Summer Camp Food Taste Test w/ Jojo Siwa, Jack Griffo, & More | Nick

Hey, everyone. I’m Jo Jo. And today we are doing the
Nickelodeon Summer Camp Taste Test. Let’s do this. Wish me luck. Bring on the food. [FUNKY GUITAR MUSIC] Got this. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna like it. Oh, it ain’t right
without the lemon. Oh, yeah. That’s some great salmon. Why, is something
wrong with this? Why would y’all just give
me a perfectly good salmon, though, and tell me to eat it. OK. I’m wrong. [FUNKY GUITAR MUSIC] It tastes good. [DRUMS AND WHISTLING MUSIC] Classic summer camp food. It’s probably
like a fish hot dog. Literally, it’s
probably a fish hot dog. I swear if it’s a fish hot dog– Smells like a normal hot dog. It’s tofu? Oh my gosh, that’s really good. Tastes a little bit different. For That’s not half bad. [FUNKY GUITAR MUSIC] Oh, no. I ain’t getting a good
vibe on these ones. It smells like potato. Cinnamon. I don’t know what’s the
challenge here. ‘Cause, like, everything tastes good. Fish chips. It’s fish and chips. Really? Those are good. I want something disgusting. [MUSIC PLAYING] That’s definitely chocolate. But it’s suspicious. I don’t know. You people. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, I’m tired of this. Like, it’s nothing disgusting. It’s chocolate. Ah, it’s a bug, isn’t it? There’s bugs in here. That’s a– that’s a cricket. Oh gosh, that’s a cricket. What is it? FEMALE TEST MONITOR:
Chocolate covered crickets. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CRICKETS CHIRPING] [SPITTING NOISES] Yea, that’s a leg. You know, I’m going to eat it. Three, two, one, ah. If you close your eyes and
you don’t think about it. Oh, it’s moving. No, it’s not moving. I’m totally freaking out. I used to have
crickets all the time. So, joke’s on you guys. I mean, she might have
mentioned their chocolate– I just said something. And I felt the crunch. And knowing it’s a cricket. Y’all can have these back. I don’t want them. [BUGLE REVEILLE] And that was Nickelodeon’s
Summer Camp Taste Test. See you next time. Thanks for watching. [END OF BUGLE REVEILLE]

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