The Bold Type Season 4, Episode 8 | Adena Apologizes To Kat | Freeform

Guess you could say we’re even now. Oh, yeah? How’s that? I helped you come out. You helped
me get around Safford legal. Oh. Yeah, yeah.
It’s pretty equal. Even. Are you seeing that guy tonight? Oh, no. Well, I’d like to meet him sometime. I don’t know if I really see it going
anywhere. It’s pretty low-key. But I’ll let you know
if anything changes. I just— I want you to know
that I am okay with it. And I’m really sorry. I love you for who you are. And whoever you choose to love,
man or woman, is very lucky. I love you too. And I don’t want to
lose you as a friend. And yes to being friends. For life.


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