The Ultimate Office & Setup Tour – 2017

– Yo guys, Jonathon here and welcome to the 2017 office tour. (upbeat music) So by far one of the biggest
changes from the last office tour, which crazy enough,
was two years ago, is the giant wall behind
me, back then it was empty, pure white, it could be
a little intimidating and overwhelming because
of how massive it looked, but since then, we’ve
painted it this really nice dark gray color, which I
love because it absorbs pretty much any color you throw at it. So this right here has kinda
become the product table where we shoot a lot of
the B-roll for the videos, got a couple of target
lamps in the back here, although there are some
very similar ones on Amazon, in case you’re looking
for a style like this. Now as far as the lamps go,
I’m sure by now you’ve seen them in many of my videos,
they’re both from Tomon’s, this is technically the newer
model, whereas the white one has got that classic
Toy Story Pixar action but I really like the contrast,
the black and the white, and then like I was talking
about, the gray wall really absorbs the color,
so I couple hue bulbs that each of these splash
up against the wall, pair that with a light strip and you got a really cool-looking combo. Now one of the things I’ve
been wanting to do forever is outfit this entire
space with Philips hue and I can now say we have
successfully done that so giant shoutout to Philips for sponsoring this office tour and
making that a reality. So instantly through voice, you can turn every single light in this place. Turn off all the lights. I really like Google Home because it is super responsive at changing colors. Turn all the lights purple. And then lastly, the
Amazon Echo works fantastic if you wanna instantly change scenes. Turn on Savannah sunset downstairs. Now jumping back over here,
you’re probably wondering what this crazy setup is,
and it’s actually a custom Xbox console that was built by Chris over at Four Eyes Furniture. We’ve kinda turned it into
this little product showcase area with that classic circle LED, a really awesome-sounding
speaker from Naim, this is actually custom right
here, we got a crispy AF and a TLD logo, huge
shoutout to Dan and Lincoln over at What’s Inside, we got
that cut in half golf ball action, and then this is the
giant Xbox One collection. So if you wanna see more of that, Mr. Kevin Kenson just did
this crazy ultimate Xbox setup that I’ll link to here
and also down below. Moving along, this is my desk right here and the one thing you notice
is I wanted to keep things kinda uniform, so we’ve
used the Ikea Oppeby, and I’m probably slaughtering that name, across all of our desks here,
these are some of my favorite looking tops, I’ve always
really liked the glossy look from Ikea, so these are a
little bigger, a little wider, give you a little more room to play with, then that pair with the
legs, which are actually technically a dark
brown, look super classy. Back at it again is Mr. Toy
Story Pixar lamp from Tomons, little Homer Buddha, I’m not
sure if he’s still available but I will link him along with
everything if I can find it down below, and recently
I’ve got a ton of questions on what speakers do I
use, and these right here are the Adam Artist 3,
and by far, they are my favorite-sounding pair of
speakers, they are incredible. Kinda got a little hack
here going, in the sense that these are actually
audio engine speaker stands but they work really well with the Adams. My mouse of choice right now
is the Logitech MX Master paired with a wireless
Apple Bluetooth keyboard, that is being powered
by a 2016 MacBook Pro straight into an LG Ultrafine 5k display. I talked about it a
little bit in my latest What’s In My Bag video,
but this has been my setup, I’m not using an iMac,
I’m not using a Mac Pro, this is my desktop when I’m
here and then I just take the MacBook and go when I’m on the road. Now the other uniform thing
you’ll se across the office are the chairs, these are
the Sayl by Herman Miller, we kinda got that white and gray look that looks really clean
and I think matches the aesthetic of the
wall, of the white desks, they’re also extremely comfortable. Really like the looks of
this mesh back right here, and what’s awesome with
these is you can pretty much customize them any way you
want, down to the color and the legs, the feet, and
I know it might seem crazy to invest any sort of money into a chair but if this is something you
do on a day-to-day basis, where you’re sitting down
for long periods of time, then it’s not that crazy. Moving this way again, along
with the tables, the chairs, we have 5k monitors across the board, so here at Ralphy’s
desk, we got that lamp, MacBook Pro docked in, Ralphy’s
weapon of choice right now is the Sony A6500, which
is arguably the best 4k YouTube camera out right now, this is also a secret
weapon, the Road Video Micro, which is hard to beat for the price. Over here, we got a little Lego action and if you haven’t watched
Ralphy’s Legos videos, they are really really good,
you should go check them out. Curiosity Box, by VSauce. Shoutout to Jake, I love you, man. So moving over here, this has
kinda become video gear world, we got C stands and sliders and
monitors, a crazy sky panel, I know some of this gear
might be a little intimidating and overwhelming, honestly
it’s more of the stuff we use for the higher-end
and crazy production stuff, but really, most of the
time, these airy low-casters are what we end up using, you
could do some crazy good stuff with just a single LED bounce like this and that’s honestly what I use
for most of my talking head stuff that you guys have
seen in recent videos. So it’s safe to say as we’ve
gotten a little further into this video world, we
finally upgraded some gear, for the longest time, honestly,
we used Home Depot lights for like I’d say three or four years, so don’t feel intimidated if you see any of this crazy stuff,
because you can do some really spectacular stuff with budget gear. Closing it up over here, this is Mr. Matt. As we were recording right now,
I saw this sweet transition. Get ready for it. Bam! So if that’s not enough to
entertain you, and maybe pique your interest, you should
probably go watch that video while this truck outside
here interrupts me. (laughs) – Geek Squad, man!
– It’s the Geek Squad, dude! – Geek Squad! You screwed me again! $200 to change a hard drive. How do you sleep at night? So closing out Matt’s desk,
it’s very similar to mine in the sense we’ve got the Pegasus, he’s got those Adam Artist
3s, which are phenomenal, and then again here, just closing
out the matching desk set, we got the LG Ultrafine 5k display, ready to go at any given time
to dock a MacBook Pro into. Now before we move on, a
shoutout to Dude Perfect for making us waste many many hours shooting baskets and not making videos. Also, before I forget
and you guys yell at me, those Disney posters, found those on Etsy, printed them at Costco
where they did the canvas, the frame, everything, not
sure if they’re still available but if they are, I will
link them down below. Moving over to the Ikea case of doom, this is actually meant to be a closet but we’ve turned it into a gear container, we’ve actually had this
for a couple years now. That’s a lot of batteries. On the flip side, actually,
you wanna know what two many USB cables looks like? Look at that rat’s nest. We’ve kinda got it organized. – Some Splinter action.
– Lightning, micro USB, USB-C, Thunderbolt 3. Lenses galore, and then
this mess and this mess has kinda become the tech under 50, 25, 100, testing area where I’ll just
go on these Amazon rabbit holes and add many many many things to my cart, order them, test them out
to see if they make a video, and that’s kinda where they live. Eh man, why are you in my mouth? Continuing along, this
is some kitchen stuff, not really anything that interesting. Water, half an eaten cookie. No pears, unfortunately. This here is kinda like
the little entertainment, get around together, watch
some YouTube video center, home to the Google Home,
couple Xbox controllers, TV, another really
awesome speaker from Name and then the Amazon Echo right here. Now this guy right here
is actually from Ikea and it is extremely useful in
terms of being a gear cart, so we got this power
extension kinda mounted here, so that’s not going anywhere,
this is probably my favorite extension cable from Blue
Lounge because it’s blue, really easy to see and not
miss in the massive amounts of rad action cable land, it’s a magnet, so Jesse would approve,
and that’s about it. Now, if we go over here, if
you don’t have a motion sensor in your life, you should,
because that is honestly one of the coolest things we’ve done here and it’s not that important
or that cool right now but when it’s night and
there are no lights in here and you walk by, it’s the best. So as far as upstairs,
this has kinda become the entertainment center of sorts. Back in the day, that used
to be actually my desk and speaker setup, but
since then, we kinda went with a similar theme as we
did downstairs with that dark gray wall, say hello to
Rich and the ice light. As far as a TV goes, we got that beautiful curved OLED from LG, tons of consoles, this has kinda become the
game memorabilia area, virtual boy, holy crap. Here’s actually one of my
favorite pieces that I’ve used in a few different time lapse shots, the Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt clock, really really cool, shoutout to the Bulls, who are back and forth this year. Last but not least, we got
this Halo Needler action. This is also part of
the ultimate Xbox setup, so don’t normally have this around, but you can check out why
we got it in that video. Also you might notice,
there’s a closet back there, that is just boxes and more nerf. – Wanna go check?
– No, nah, we can’t show them that, they’ll
never come out of it alive. They’ll never come out. Hey hey, you son of a! So that wraps up the 2017 office tour, hopefully you enjoyed the video, if you did and you are
feeling like being awesome, make sure to smash that like button. If you have any ideas or
suggestions for the next tour, drop a comment down below
where I’ll post everything we talked about in this video
along with this sweet shirt. This is Jonathon and I
will catch you guys later.


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