Tayana Vancouver 42 Sailboat Tour | Sailing Millennial Falcon

hi guys welcome aboard so now that we
have finished doing a little bit of maintenance and we’ve cleaned up from
the pigsty that our boat was we thought that we would give you a little bit of a
boat tour the Millennial Falcon is a 1981 Tayana 42 Vancouver center cockpit
she weighs 29,000 pounds unloaded which includes an eleven
thousand eight hundred pound fully encapsulated cast iron keel as the name
suggests she is 42 feet in length with a 12 foot six inch beam and a six foot
draft she is a cutter rig with a 65 foot mass clearance an ample sail area for
her displacement she does not suffer from weather or Lee helm in any
conditions and that he said that the stay sail alone will provide balance at
40-plus knots should the need arise the Tayana’s have an extremely
comfortable motion and a reasonable turn of speed when underway as demonstrated
by our anecdotal evidence and the design starts when compared to popular
contemporary and modern counterparts now let’s go below and take a look
around in here we have a gas oven there are two do you know we have three 20 20
pounds I’m not sure what the poundages it’s your standard barbecue bottle stand
so if you have three tanks in the back when we switch them out whenever it runs
out but usually one of them will last about three months and we have my spice
rack in the back here and lots of spices yes it’s just quite cool look we have
all the kit all the cutlery and things I got here a little bit of pantry area we
have more glasses plates and then a little bit more patria too as we go on
to these litter and this is our freezer which opens up from the top quite a bit
of a beastly freezer we also have our fridge as well so we have the top
section of our fridge which you can open up here and we also have a open draw bit
right here that we can open it up with as well so it’s two layers two sides of
the fridge we have up in here and then I think we have a foot pump water tap and
we also have a water pump tap as well but we rarely kind of use the water tap
one because we had a look at how much power it draws one day and we’re like
let’s just use them and we guzzle lots of water when you can just have it all
pub exactly yeah alright then moving on to our lounge
area this is also a more country area that we use in here and you can also
have we have like we store our beans and I cans and things like as well and
actually don’t know what’s in there I think maybe sheets and just things that
I didn’t regs and covers and things so we can three different options for our
caps so this is one option here in which our we often keep this this kind of
layouts out when we’re at sea because if we ever just want to go up from shift on
night time we can just flop down here although it is a little bit Rolly so we
don’t we we usually keep this and movies as well weights really good for movies
however you can put this on the way and then we just come to like leave this
around because I’m not really not sure what to do with this thing and you can
have the couch area just which is a little bit more spacious okay no third
option though we don’t often eat dinner at this table because it’s it’s more a
kind of work productive table if we have a table up very same width we feel more
inclined to kind of work and actually do things at it so occasionally it stays up
we don’t need to chop the corner off though because um you actually couldn’t
get past them so whenever we were in there one of us would always be stuck in
there or had to make a giant leap over this barricade here there’s lots of
storage in here this is our the secret stash of the wines and the brands and
the beers okay then we also have we have another table here however when we did
our chain plants we got rid of the clip that holds us this table up so at the
moment we’re just attaching it with some bungee cord which works alright and we
but behind here is a bookshop we’ve got lots and lots of books in here and it
goes back quite far it’s not very organized and all those people who have
OCD will hate me all right now and down here is where Evan keeps his kite
surfing back in kite surfing kite and here is another bookshelf and more kind
of like cruising guides and instructions for our engine and manuals and things
like that today we have our maintenance puppet here which is actually quite big
you can see that it goes from about from here to here so you’ll often find Adam
kind of like reaching his whole body in there to try and find a tool or
something of the sort but it’s actually a really really awesome space that was
really pretty good we’re just going to skip the Vee bears for now because you
can see that it’s an absolute tip in there and we will seek
squirrel things into the rear of the boat when we go into there and so you
guys think it’s nice and clean however toilets here the front toilet
only just peek in there um so in that toilet there is a they used to be a
shower and there are still two hooked up for the shower however it doesn’t run at
them at the moment and we don’t really feel a need to have two showers on board
so we haven’t felt like we should hold up either but that’s the toilet that we
mainly use over here is our nav station we have radios there other radio and
Adam will probably explain more about them we have all of our breaker switches
here so if we need to our windlass ears and I put out instruments our staff will
put that all here we have a little space for our charts that all come down here
these actually came with the boat so and as that energy goes back quite far and I
think we have a little secret hole at the bottom of there to which I polish
and have told anyone because that’s where we’re going to keep secret things this is where I keep pots and pans my
sewing machine is also about the bottom and then the few commentary’ items up
here as well again this is probably about as as deep as the as the
maintenance cover so it goes back quite far
another cupboard here which has this one has our clothes and then we have top
away boxes and a few things like that if you come in here though is our bedroom
and I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen it this clean we have our horrors
no hexagonal shapes bear doesn’t wanna say it’s a nightmare to change all of
these sheets on this bed so every time we do it it’s it’s like
playing Jenga or something what does the what’s the game where you
put twister twister yeah every every time play it’s just like that we have
our wardrobes down here so this is a folding face
we have also using hers personal spaces as well and there’s
another wardrobe in here although it’s a really small hanging up wardrobe so we
actually don’t really put stuff in there it’s more kind of like life jackets in
here and more safety kind of equipment which is handy to have it close I guess
I pay what you’re selling to have our fishing rods this is pretty cool holder
and came with the boat actually one or two fishing rods came at the boat which
is quite cool then onto our toilets shower here come on through all right
so separate toilet to the shower and the shower is nice and spacious
full shower window so we have covered here and it covered there and that’s it
syncing everything there’s also a little hatch down here that gives us access to
the engine of the boat and also another hatch in in the shower as well it also
gives us and lack access to the engine so lots of lots of engine access all
right so I think that is we’ll just go show you to be birth now and we’ll clean
that one up okay we’ve just done a ninja clean and
we’ve left a lot of stuff in there because you’ve really seen it dirty now
so there’s not really any point in hiding much so this is RV buff in here
we have an awesome patch here which is pretty much half the size of the actual
v-berth which provides us heaps of wind which is really good so in here we have
anchor well just there that goes to our tank locker we have lots of storage in
here but this is where we keep our driving stuff or snorkeling stuff sorry
there’s also another door here which goes to our bathroom we have we’re going
to call this our project room because every project that we want to do and
we’ll buy things for we will keep it in here we have our windowsills
that we need to paint and we saw if you keep them we keep them in here we have
ANCA well a floor to our anchor ball do we need to make and so we’ve got the
wood then we keep it in here there are lots of projects that we need to do and
we just keep all the material in here so that’s this at the moment it’s kind of
like our project room so okay I gave you the general tour but I wanted to circle
back and do a few more specifics regarding the systems that we have on
board so in the galley Kara mentioned that we have three refrigeration systems
we have a shore power shore assist compressor unit that’s mounted in the
engine bay and runs off the cold plates there’s one in the fridge box two in the
freezer box those same cold plates are run by a sea Frost
engine driven Bell / compressor it’s also jockey wheeling off the alternator
circuit and then on top of that not wanting to run the engine all the time
very early in the piece I installed an isotherm ve 150 12-volt air cooled air
cooler unit in the fridge box which does a really great job of keeping the fridge
cool so we do lose freezer capability when we don’t around the engine sort of
twice a day for a half an hour but we don’t haven’t got any fish yet so it’s
really no problem we do have a water maker on board is a it’s called an aqua
aquamarine it does about 24 gallons an hour when it works we’ve only ever seen
about 18 gallons an hour for about an hour I suspect there’s a pressure switch
issue anyway it does work this is the control head and the reverse osmosis
membrane is mounted in the shower that key I showed you earlier and the
compressor unit also runs off the engine which is just behind here we have to thank you for the question
key our very valid question under the floor here there’s 285 gallon
water tanks which is more than enough we’ve been up we’ve lasted for three
months on these water tanks being pretty frugal but we don’t go through a lot
behind that is the midships fuel tank and under the v-berth in the bow the bow
fuel tank and just under here where you guys are currently standing / hovering
is the holding tank which is about sixty gallons I think quote me on that one
I’ll subtitle in the correct value when I had it this later whatever forgotten
so the engine has pretty great access also the we have a young male 55
horsepower for jh5 II engine which has about three and a half thousand four
thousand hours on it it was checked quite thoroughly in the survey and shy
of our constant shaft disappearing shaft issues it purrs like a kitten and has
run quite well ever since we’ve used it access is pretty good through this side
hatch the top level things working on anything that’s sort of below down to
the bilge is quite a night there let me just show you not lose your fine say hey there’s the engine she’s in
pretty good Nick and down there in no-man’s land is the bilge and you may
be able to see the bottom in this but I doubt it so it’s reasonably clean and we
do everything we can to keep it clean and dry getting a boot pump and an
auxilary boot pump down there is quite a pain in the backside we have a 1500 watt
inverter which lives under the bed where Kiara showed you earlier that’s more
than enough to keep the laptops and things charged we also have two 100 watt
solar panels on each of the safety blinds stanchions I suppose they’re
mounted on a stainless steel tube strung between two stanchions on each side of
the boat being a center cockpit there’s no room above Bimini well there wasn’t
before I put a hard roof on but I move them they used to not be room so we
struggle up on the side and they’re doing pretty well there there’s also a
kiss wind generator I actually don’t know how many watts that is but it puts
out anywhere from 2 to 15 amps when it gets up to a 20 not blow which is
fantastic so those two things working together can more than clear our any
heaters out main battery bank we have we used to have five a GM’s in a house bank
and one auxiliary AGM group 31 AGM we now have for group 31 a GM’s and one wet
cell cranking well past what we’re like making battery beds aren’t cranking
battery simply because it’s extortionate ly expensive to buy group thirty-one AGM
so we opted to go one less that gives us about 425 amp hours which is more than
enough with all the solar and the wind working now so cure I mentioned before
we have a VHF standard horizon we have battery selector switch we have a SSB
icon seven one eight which has opened up for marine frequency
bands as well and it if I could ever get it working we
have a pact at two ll e modem which is opened up for PAC to three software if
that means nothing to you please don’t be upset
it means next to nothing to me as well but essentially this is a modem that
will allow us to send signals via the laptop very simple emails and group
files for weather send and receive data like that via the modem through the SSB
at the antenna to a pickup station and then it will run through typical
internet lines to the recipient I’m having trouble getting drivers and
connections because the laptops these days don’t have a think it’s a VGA
connection and so we’ve got a the previous owner put in a USB step-down
transfer case and the drivers for them are very obscure and hard to come by and
I just haven’t got working yet I do however have a app on my iPad which can
transcode where the fax through the SSB and I also tune into a lot of the
spiracle of a scuttlebutt on the SSB bands regarding weather in the Caribbean
which is extremely useful and that might be all I have for you
thank you so much for for tuning in with us and we hope that you’re enjoying our
episodes and I will see you again for the next one and if we missed anything
or you have any questions and you want to see something on the boat that we
haven’t showed you already leave a comment below or send us a message on
Facebook or Instagram or whatever all the links are down there and yeah we’ll
be more than happy to answer it yeah thanks for watching


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