful garden in front of it. A neat and clean stone path passes through the village.
After walking for 10 minutes through this path you will come to the top of a staircase.
Start climbing down from here. After a little while, you will come to the ticket counter
for entering the living root bridge. Ticket fare is Rs40 per person and the camera charge
is Rs20. The living root bridge here is built over
a small stream. It is located inside a lush green forest of the East Khasi hill. Enjoy
the natural beauty of this place. From here go to visit Mawlynnong, which is
close to this village. Mawlynnong is declared as the cleanest village of Asia. Here you
will find every place sparkling clean, be it the houses, the local shops or the roads.
Right now you will also find traces of commercialization here. There are many homestays available in
this place with basic facilities. Enjoy a walk around this village. From this place go to visit Dawki. Dawki is
a small town in the Meghalaya district. The town is located at India-Bangladesh border. On your way to Dawki from Mawlynnong, you
will see the India Bangladesh border. Moving further on this road you will come to the
gushing Bophill waterfalls. It is another hour-long drive on the same
road to reach on the banks of Umngot River at Dawki. River Umngot is the main tourist
spot here. Umngot is a beautiful river located in Dawki at the India Bangladesh border. The
main attraction here is the boating in this river. Enjoy a stunning view of the Jayantia
hills from this place. The water of Umngot River is crystal clear
and you will see many local people come here for fishing. You can even walk on the small
island in this river. The suspension bridge over the river is another tourist attraction
here. There are a limited number of homestays available
in these places. So, it is better to cover this tour in a single day and return to Shillong
for a night stay. If you want a detailed tour guide for these
places then we have one on our channel. Please check the suggested video link on the top
right corner of your screen for that video. Day-5
On day5, early in the morning start your tour for Kaziranga National Park. It is better
to start this journey early in the morning to avoid traffic jams. In the afternoon go for a jeep safari in Kaziranga
National Park. We opted for a jeep safari in Kaziranga National Park’s Western Bagori
range. We paid Rs2800 for this safari. Kaziranga National Park was established in
the year 1908. This National Park is famous for Indian one-horned rhinos and now it is
home to 2/3 of the World’s population of these giant beasts.
The total safari takes almost 2 hours. We observed a large number of Rhinos here. Also, this national park is dotted with many
small and large water bodies and rivers. There are also vast areas of elephant grasslands.
The safari inside this park is very refreshing as well as adventurous. Moreover, we saw many
elephants and barking deer here. At the end of this trip, we stopped at Donga
watchtower and enjoy a great view of the surroundings from there. If you missed our detailed experiences of
the Kaziranga National Park, then please click the suggested video link on the top right
corner of your screen. Day-6 On day-6, early in the morning, start your
journey towards Guwahati. The distance of Guwahati from Kaziranga is around 194 km and
it will take almost 4 hours to reach Guwahati from Kaziranga by car. After reaching Guwahati, first visit Kamakhya
Temple. Kamakhya Temple is situated on Nilachal hill and it is one of the most sacred Hindu
Shrines of Goddess Shakti. According to Hindu mythology there are four most important Shakti
Peethas in India and Kamakhya is one of them. The temple is designed elegantly with beautiful
carvings and has a huge dome which overlooks the Neelachal hill. Every day, a large number
of devotees come to this temple to pay their homage to Goddess Shakti. After visiting Kamakhya Temple, go to visit
Shrimanta Shankardeva Kalakshetra. Built in the year 1990 over a vast land this
centre showcases the cultural brilliance of North Eastern India. There is a museum and
art gallery where you can see the traditional culture of Assam and north east India. Day-7 On day 7, head back to Guwahati airport for
departure. The reserved cab fare for sightseeing tour
will cost within Rs3000 per day. For the total package cost please check the
description box below. If you love this tour plan then please like
and share the video. Also, do let us know your opinion in the comment section below.
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