Stanford Summer Session Students’ Experience

My summer so far here at Stanford has been
really amazing I’ve meet people from all around the world. I got to experience some of the magic of Silicon
Valley. Its so diverse. People from all around the world like I feel
like in such a short span of time I have met and learned more cultures around the world
than I learned in my entire life. I really enjoyed talking to them, learning
about their differences and similarities between my culture and theirs and I felt like that
was something that I can only get here at Stanford. There are just so many things coming together
the different people, the different studies, the different backgrounds. I have been loving my classes. My classes don’t feel like, even if it is
a three hour class, it doesn’t feel like I am studying it feel like I am having fun. Everybody is just taking a lot of different
stuff and it is just amazing. Civil and Environmental Engineering. Development and Origins of the Cosmos. International Relations. Social Media and Technology Entrepreneurship. Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention. My favorite is definitely the environmental
science one because I always thought that I was going to venture to like an economics
major, but now that I have experienced this environmental science class, I kind of want
to go into environmental science because it’s so interesting and relatable to our world. Our classes are very challenging on an academic
level but not too challenging. I really thought that I wasn’t going to be
as smart as my fellow classmates in the class, but actually, everyone is new to the topic. Everyone is interested in the topic. No one is scared to put up their hands. Here, I wanted to take a course, study something
that I really like. I’m studying a course, an art course which
is a studio course doing painting intensive, and I absolutely love the instructor. She gives us a free hand. She tells us to go at our own pace, do what
we like. When I had my first class what really struck
me was that teaching staff was very accessible and they really wanted to connect and discuss
whatever was important to the students. My professors are very energetic. My Mat Lab professor is just amazing, he just
tries to help us in every single way. People at Stanford really try to help me do
things, there is a great resource center where we can just go and we can ask questions about
essays, they can help us proofread it, which is really important to me because I am not
a native speaker so English was a bit of a struggle for me particular for essays. And just having someone check over for your
grammar kinda calms your nerves. My main goal here and my main focus is to
immerse myself in the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Everyone knows Stanford, you just want to
be there and experience. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I think
it’s the best place to experience this entrepreneurial field. You know it touches upon the aspects of Silicon
Valley startups culture and whatnot so it’s just quite amazing to study about entrepreneurship
here in the heart of Silicon Valley. The campus is breathtakingly beautiful and
back in Finland even though we have beautiful summer days every once in awhile it is incredibly
to always wake up to sunshine. It’s nice an quiet and very laid back. You don’t have to rush anywhere, it allows
you, it gives you room to think of what you want to do next. I have observed that it is common among all
of us to be very committed and very over scheduled in our own daily lives and the school year
but we are really taking this time to get out and try a lot of things that we don’t
usually try. There is always something to do. There is always a fine balance between classes,
fun, hanging out, getting food, networking. The environment here is just spectacular. I feel like there is actually something that
is just very unique about Stanford. Everybody is enthusiastic about what they
are doing and so feeding off of that and trying to collaborate with that has changed me and
I have been able to look at things from other peoples’ perspectives. I feel like I have changed a lot. I was actually scared, it’s so unexpected
how can you change in eight weeks but I feel like have changed a lot and I am more open
to challenge myself more. I feel like everyone who is a part of the
Stanford Summer is so ambitious with their careers and they are so passionate about the
things that they are doing that it is very inspiring for me as well to pursue mine.

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