summer night routine🌙 나이트 루틴 : 집에서 일하는 밤

5PM My evening begins at home just like in the morning. I’m gonna make Kimchi Fried Rice for dinner today Stir-fry onion, kimchi, and tuna in oil. also make fried eggs Add a little sugar to the stir-frying ingredients Put rice and mix well Turn off the heat and add sesame oil Complete! It’s been a long time since I ate it, but all the things with kimchi are delicious I feed bebe And operate the washer. since I found out that fiber softener has fine plastics, I’ve been using only laundry detergent Play with bebe So Cute 7pm, I’m starting to edit my videos There are four videos I have to edit this week I drink a lot of water while I work. Place dried beet chips in water It looks like rose petals If I do this, I drink more than a bottle of water while editing Focus on work again The laundry is finished During my work, I do housework or play with bebe so I raise my body from the chair Turn the fan to the dryer I go out for a night walk with Bebe It’s hot in the summer, so we have to go for a walk at night like this Every time I go out of the house, I throw out the recycling garbage I almost forgot A course that walks to the park near my house and then returns Let’s go home When I come back home sweating, I order a bingsu. I wash her feet, and take a cool shower After that, wipe my face with toner just like in the morning. And apply the lotion lightly Dry my hair, wash the dishes… Finally Bingsu is here! A happy moment because I live in Korea Put the Bingsu to a bowl so that it doesn’t spill. Sweet red bean Savory bean powder Soft rice cake, and condensed milk my love On days when I have to work long or late, I eat snacks like this. Then you can do the same thing much more pleasantly. So good… The work continues past midnight. If I feel like it’s no longer fun and less efficient, turn off my laptop. Half an hour before sleep, I read a book in bed. Thirty minutes is quite long, so I can read quite a lot Thank you for watching, Good night!


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