I wanted this trip to feel unreal just like memories are. The colors, the light, the textures of Namibia have felt very calm and muted like its energy. There’s always an added sense of beauty and romance to our memories. We tend to remember the positive and happy moment of an experience. What I find really exciting is this combination of the muted colors of Namibia and the muted colors of the Polaroids. It’s just so special to have those two together to emphasize the palettes that I have seen they were so muted and so calm. I’m really excited because I can already imagine part of the collection. What’s interested me more and what’s attracted me more about the place and the colors, I remember one of the days there were semi-precious stones laying on the ground just like that and some parts of them were hit by the light and they were making this beautiful shimmery pink color which completely reminded me of an eye shadow or an illuminating powder, and then what I like about it is so many combinations of pinks and purples and mauves and then they’re combined with grey and brown and sort-of peachy colors. The orange was a little bit brighter, the orange of the dunes, but then at different times of the day in different lights they were also changing and then at some point there was a mist in the sky and that was contributing to making the colors soft and muted and dream-like. So I think this has all worked together to create this memory of a journey that goes really well with the Namibian experience that I’ve had.

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