The PERFECT 3 Day Vacation in the Japanese Countryside

Hey guys So I was going to make you guys a series of daily vlogs To show you exactly what I’m doing here in Sakaiminato Which is a city located in Tottori Prefecture if you guys didn’t know However because this place is absolutely gorgeous And because the hotel we are staying at here in Japan Could be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stayed at I want to give you guys a whole overview of what you can do in this area And show you guys how beautiful this hotel is Let’s go But before we get started let me give you guys a brief history lesson about Sakaiminato So Sakaiminato is located in Tottori Prefecture On the tip of the Yumigahama Peninsula And stretches to about 28 square kilometers,
with a population of around 35,000 people Because of its close location to the sea, it is a major trade port And boasts one of the largest fisheries in Japan In 1896, Sakaiminato was designated as one of the major ports for foreign trade And in 1951 it was named as a key national port by the Japanese government Because of the large quantity of fish caught in the city Fish shipments makeup for more than thirty percent of the city’s exports It is also the number one location for the amount of red snow and snow crabs caught in all of Japan Which we could clearly see at all of the fish markets that we went to Sakaiminato is also very famous for the artwork by Shigeru Mizuki Who was born and raised in the city There’s actually a whole road dedicated to his life’s work As you can see 153 statues representing some of his work of the famous yokai, or demon in English Bicycles are the recommended means of transportation on this road In order to experience the Mizuki Shigeru Museum and many other attractions along here The road starts from the Sakaiminato train station,
also very near to the hotel that we stayed at So we were just strolling along and Something just smelled absolutely delicious so I had to stop Going to get something here I think, let’s go So we are riding on this bicycle along this road and we found this soft cream Look how cute this one is So this is basically a castella And it has a really cute shape like a monster shape So let’s go try it Freshly made So soft So good So we are next to the Shigeru Mizuki road And I met my friend right here He is a monster, I think a ghost, skeleton ghost Oh he’s like a scientist, no skeleton I don’t know what that means We are once again cycling on the Shigeru Mizuki Road And we came by this ice cream shop And it has…look Wasabi flavored ice cream, we’re going to try it Wasabi! Wasabi The wasabi flavored ice cream And it says it’s spicy too Wow, it is spicy Whoa Oh god, this is worse than playing the wasabi roulette because I’m eating it for free Voluntarily If you don’t like wasabi, don’t taste it It tastes like wasabi but cold It’s actually burning my tongue, what the hell Finish it Don’t waste food Do you want one? I’m all right, we just get one It’s actually painful, painful to eat I’ve never had a soft cream that I’ve hated so much Oh my god, I hate wasabi I really… …didn’t think it was going to taste like wasabi But it really does I think I’m getting a stomachache from that now So what they do is they literally mix real wasabi in vanilla ice cream They mix it up and try to get a nice sweet but spicy taste to it Not working out for me at the moment Cool If you want to experience a more traditional Japan off the beaten path I would strongly suggest visiting this area and staying at the Onyado Nono Sakaiminato Hotel In order to get the full experience out of your trip When we first arrived, I was so shocked with how beautiful the entrance was And how friendly the staff were I did my best to walk in these shoes called “Geta”, traditional Japanese footwear But unfortunately failed miserably This hotel has so much to offer You could probably just stay inside all day if you wanted We have tons of fun singing away our first night with some karaoke With Emma and Debbie really showing off their musical talents We got our own private room for the night and definitely took advantage of the bar next door After that we had some late night soba, or “Yonagi” in Japanese To top off the night We passed out very very quickly after that in our very comfortable beds And called it a night The next day we started it right with one of the best all-you-can-eat breakfast I’ve ever had There was so much food and the quality of everything was first class I of course have to get three packs of natto in order to get my daily dose of protein in If you guys don’t know what natto is, they are fermented soybeans Everything from the fish to the smaller plates to the desserts were so tasty I usually don’t eat much for breakfast, but this time I will call it a very special occasion We were then given permission to film inside the hot spring Which of course is usually not allowed We stayed here for 3 days and I think I probably spent about 90% of my time in the hot spring and sauna For me this is what I call a vacation in Japan So just like any other hotel, they have these nice garments for you guys to change into To go walk around the hotel Because of the onsen and so you can just quickly take this off It feel so good Look at that, and I got nice brown pants on We’re going to the onsen right now the hot spring Let’s go Right now we are entering the boys section of the hotspring or onsen There’s so much stuff here so we’re going to tell you step by step how to do it So let’s go this way So here we have the laundry machines over here right here So actually it’s kind of cool, these actually have locks on them And you need to get a key at the front desk So that people can’t steal your clothes after you put them in and start washing This is free of charge This is I believe 100 yen for 20 minutes, so like one dollar Here we go, 100 yen for 20 minutes, so one dollar for 20 minutes So not bad Keep your clothes clean, let’s go to the next area So over here is where you are going to change your clothes, we have lockers Obviously you get a key, a waterproof key So you put your clothes in here take your clothes off Put this key on And then once you’re finished with the onsen and the hot sprig Here is where you’re going to groom yourself You got a blow dryer, you got all your essentials They even have face lotion So that’s really good for after you finished the onsen, after you get out of the hot bath So now let’s get into to the hot bath So this is the hot bath area So here is the hot spring that you can enter But first you always need to shower before you enter a Japanese hot spring bath So here is the shower for the bathing area where you can rinse off First we have shampoo, conditioner and body wash You can either sit down on one of these and use this bucket to put water on you Or you can just use it Western style with a shower hose Basically this knob is for the shower hose And this button is for water to come out here to put in the bucket So once you’ve finished here you can enter the hot spring over here, which is an indoor hotspring Or you can go to an outdoor hotspring, which we will show you right now So this is the outdoor hotspring which I really like Because you get hot very quickly, so I get a headache if I get too hot Maybe some of you guys do too You can feel really nice, but at the same time get a nice breeze Nice fresh air while you’re relaxing in this beautiful hot spring There’s also a really gorgeous view over there you can see Which is actually pretty breathtaking during the day I’ve been in this hot spring during night I haven’t seen it during daylight before yet, but oh my god it’s absolutely beautiful Absolutely gorgeous Right now is the sauna, which I’m really like It’s pretty self-explanatory, just like any other sauna You just sit here, have a towel in case you get all sweaty Sauna baby, good for your skin So after you guys go in the onsen they always have these vending machines for drinks And usually I always get that milk Or the ice coffee milk Or ice milk coffee It literally feels amazing after you dip into the onsen or the hot spring and you get one of these I mean I love milk as you guys probably know already But yeah it’s only 120 yen, so $1.20 for a nice…it’s like 3 sips It’s kind of small but it’s definitely worth it Now let’s get out of the hotel and show you guys the surrounding areas And why should stay at the Onyado Nono Sakaiminato Hotel here in Tottori Prefecture Only a short 45 minute drive away is Matsue City Which is the capital of neighboring Shimane Prefecture And has some amazing places to visit There is the Adachi Museum, which has been widely known as hosting the best garden in all of Japan since 2003 And has over 1,300 20th Century works of art displayed Matsue Castle also known as the Black Castle for obvious reasons Is one of only a dozen castles remaining in Japan that is practically untouched The Tamatsukuri onsen town that was traditionally used by very wealthy individuals Dating back to the Nara period, which is 710-794 And many more attractions There’s also Izumo City in Shimane Prefecture And Okinoshima Islands if you want to see some nice nature Which you can find more details by clicking the links down in the description down below Or you can click the screen right here All in all, if you guys want an amazing Japanese experience for your next vacation I highly recommend staying at this hotel and exploring this area Please like comment share and subscribe and we’ll see you guys in the next video See you guys next time Bye


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