Summer Challenge – Courses

So summer challenge program is a two
weeks intensive seminar that’s designated for high school students,
basically sort of give them a hint of the college experience.
It’s great for them because they’re able to get a lot of knowledge from a lot of
these different professors that teach these classes since this is higher level
than what you would normally see in the high school classroom you’re able to get
a lot of experience from people who have specific areas of interest. They’re here
because they’re interested and they care and that makes it fun for them it makes
it fun for me. I very often think of journalism as a vocation and so we learn
by doing and for them to try to find content that they believe is in the
public interest. There’s a lot of activities that we do in the nutrition
class one of the ones that the students tend to like the most are the food
tastings so we usually do a meat alternative tasting where students get a
chance to see what tofu tastes like. The seminar I’m teaching is computer science
and basically trying to just let the students know what a major in computer
science would look like sort of you know give them a heads up. So they learned how to like split the problem in two parts and they learn this composition of thinking
where they solve every part by itself and then they combine everything into a
solution. I teach chemistry and medicine so we are able to give them lab skills
by actually having them be in the general chemistry labs that Boston
University students use. So they’re able to get experience with the lab equipment
they’re able to also go to lectures during my seminar which I teach very
similarly to a college-level seminar. So if you’re a student and you want to come
to the program I guess my main advice would be to just keep an open mind. Try
out some of those different subjects that maybe you haven’t learned about
before I get exposure to them and really learn a little bit about something they
haven’t learned about before. Bring something that you want to do have an
idea that you’re engaged about and then I can work with you the further that
even outside the class it doesn’t have to be part of the seminar so be
interested, care and and from that everything else will follow.

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