The Family Tree to host Picnic with Pops

21 if you’re looking for a fun event to celebrate Father’s Day weekend family tree has just what you’re looking for Jerry Hodge is here to tell us about the family trees family fun day and picnic with pop and you’re talking about this could be going on at covenant United Methodist Church on Friday and it’s gonna be a picnic at a movie that’s right we’re kicking off the Father’s Day weekend we want to stress of how important is that a positive male role model in the family unit is and so we’re just providing an environment that sort of fosters that family unit where dads and children and moms and grandmas and grandpas can come together and really just have fun games and obstacle-course fun jumps you know this is just a there’ll be other community stakeholders there providing information and activities as well we have some really cool dad theme door prizes all of this is thanks to covenant United Methodist Church who we’ve partnered with to show the movie and then healthy blue our sponsor and sonic cookin group has donated bottled water as well and this is a little different from what you’ve done before with the family fun day this is good this is good yes so every year during the summer we normally have family fun day and this event picnic with pops is gonna be the night before on Friday night this is the family fun day this year tell us a little bit about the family Acadiana family tree what what does your organization do we do all sorts of things so we still have counseling and we have community education and of course I work for Healthy Start who was doing this picnic with pops and we provide case management home-based services to pregnant women and families with children under 18 months we have aging services with more information about that coming out very soon for a big event over the summer but we also have parenting education in the jails with project tope we have our better options initiative with new beginnings we have Jacob crouch suicide prevention services so I mean if you shoot if you I’m probably forgetting something but if you need it I have that we can if we don’t have it we know who to send you to you what a super organization now do you guys need you do they need tickets for this duty volunteers I think we’ve got it covered I mean we always love to have volunteers you do not need tickets if this event is completely free it’s just show up bring your ice chest bring your picnic we will have some refreshments there some little picnic items but if you want to bring a picnic feel free I suggest the only thing is because Covenant has asked that no pets and right right and if you want any more information go to Acadiana family tree or where you said you had a Facebook page as well yes and it’s at the Acadiana family tree correct okay well this is gonna be going on on Friday get out there about 6:30 movies gonna be at dusk there and the movies are surprised it is but I think people will enjoy it it’s a throwback so we’re excited dads and kids hanging out together with a picnic it’s a brilliant idea good luck on Friday hopefully the weather is gonna be nice for that too here’s meteorologist Daniel Philips over the storm team three weather lab with weather on the three Dave thanks good morning Acadiana good look

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