Summer Scent 06

Episode 6 Is something wrong? Nothing I have something for you
Hae-won I found this while
cleaning up the cafe Schubert’s Serenade. I
remembered it’s your favorite I can’t accept this
I think it’d be a bad idea Hae-won Did I do
something wrong? Did I? I don’t think we
can be friends I’m sorry Then don’t avoid me We’re friends Who did Hae-won
have to go see? I can’t get a
hold of Min-woo I’ve had so much coffee
I’m hungry We should all
be celebrating Where is he? Did you say something to her
while I went to wash my hands? Did you upset her? I didn’t say anything Then where did she go? I’m innocent
I didn’t say a thing Well, I did say something
about the mountains… I’m sick of you talking
about the mountains You and your old
maid hysteria You think they left on purpose
to leave us two alone? In your dreams Hae-won,
where have you been? I had an engagement Why didn’t you call? My phone battery
went dead We were so worried You and Min-woo
were both missing You stood Dae-poong
and me up What about my Min-woo? Why are you so
surprised to see me? I wasn’t
expecting you Is that why? When did you get here? A little while ago We’ll all be at the
resort by tomorrow I’m so happy Happy about what? We’re going to be
slammed with work I’ll just be happy to be able
to see Min-woo all day long We won’t see Seoul
for a while Aren’t you packing? I will Are you not feeling well? At the resort we’ll have to mingle with
the architects, right? Of course. It’ll be
more than mingling We’ll be with
them night and day I can’t stand
the thought of being with that
idiot Dae-poong Haven’t you heard the expression
“handkerchiefs are for farewells”? I wish this does
mean farewell Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be right In Japan, there’s a theme
park called Huis Ten Bosch I’ve heard that it’s unique
and exotic just like here I want our Calla Resort
to be like that A nice blend of
nature and culture That’s the reason I
took on this project I don’t know much
about architecture But I’ll eliminate the
shops that won’t fit in What are your
thoughts? You selfish jerk… I don’t know I think a place should be more
about substance than looks Do those people
bother you? I’m greedy
I want both Min-woo, I’ll be expecting
a great proposal from you I’ll try I know you’ll do well What are you
staring at? The view is nice Nice indeed Getting any
inspiration? I hope people can love
freely when they visit here And not have to worry
about hurting others Not fret over having met
someone at the wrong time That’s my hope I know. I wish I’d
met Min-woo earlier Time can play
such games I hope this can be a place
where love can forgive all and a place where people can
express that love freely You’re awfully
sentimental today I hope it can be that kind
of a place for lovers We’d better go
to that meeting We’ll need
something new here Nightclubs and
karaoke bars? They seem out
of place Ordinary folks
may want to sing and dance
during vacation So you and Jung-jae
differ on this issue You’re worried about the
livelihood of the shopkeepers You’re so different from
my apathetic brother Hae-won,
don’t you agree? I beg to differ As a resort, this place
needs more upscale venues Don’t we all want room service
when we’re on vacation? Calla Resort can provide
that experience of luxury I think there may
be opposition from the current
shopkeepers We have to take
that into account Can’t we just
buy them out? Mr. Park Jung-jae is the
man running this resort You’re just doing
the renovation Isn’t it the duty
of an art director to carry out his
clients’ concepts? Hae-won, what’s
wrong with you? The meeting’s over, right? Hae-won, is that what
you really think? I thought we shared the
same dreams for this place This isn’t about our
personal dreams You’re just the art director
and I’m just the florist We need to
know our place What’s going on with
you two? Arguing? No argument, just a difference
of opinion. Let’s go Was there some trouble
between you and Min-woo? We just had some
differences of opinion By the way, Jung-jae… Will you really get rid
of the shopkeepers? I’m not sure. Why? Ordinary folks may need
some entertainment I hope this place won’t
just look spiffy but will provide a
real refuge for people What? You sound just
like someone else Who? Min-woo Hello, Mr. Park When did you get here? Go ahead Why are you
still here? Think I’ll get
yelled at again if I get Min-woo
to join us today? You and he got
into it earlier And he doesn’t like these
kinds of functions… It’d be bad, wouldn’t it? Besides, it’ll look like
I’m setting him up with me Go ahead and call him You really
think I should? It’ll be a chance for
everyone to get closer That’s what
I was thinking! You’re inviting him
Talk Hello, hello Hello Hae-won? Min-woo! I guess Hae-won really
scared him earlier… No, wait. Aren’t they
acting more like lovers? Min-woo! I didn’t invite
you this time Hae-won wanted you to join
our family for dinner You’ll have to excuse my
behavior at our initial meeting have a sit Don’t feel too
uncomfortable Hae-won thinks of
you as family now Nice to see you again It feels like
a big family Yes, it does Vacation season reminds me
of when Hae-won and Jung-jae were kids and our families
used to play together How they swam
in the buff? Yes, but now they’ve
grown to be such adults Hae-won, do you remember
when you were this tall? Of course. Father used to
catch fireflies for me They were so pretty.
Are they still around? They’re gone because
of the pollution Did we leave you out
of the conversation? It’s okay There are some concerns
within the company about the size of our investment
during this recession We’ll try our best Min-woo will
be a big help I’m putting my trust
in you as well Of course, Dad You and Hae-won will
need to work together Yes, sir And it’s time you and
Hae-won got married That’s our plan Do you hear
some music? It’s nice to hear some music
in such a sterile condo “Hae-won, thank you
for being a friend” Can you still not tell me
why you’re angry at me? What was that? Why did you invite me
to a family dinner? That fact that it was
you that invited me and not Jung-ah
confused me I wish we could
be family It’s what
Jung-ah wants And it’s what I
want as well Hae-won Min-woo, don’t take
it too personally Hae-won’s just
been upset lately Isn’t everything
going well? The expansion
department We should’ve paid
more attention Don’t they just have to
oversee the demolitions? We may have to
revise our plans I’m going to
the office It’s very difficult to
get Min-woo on the phone He left his phone
right there Well, there’s quite
a bit to see here There’s a shuttle bus that will take you to
the visitor’s center I’ll give them a call Thank you I need to go
to the office Okay, bye Thank you Excuse me, where’s
the visitor’s center? You can get off
at this stop Are you okay? Yes, thank you Is it your first
time here? Yes Are you here
to see someone? Yes, but I
have some time I thought I’d
look around There’s a lot to see here This should help You’re such a nice young lady
Thank you Goodbye then In order to avoid conflict
with the expansion team… Hello? Is Min-woo there? We’re in a meeting It’s important
Can I borrow him for a while? Where are you?
Okay You don’t have a
little sister, do you? She’s so strange She’s so immature and
difficult to handle She’s right here and
wants to see you I see Min-woo, here What is it?
We were in a meeting Do I need a
reason to see you? Jung-ah Don’t worry
Take this first What is it? We have to
go somewhere Let’s get something
to drink first It’s such a nice day Where are we going? You’ll see
Let’s go on your bike People are waiting for
me in the meeting This is more urgent Hurry Let’s go I just ran into someone who
felt like a father to me Where? On the shuttle bus I guess you were thinking
about your father last night It’s not that
He just gave me that feeling Even though I’d just met him
he felt so familiar It’s probably because you thought
about your father last night Is that why? Yes, Dae-poong Is that right? Min-woo just stepped out I’ll give him the message Okay, bye What is it? He said a certain gentleman’s
waiting for Min-woo Did you meet your friend? Yes Could I look
around for a bit? You must like flowers Could I get a
bouquet here? We don’t have any ready
but I could make one for you I’d like to get one What kind?
Who is it for? My daughter
She loves flowers What kind does she like? Those over there The Calla lilies? We’re here now It’s pretty high up here How do you like it? It’s got a nice view Doesn’t it make you want to
confess your love for me? Stop playing around I’m not asking as Jung-ah
but as the PR director What if we turn this into the
romantic spot of the resort? We can turn it into
a “proposing room.” Proposing room? A place where love
can forgive all A proposing room where people
can confess their love Sounds like
a good idea Isn’t it? Actually, I’m repeating
what Hae-won said yesterday But I’m turning
it into a PR idea I see Would you
like some tea? Do you have
any green tea? Sure It’s just a habit
I love flowers so much My daughter used to
have the same habit I see Your daughter and I seem
to have a lot in common Actually, this is my
favorite flower as well I usually don’t
do bouquets here I didn’t mean
to impose Not at all.
I make them for friends Even though I just met you
I wanted to make one for you You have a familiar
aura as well That’s why you need to
carry your cell phone I can never reach you I wanted to see him… Isn’t he
Un-hae’s father? Yes That’s what I thought I’ve missed him
I should visit him Honey, I want
to see Un-hae Bring her and Min-woo to
the hospital this weekend They need to tie
the knot soon Are things going
better now? What things? With the
architecture team One sec Hello? Hae-won, I need to
see you at 8:00 I want to show
you something I’ll be waiting for
you at the plaza That’s no way to
answer the phone Who was it? Wrong number Thank you Why do you keep
looking at your watch? No reason You seem tired A little I wanted to have a drink
but let’s call it an evening. I’ll be waiting for
you at the plaza Hae-won
where are you going? Looking for me? You said fireflies remind
you of your father I thought you’d
like them What’s been up
with you lately? Did I do
something wrong? I don’t know what it is, but
I want to make up with you Is it because of what
happened in the mountains? Were you afraid others
might be suspicious? Jung-jae and I have a
strong relationship He’s like my family, lover and father all
rolled into one I cherish him so much Don’t you dare talk
badly about him That’s not
what I meant Jung-jae and I are each
other’s first love Maybe you can forget
your first love but we’re not like that I’m sorry
I didn’t mean it that way I apologize for putting you
in an uncomfortable situation I should’ve returned
this sooner Hae-won, how did you
know I was working? I figured you’d be
working all night Did you come back
to comfort me? I have something
to tell you What is it? Jung-jae I’m thinking about
going back to Seoul What? I’m going to quit
this resort job What? You’re quitting? I didn’t think Hae-won
was like that Why? I was at the office… And I heard her say
she’s quitting Why? How should I know? But how can she
quit at this point? Did something
happen with her? Like what? You both love sugar
and old things… You guys were so in sync
and look what’s happened now You saw her at
that meeting She’s turned into a
different person That’s it She’s been acting strange
since the day before we came down to the resort When? It was the day when we were
all supposed to have dinner She asked me if Jung-ah
was your second love I told her it
wasn’t Jung-ah but the girl you met
in the mountains That’s when
she ran out. She’s been acting
strange ever since Min-woo
where are you going? I don’t think we
can be friends Jung-jae and I are each
other’s first love Why are you
quitting suddenly? Are you sick? It’s nothing
to worry about Are you sure?
Then what is it? Father’s so happy we’re
working together I feel really bad What’s the reason? I’m sorry, but sometimes
it just doesn’t feel right I can’t explain it Please try to
understand me I’ll tell you
later sometime Okay But I want you to
understand one thing I thought that you always
needed me to protect you But that’s no
longer the case You’re the one I need It’s a new beginning
and I need you You have to be
there for me So we didn’t have
this discussion You’d better go Go ahead I want to see you off
I feel bad Okay, just try to get
a good night’s sleep. Is it that difficult
for you to accept that you’re my
second love? No Then why are you
pushing me away? I never pushed
you away You are right now If I don’t push you away…
What am I to do? What do you
suggest we do? Is it true? I’m sorry I don’t understand the
way I feel either You criticized how I forgot
my first love so easily I’ve wanted to forget her
thousands of times a day I haven’t
forgotten her I can’t forget her But I keep thinking of you
and I got confused I was disappointed
in myself I promise not to make you
feel uncomfortable again Why should you
have to quit? If you still feel
uncomfortable, I’ll quit We can get rid
of the veranda… By the way
where’s Min-woo? I haven’t seen him, but he
must be around here somewhere What? He’s
disappeared again? I can’t get a hold of him
but he’s got to be around He must’ve
disappeared again He can’t be
irresponsible like this The demolition work
begins tomorrow Besides, he’s all
finished with his part Don’t you worry Who’s the woman that’s
giving him such heartache? Is it you, Jung-ah? Pardon? And who’s responsible
for this? We’re the merchants here.
Are you the one? How can you demolish our
shops without talking to us? Have you been well, father? I’ve been holding up That’s called Calla Resort? Yes I loved the name Is that right? Un-hae loved Calla lilies Un-hae loved Calla lilies too? Yes, there’s actually something
you didn’t know about Un-hae? I guess so I’m sure there are a lot of other things
I didn’t know either I wish she had told me all
those things before she left Every single thing At least there’d
be more memories You’ll meet someone
you’ll love as much as… No, even more
than Un-hae You hold onto
her then Know everything about
her and be happy I’m sure that’s what
Un-hae wants as well Un-hae, I’m sorry for
thinking about another woman I know I shouldn’t But I keep seeing
you in her I used to only
think about you But I’m thinking
of her today I’m so sorry… You think Min-woo
will come back? He will I think so too He doesn’t seem the
irresponsible type You’re right I’m going to propose to him in
this room when he comes back You’ll help, right? How? You and he have
similar tastes Help me pick out
flowers and everything You’ll help me, right? Yes I’ve been wanting to get
my hands on you people So you want to do us
poor merchants in? Excuse me And who are you? Another greedy jerk
I see. So you love money, huh? Are you okay? What are you thinking staying
out here alone at night? You had me so worried Me too I was so worried
when you disappeared I thought you really
quit because of me Hae-won My favorite yellow roses I want to thank
you about last night I love you I love you

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