Summer Saving Tips to Help You Save Money Without Compromising on Fun

how’s it going everybody I’m Devin
Howard and summertime might be my favorite season because the weather is
warm I can go to the beach I’m usually willing to travel explore new places
with my friends but because of that I tend to spend a lot more money than I’d
really like to so I wanted to make a video on the different ways that you can
save money during the summer so that you do have the freedom to go out and get
ice cream with your friends or plan a beach trip whatever it is and you don’t
have to worry as much about breaking the bank so as you will know it can get
really hot in summer especially if you live in a place like Arizona or Florida
so you always want to have that a/c running so that when you come inside you
get a break from that hot hot weather but one thing that you might not realize
about your house is that you need to have an energy-efficient at it if your
attic gets really hot during the summer that heat is just going to spread
throughout your entire house so having an energy-efficient attic is a great way
to make sure that your your air conditioning isn’t working for nothing
if you want to create a temperature seal between the outside air and your attic
you need insulation and sealants once you insulate your attic the cool air
will be kept inside and dust and pollutants will stay outside this will
help you lower your utility bills so you don’t have to keep the AC running on
running all day long plus the quality of the air in your house will greatly
improve if you want to reduce your power bill you can install solar panels solar
powers harness the power and the heat from the Sun so this does require an
upfront investment but it’ll pay off in the long run you can install solar
panels if you have a flat or slanted roof and you’ll definitely notice the
how it affects your power bill every month especially the longer that you
have them another simple way to save money this summer is to eat in so stop
going out to restaurants so often and choose to invite your friends over and
cook a great big meal that you guys all enjoy it together and you aren’t having
to spend the money when you’re ordering from a menu at a restaurant eating out
can add up to thousands of dollars per year so this is a
awesome way to just cut down on that money and still enjoy really delicious
food you can host a dinner party organize a potluck or better yet have a
barbecue and that way you’re not having to use any power to cook because you’re
using a grill and you won’t have to worry about running the AC because
everybody will be outside and the weather is nice so why not another great
thing to do to save some money this summer is to cancel cable yes you heard
me you don’t want to be inside watching TV when it’s so nice outside so just go
ahead and get rid of that cable and cut that off of your utilities bill even if
you just cancel it for two to three months during the summer it’ll still
help save some money but if you really feel like you’re gonna miss out on
different shows or if you really like to just have a couple nights a week where
you to chill at home and watch a you know Netflix and chill then you want to
take advantage of streaming platforms like Netflix Hulu where you just pay a
low monthly fee you could access to hundreds of shows and movies
Hulu actually also offers something with live TV at 40 bucks a month so if you
enjoy tuning into live TV you can look into getting Hulu philo is $16 a month
and it also has a 7 day free trial and you’ve been access to 37 channels and
sling TV is $25 a month with 25 channels and you also get a free trial with that
too if you’re planning a trip but you want to cut back on how much you’re
gonna spend on accommodations skip the hotel and check out Airbnb a lot of the
times air being these come complete with a kitchen so if you’re looking to save
some money on food while you’re out on a vacation then you can take advantage of
that kitchen and cook something instead if you want to actually earn money while
you’re traveling you can check out house sitters calm people who are planning
trips will put their house up on house sitters calm advertising for people to
come stay there and look after their belongings so you can go to this new
city take take advantage of the house and watch this person stuff and also
earn a little bit of extra cash on the side you can also find tourist discounts
many travel sites like Expedia and hotels com offer bundles that you can
purchase that will save you money you can get air
they’re a hotel and a car rental all in one easy purchase and usually there’s a
discount attached to that as well City Pass is also available in 13 different
tourist destinations and it bundles together all of the main attractions at
a hugely discounted price for example the Southern California City Pass
bundles together Disneyland and Legoland so that’s two major attractions that you
can get at one convenient price you can also look into cheap air comm to see if
there are any flights that are less expensive than the ones you’ve been
looking at before a cool thing about this website is that if they notice the
price of your airfare has dropped after you purchased it they’ll refund you the
money so you don’t have to worry about taking advantage of like a limited time
price drop because they’ll always give that back to you most of all you just
want to enjoy your summer so it’s good to be smart about your money but if it’s
starting to impact how you are enjoying your time or what you’re able to do with
your friends then try not to stress about it too much
implement these easy easy ways to make sure that you’re saving a little bit of
cash and that way you’ll feel like you have the freedom to go out and do those
fun things with your friends and family as the months are warmer and the days
are longer so I hope you enjoyed this video everybody if you have any other
tips on how to save money during the summer you know what to do let me know
down there in the comments and then click that subscribe button and I’ll see
you next time bye guys

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