The summer inventory and buyer market in REALTALK™ #209

Hi, welcome back to REALTALK™, with Sarasota’s
luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Hey Roger.
Mary Kay, happy after Fourth of July. I cannot believe we are almost to the middle
of July already. We are right to the beginning, like the middle
of summer is already here. Right, right. And July I used to find in my
resort career, could be a pretty busy month because it was the only true month of the
summer where all the kids were out of school at the same time.
That’s true. I mean a lot of the listings that we look at. You know, sometimes we talked
about, do you take it off during the summer because it’s slower. Certainly not until the
end of July, because you do have the Fourth of July rush. It’s very interesting, the summer
market. So who’s here? A lot of the European market comes in August. You’ll see that. They
don’t tend to be luxury buyers, they tend to be, people who, studies have shown are
more in the three-hundred thousand dollar price range. We see families. We see people
who are looking for next season. Right.
And those are the buyers, well it certainly a smaller pool than what we see in season.
If they are here in the thick of the summer and they’re on a shopping mission. Like, they’re
here to buy. So we really do try to capture those people as much as possible.
And I know we sort of alluded to this in one of our previous segments, but people are still
listing. It’s amazing. They are, and we counseled them depending
upon where they are. So, we just picked this listing in Villa Di Lancia. There hasn’t
been a listing there in two years. Right, so we’re not waiting until the fall to put
this on because we believe that there is a pent up demand for that community.
Right. And that happens. We still have a buyer pool
here, and all of these people are strategizing taking it off in the summer. Which I agree
with sometimes. But at the same time, call us if you’re looking because we do have quite
a substantial inventory of listings that are not necessarily on the multiple listing service.
Right. So we don’t want to miss those buyers. We
still advertise them and market them. Right.
We don’t put them through the MLS and Zillows because, sometimes a listing does get tired.
Right. I think the bottom line is, really if you’re
looking for property, give us a call because there is probably stuff we know about that
you don’t. Right. Please call us often at (941) 387-1840
or be sure to visit us often at Thanks so much for joining us on REALTALK™.

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