Summer At the University of Michigan: Campus Tour

Hey guys, welcome back, I’m Lauren this is another episode of summer at Michigan and today we’re gonna go take a campus tour! [Music Plays] Hi everyone, welcome to the University of Michigan. My name is Liliana, I’ll be your tour guide today and we’re gonna go check out campus. So let’s go ahead out. What is the league? The League is a really cool place. It’s a Student Union on campus and it’s a great spot for student organizations to get together and have events and meetings and for friends to get together and study. I’ve been here before, this is definitely the Diag. It is. tt’s actually my favorite spot on campus because you can see students hanging out relaxing, and taking in the beautiful Michigan campus. Why is it called the Diag? It’s actually called the Diag because there’s only diagonal pathways through here, so you can get to class a lot faster so you can get to class a lot faster. This is Mason Hall, and right here is the posting wall where student organizations advertise all of their events on campus. This is the fishbowl one of our largest computing sites on campus where students do a lot of their work. It’s actually called the fishbowl because it’s completely surrounded by glass and you look in and see all the students doing their work. We’re at the undergraduate library. We call it the UGLI here on campus, which is ironic cuz it’s one of the prettiest buildings. It’s pretty empty right now in the summer, but in the fall too absolutely packed. This is the Law Quad. It’s one of our graduate schools here but undergraduate students study here all the time. Any fun facts? The law school is actually the first self-contained law school in the country, so students could eat, sleep, study and go to class without ever having to leave the four walls. So this is Angel hall where you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a class as a freshman here at Michigan. Alright, let’s head over to the Trotter Multicultural Center. The Trotter Multicultural Center is a place for students of all identities to come together and feel like they’re at home. There was so much to see on central campus, let’s check out North Campus as well. This is the Duderstadt, or “The Dude” as we call it, and it’s another really popular library for students to study. So now we’re in Pierpont Commons, one of the Student Unions up on North Campus. I love all the flags here. Yeah, so they actually represent all of the countries of all of the students studying here on North Campus. Thank you so much for showing me around today Liliana. It was my pleasure We give tours year-round and you can always sign up on the admissions website. I had an amazing time exploring campus with Liliana today. I learned so many fun facts. I hope you guys enjoyed watching and I’ll see you guys next week!

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