Sofa Time On Tour: The Importance of Backing up SaaS Data

Hello, welcome to another episode of
Mirus Sofa Time. We’re here at Datto to talk about all things continuity and
backup and disaster recovery. I’m joined today by Chris With (Hi Dan) Account Director
at Datto. So, today we’re going to talk about the importance of backing up SaaS
based applications. I think it’s one of the things that’s not really spoken
about that much and given how much people are using Office 365 now people
don’t necessarily understand that it isn’t backed up to the level you would
probably expect by Microsoft. Yeah that’s very much the perception now,
three or four years ago when we we started selling our own SaaS protection
solution end-users weren’t really aware that you had to backup Office 365. The
perception was that it’s in Microsoft, it’s in it’s in the cloud, they can
access their data whenever they want, so therefore there’s no need to stick to
traditional IT methods of backing up your data and actually very much it
still is the case that you do need to backup your data and protect it with it
with a third party very. Interestingly, I think within Microsoft end-user License
Agreement for 365 it actually says that Microsoft doesn’t take responsibility
for backups and you should use a third party. No they’re quite clear they say
that they’re there to provide for their security of the actual physical data
center itself and they have a commitment to ensuring the uptime of the the
applications but they won’t provide security for the actual data itself
within Office 365, that is down to the tenant, it’s up to them they are
responsible for securing their own data. I guess we see a few use cases where we
think that people should back up their 365 accounts I guess the obvious one is
when people delete data accidentally and there’s a short retention period
within Microsoft but it’s the data effectively is gone and there’s a
malicious activity that you have from users (yeah) I guess a good example is
when someone leaves a business. Yeah we’ve seen it we’ve heard from
partners and clients that’s when an unusually is a business if they’re
feeling particularly aggrieved they could delete their whole email account
and not have anything for the client to go back to as and when they
would need to. In regards to the retention policy yes Microsoft does
implement some attention but that is only retention its
not a separate backup therefore if that’s deleted it is also gone forever. Having a separate backup product or separate backup solution in place allows
the company to be able to go back and retrieve those emails at any point in
time in the future. Yeah and I guess you’ve got files in OneNote that you
know people still will accidentally delete them still will disappear and
again the same when someone leaves deciding to delete their entire onedrive.
I think another example we see is when someone leaves a business not from a
malicious perspective but obviously if somebody leaves you want to disable
their 365 account that you don’t really paying for it (yeah) what do you do with
that data what do you do with that historical data. Well having a third
party backing up allows you to kind of go back to that data as and when you
need to you’re then free to use that office 365 license for a new hire or
someone else in the organization saving you costs as well. And I think it also
you know people that work in regulated industries holding data for however many
years where that’s five six seven years and time that’s really important that
that’s unless you’re using the enterprise level grade versions of 365
that’s something that the small business packages don’t offer. Yes and this is
something that end-users aren’t necessarily aware of as well as in terms
of compliancy with the GDPR regulations they may have to back up
their data for a certain amount of time or hold on to their data rather. The
third-party application allows that to happen. Cool thank you very much
hopefully that’s given you a bit an overview of why you should back up your
365. If you want to know more get in touch and we’ll see you soon thanks very

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