(SUB)[TOUR-log📹] VICTON 빅톤 Voice To Alice in Bangkok

(TOUR-LOG) (VICTON started rehearsing)
Hello New World Hi, we’re VICTON,
thank you for coming ((Chari) (sma)) ((Still dancing~))
We’re at our meet and greet in Thailand It’s very cold here I’m next to a ventilator
so my hands are cold Feel my hand ((Cold hands))
My hands are very cold ((Byung-Chan is) (Cold))
Just standing here still is making me very cold It’s much warmer here in Thailand so it’s very nicely air-conditioned but it’d be good to bring extra clothes to keep warm Actually, I did bring more clothes
but it’s colder than I expected See you later ((Adios)) (VICTON started rehearsing again) (Let’s take a moment to enjoy it) (Rehearsing) Voice To Alice Guys, today’s the second day We’ll perform later today After the rehearsal, I was the first
to get my hair ad makeup done So I came here to talk to our Alice My apologies
for not having dressed up yet Today’s rehearsal was a bit… It was a bit chaotic It was very… The stage is much bigger
than what we’re used to It goes up to no.8 from side to side so it was confusing for us to adjust our moves
but everything got sorted out All we have left is the concert There are over 2000 seats here (Q. Why are you playing
games with the camera? ) I don’t think I did that I don’t know how to play games I just know how to say no (Saying no to the camera
with his eyes) ((Intense) (stare)) ((Nom Nom) (Nom Nom)) I know I can do really well
in eating shows Where else can you find
shrimp like this? Seriously ((Tiger shrimp))
It’s tiger shrimp, in Thailand… It has a lot of protein in the tail Crab meat has a lot of protein too But seriously, this is a chunk
full of protein Why don’t they eat the intestines?
They are super good Which flavor should I eat? Chocolate ((Wow~)) Mint Mint chocolate… I’m okay with it
but this one was too intense I’ll try one bite of each and decide This one is espresso coffee This is yogurt lemon This is yogurt lemon There’s cheese inside I tried espresso coffee just before,
it was good but too intense… ((Love you, kiss))
Nak nak chup chup? Nak nak chup chup? Chup chup? Chup chup? Chup chup? Chup chup Chup chup Chup chup Chup chup When I first arrived in Thailand,
I felt such great energy Our fans showed
so much support for us Also, the scenery was very pretty It’s 30 minutes till the concert
and a lot of people came already I also saw that many people… The first thing I saw was things
with our pictures on them They are called goods, right? They were sharing things
like that with each other which I thought was very cool I was so happy to see that It’s our first time VICTON is here We are so thankful that
a lot of people came We worked very hard for this We’ll try our best to give
a nice performance for you guys (Q. Show us what you got! )
Soft, soft, like a cloud~ I see you everyday~ I wish to show my talent Nak nak chup chup Signature pose? Signature pose… Many people call the heart
I made “Byung-Chan heart” I want to make
Byung-Chan heart popular It’ll be nice to show
many different hearts So that’s my signature move,
“Byung-Chan heart” (Q. Show us! ) (Byung-Chan heart.ZIP)
Going like this is Byung-Chan heart Drawing a heart and shooting
an arrow is Byung-Chan heart Drawing an heart and shooting it like
a basketball is Byung-Chan heart So many people said things like that
are Byung-Chan hearts (Concert starts! ) (♪What time is it now) Hello New World Hi, we’re VICTON (Seung-sik sings ‘Wild Flower’)
Good memories and longing heart~ On the road you walked away~ Thank you (Byungchan’s ‘Peep Peep’)
Why are you smiling? Why did you smile at me? Byung-Chan do peep peep for us – Peep peep?
– Yes I’ll do it 3, 4 Peep peep, chick Moo moo, cow (VICTON communicates with Alice)
Han-Se brought a hat from somewhere So I tried it on Alice, what do you think? I hear potatoes I hear potatoes Next day, we got to go
to an art museum in the morning It looked pretty nice
so I uploaded it (Upon Alice in Thailand’s request)
Your smile and you~ (VICTON sang ‘Your Smile and You’! )
With sincerity~ Even if we lose everything~ That’s all I need~ Thank you (♪Farewell) (♪GANGSTA (Original song_Kehlani ‘GANGSTA’)) (♪New World) (Dance time with Alice in silence)
On the count of 3, say our chant 1, 2, 3! Our chant, our chant 1, 2, 3 Nak nak chup chup Don’t move your mouth,
don’t move your mouth Cute (♪Time of Sorrow(俉月哀)) (♪Nostalgic Night) (VICTON is having
a fun time with Alice) (♪LIGHT) (Alice light up the hall) (Chan’s birthday celebration with Alice)
Happy birthday dear Chan~ (Time with Alice that they hope never end! )
Okay then, we will say bye now We are VICTON Thank you (High five with Alices at the end!) New World Hi, we’re VICTON ((Wow~~) (Wow~~)) – We had a nice meet and greet in Thailand
– That’s right It was our first time in Thailand Although it was our first time here,
our Alices in Thailand were so enthusiastic and all of us – were so touched, right?
– Yes! ((Touched) (Touched))
You also threw me a surprise birthday party Thank you so much ((Failed to bring a cake))
Also, at the end, there was – Right, right
– a special event – The lights
– Right When we weren’t looking,
a video started playing ((VICTON) (Got touched))
You held up placards in the back for us Thank you so much for giving us
such great unforgettable memories We wanted to show thanks to you guys – Right right
– but you were so good to us instead – We’ll come back to return the favor
– We will Thank you so much The touching moments made
some of us get emotional – Right
– That’s right – Who were they?
– They cried – Chan did…
– I didn’t cry Does it mean no one got emotional? I was touched – We were touched
– That’s right – We were touched
– VICTON members were very touched Thank you so much
for making us feel so touched We’ll continue to do our best
for the rest of the Asia tour If we get to return to Thailand, we’ll prepare even better performances
for you guys So please wait for us until then 1, 2, 3 Alice, Thank you – Nak nak chup chup
– Nak nak chup chup


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